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The Long way Home-My Testimony

Posted by appolus on March 29, 2015

Long_Road_Home_by_Broken_Starr_ChildI would like to take the readers of this book on a spiritual journey. It is my wish and earnest desire and prayer, that this story will glorify the Lord Jesus and bring comfort and hope to all who read it. Through poetry and stories I hope to touch the hearts of many, and bring comfort to all those who hurt, whether physically or spiritually. I have found through experience that our Lord Jesus will certainly lift up the head that hangs down, will bring hope to a hopeless situation. I come from a small working class shipbuilding town in Scotland. It is situated on the River Clyde and the area is extraordinarily beautiful. When the sun did shine, and I admit that was not too often, it would bask our valley in magnificent warmth and splendor. The hills rise dramatically on either side and are shadowed by the mountains behind. Most often the mountains would be shrouded in mist and one could see very little of anything. It gave a very claustrophobic feeling and I always remember feeling trapped.

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