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Are you still standing on your own two feet?

Posted by appolus on December 12, 2011

Brothers and sisters, are you standing on your own two feet today? In any river there is a current. The river of the Living God has a current, that current is the Holy Spirit. Do you flow in the Spirit? Do you flow in the river? The river flows from the throne and the river returns to its own. On either shore of the river of life is thick forest, thick undergrowth, life in the natural. To follow the path of the river from the river bank is hard work. Men will hack their way through this, exhausting work. They will work with all of their might to make some progress down the river. Yet Jesus asks us to enter into the river, into the deepest parts where your feet cannot touch the bottom. To go out into the deep is a scary unnatural thing. Every part of our flesh wants to stand upon its feet.

Some will dare to venture in up to their ankles. Some are brave and venture in up to their knees. Some are very brave and venture into up to their waist’s. Yet in these examples men are still standing on their own two feet. It takes the truly abandoned to plunge into the river and allow the current to carry them where it will. Will you plunge in today? With reckless abandon will you follow Jesus today? Will you go into the deepest part of the river, today? These waters are a torrent of living water.

And it shall be that every living soul which swarms in every place, there where the two torrents go, that soul shall live. And there shall be very many fish, because these waters shall come there. And they shall be healed. And all shall live where the torrent goes. (Eze 47:9)


When first I came to Jesus
The river was ankle deep
It cooled me in the day time
Yet still I was upon my feet

I went further down the river
And to my knees I went in deep
I could see a little clearer
Yet still I was upon my feet

I traveled down still further
And in the river went waist deep
Now I felt the river pulling
Yet still I was upon my feet

I decided to go deeper
Fully abandoned, no retreat
I was swept into the river
No longer standing on my feet

Now the river takes me
In the way that I must go
No longer do I choose the path
It’s in the river that I flow

Now everywhere the waters go
It brings healing to the land
And now the Lord can use me
For I no longer stand.

6 Responses to “Are you still standing on your own two feet?”

  1. Rachel said

    Hi Frank – as you truly come under the discipleship of Christ (not another man), you will learn things that you’ve never learned before … this world’s teaching of God strips Him of His power and His love for us … when you start to learn, you start to see Him as He is. As you do, He asks you to embrace all that you are learning and sometimes it feels like you are being swept off your feet because it is so different from what you’ve known, yet at the same time absolutely wonderful. We are to let go of all what this world has taught us in it’s corrupt wisdom and abide in the true living waters as the Holy Spirit leads us deeper and deeper .. for those waters are of life.


    • appolus said

      I agree sister. There are teachers, there are even good teachers, there is gifting in this, but no one can teach us ” about,” Him. The presence and the personality of God is something that can only be experienced. The Lord calls us all deeper, He wants all of us, not a part of us. He wants to be Lord of all. It is into these depths that so many of the saints down through the ages have plunged. There is a Gethsemane, there is a cross and there is ressurection. As the Scriptures say, this place is a torrent. Its wild and untamed as far as the world is concerned, in this place no man bows to any of the gods of this world. To be in this place is to be out of step with the world and all of its ways…………brother Frank

  2. Allan Halton said

    Now the river takes me
    In the way that I must go
    No longer do I choose the path
    It’s in the river that I flow

    What a beautiful hope, Frank! To be “led of the Spirit of God” in a Current that takes us whithersoever He will, and not be able to touch bottom any more. Deliver us, Lord, from that lack of trust that causes us to always want some familiar earthly footing for our security. Oh, to lose touch with “the ground” under our feet, and trust You implicitly!

    Ezekiel was shown this River at various depths, and each time he was led through the waters. That is, it seems to me, from one side to the other, from one side over to the other side. Does that speak of moves of the Spirit the church has seen in her past?

    But at this depth– waters to swim in– it was a River that could not be passed over anymore! I believe this must speak of the abiding realm.

    Lord Jesus… we long for this realm! Don’t let our fears and insecurities hinder us from entering it!

    • appolus said

      The waters are a torrent brother. 3000 are saved there and Stephen is stoned there, this river is life and death is its enemy. This river is light and the darkness continually seeks to draw Gods people to the banks of the river where we have to stand upon our own feet. Sp the invitation is to those on the banks or in the shallower waters, and the exhortation is to those who have found the deep, stay there……………brother Frank

  3. Dan said

    Very interesting post. It reminds me of a dream I had several years ago, where I was on the bank of a crystal clear river… and there were these huge fish swimming in that river. These fish were golden in color, and had the look of sturgeon except smoother in appearance … It was so pure…. not of this world.
    the waters and the fish were beautiful… the only way I can describe what I saw in that dream is that it was Life…. God’s Life that He gives to us… The River of Life flowing clearly and overflowing with Life.

    God’s Peace, Dan

    • appolus said

      Hi Dan, good to hear from you again. “the only way I can describe what I saw in that dream is that it was Life” Amen brother, the river of life that flows from the throne of grace……………….brother Frank

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