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If I did not believe!

Posted by appolus on December 11, 2011

What would your life look like if you did not know Christ? What would the impact be? I was thinking about that this morning ,and as I pondered that thought and all of is ramifications I became so thankful. In this busy time of the year, take some time just to sit down, alone, and quiet, and look at the landscape of your life through the prism of not knowing Jesus. Through all the trials and drama’s of our lives, He is the foundation. It’s becauseĀ of Jesus that we have hope. It’s because of Jesus that we have joy. We have peace and compassion because of Jesus. We stand, because of Jesus. Take a moment and ponder and consider your life without Him, now open your eyes and see just how far He has brought you and has kept you. I wrote this poem this morning as I pondered………………


My hope would vanish in the wind
My joy would disappear
My peace would crumble into dust
I would not shed a tear

My love would melt and fear would reign
I’d lose my nightly song
There’d be no purpose for my life
I’d know not right from wrong

My only thoughts would be of me
And what I could achieve
I’d live my life so selfishly
If I did not believe

And when my moment came to die
And stand before the throne
I would not have an advocate
I’d stand there all alone

And for all eternity
For those who don’t receive
You’ll suffer loss eternally
If you do not believe

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