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Are you still standing on your own two feet?

Posted by appolus on December 12, 2011

Brothers and sisters, are you standing on your own two feet today? In any river there is a current. The river of the Living God has a current, that current is the Holy Spirit. Do you flow in the Spirit? Do you flow in the river? The river flows from the throne and the river returns to its own. On either shore of the river of life is thick forest, thick undergrowth, life in the natural. To follow the path of the river from the river bank is hard work. Men will hack their way through this, exhausting work. They will work with all of their might to make some progress down the river. Yet Jesus asks us to enter into the river, into the deepest parts where your feet cannot touch the bottom. To go out into the deep is a scary unnatural thing. Every part of our flesh wants to stand upon its feet.

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