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Just one drop of Blood

Posted by appolus on December 6, 2011

Just one drop of blood from our Saviour’s vein
Destroys all sin and breaks its deadly spell
And just one single tear from a repentant eye
Shall douse the raging fires of Satan’s hell

Kneel before the cross and gaze upon the Son
And lift your head and humble hands up high
For it was upĀ on Calvary’s hill that victory was won
So therefore hell and death must pass me by

See the chains of hell, broken now by Christ
Hear the choirs of heavenly angels sing
The grave has been defeated and lost its victory
And all of death has lost its deadly sting

Now He sits upon a horse, Faithful and True
His justice and His mercy never ends
He sets the captives free, for He died for you and me
And freedom is the message He now sends

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