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The everlasting love of God

Posted by appolus on April 1, 2018

Jer 31:3  The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.

The everlasting love of God. It is such a mysterious thing. He loves the world with an everlasting love, in fact He loved the world so much that He gave His only Son to cruel torture and death that we, the world, might be redeemed. The Word tells us that the Lord our God would have none to be lost but all to find salvation in Him. This does not happen of course but not because it is not the heart of God, it is the heart of God, why is that?

Many years ago, I was representing buyers in the purchase of a house. They were a nice young couple, but the seller was a very difficult older woman, maybe in her mid to late 60s. I met her on the day of inspections which does not typically happen. As we spoke, it turned out that she knew my father-in-law, they were both New Age folk. She softened when she realized who I was. I asked her what her plans were, now that she had almost sold her house. She was not really sure where she was going to end up, she would stay with some friends for a while she said. The lady was netting about $50,000 from the sale of her house and she told me that this was all the money she had in the world and it was going to her son’s defense. She explained to me that he was in his 40s and was addicted to meth and crack cocaine and had been in and out of prison for most of his adult life. Over the years she had spent all of her money on her son for lawyers and so on which is why the money from the sale of her house was all she had. She tells me about her son when he was a boy. He was smart as a whip and kind and loving, and really still was she said. I asked her what crime was he was accused of committing. She told me that he had been in a motel with a prostitute and another drug addict and he had shot them both dead, but it really was not his fault. Her friends were begging her not to use this money on him as he was clearly guilty and this was the last money she had. She told me she was not going to listen to her friends.

This is a sad and tragic story. Yet there are some elements I would like to pick out. This woman had given birth to her son. She loved him as any mother loves her son. She raised him and saw that he was good, very good. Yet at some point he gives himself over to sin and crime and drugs. Now the son that she knew and loved was gone. For the rest of her life she had been and continued to be delusional about him. When she looked at her son she still saw that little boy, she still remembered all her hopes and dreams that she had for him.

Now, through the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit we see that Adam is created and we see that he was created in the image of our God and that he was good. God loved Adam and would walk with him in the cool of the day. But the day came when Adam fell. Unlike the woman with the drug addicted son, God was not delusional about Adam. In fact, now Adam would have to face the consequences of his actions, his sin, and leave the garden of Eden and go out into the world. It was not an easy thing to do, in fact it says in Gen 3:24 that God “drove” him out meaning that he had to be “thrust,” out. Yet God still loved His creation despite the fact they had fallen. When He looked at creation He saw what they could be because He saw Himself in them for they were made after the Godheads image.

And so God so loved the world and so desired to redeem every single one of them that He sent His only Son to take their rightful punishment. And in doing this The Lord Jesus made a way for fallen man to return to the Father and be restored to their state prior to the fall. You can also see elements of the prodigal son in this as he had went out into the world and found himself up to his neck in the pigsty that was his life. When his eyes were finally opened to his situation, when all the allure of sin was gone and all that was left was a slow death, drowning in his own muck and sin, he decides to seek out his Father and make his way back. This way back was made possible by the Lord Jesus. It is grace that opens up our eyes to who we are and what we are and at the very same time grace opens up our eyes to the fact that the Father loves us. Even when we were yet in our sin, even when we were still a far way off and seeking to find Him, He comes running and meets us on the way and rejoices in His heart as does all the angels in heaven because this creation of His, who was lost in his sin is found and is redeemed by His everlasting love. Jesus our Lord and His sacrifice at Calvary is the loving-kindness that draws us and opens up the way for us. Faith is the decision to forsake all and be obedient to the voice of God.

Maybe you have someone like the lady who was selling her house? Maybe you are someone who has squandered life and now it seems that there is nothing left. The meaning of the word grace is “unmerited favor.” There is nothing that we can do to merit the favor of God, or to make Him love us. He already loves us. Not because of anything that we did for our God is no mans debtor, but because of who we are, His creation. If an unrighteous delusional mother can love a terrible sinner, not because of his sin but because she gave birth to him, how much more so can a righteous God who sees everything, who knows you through and through love you? Yes He knows what you have done and yes despite your sin He loves you so much that He sent His precious perfect Son to die for you on the cross. He does all that because He loves what He created and he remembers Adam before he fell and He remembers His fellowship and His walks with him in the cool of the day. He wants to walk with you! Will you come? Jesus has made the way.

5 Responses to “The everlasting love of God”

  1. pam proper said

    Hi brother Frank ! Mark here. I thought I would send you this link. I have listened to AIM for a long time on and off until I figured out their bone chilling agenda.Pam told me a long time ago they were married. I also saw a couple videos on “truth and art TV”. talking about “Q” This is the last days, keep your eyes open, your heart pure, and your mind cleansed by the word of God! Many blessings brother! Brother MarkGUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT ABOUT THOMAS AND BETSY… LOL!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO…

    | | | | | |






  2. Rebecca said

    Thank you a million times for writing. I’m so glad The Lord helped me find this website. Bless you and thank you again.
    From a grateful fellow wilderness dweller (who also lives in Kansas!)

  3. Rebecca said

    South of Olathe. You?

    Your article, regarding the wilderness, is very profound for me. It has changed my life! I have wrestled and grappled and struggled against one closed door followed by another and another… I’ve only recently begun to entertain the idea that this may be God’s doing even though it flies in the face of all I’ve ever understood or believed about community. Hebrews 12 troubles me even though I know it is not referring to sitting in a pew on Sunday morning with some shallow small talk immediately following. But finding a fellow desert pilgrim – truly yearning for the Lord? Hard to find. Most believers are at the party (or potluck) laughing it up with nary a mention of Him outside the sermon… I cannot go to the party anymore. It’s so intensely lonely there. I’m not sure what true, intimate fellowship is, but I’m pretty sure what goes on in the closed social circle of “church” is not it. Your article was as if God Himself reassured me that, in fact, there is a purpose in the silence of my life and my job is to wait, trust and accept the place He has me in for this season and to fully rely on Him – my Sustainer, Provider, Shepherd, Friend.

    I’m very grateful for that article. Grateful to God for inspiring you to pen those words. Bless you,

    • appolus said

      Hi Rebecca, I am glad that you were blessed by the article, I have met saints from all over the world who feel exactly the same, they are not church hoppers, quite the opposite, but at some point simply could not stomach the shallow nature of what was around them, could not stomach to stand by in an established church that seems to be completely missing what is going on in the world and the soon coming Lord. I believe that God is calling out a remnant people for His own purposes. That is why this site exists. Here is an article the Lord put on my heart that explains something of the remnant saints around the world https://acalltotheremnant.com/the-role-of-the-remnant-church-in-the-last-days/ I live in Overland Park so it seems we are very close 🙂 …………………..bro Frank

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