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Shall we rage against God?

Posted by appolus on May 8, 2022

Job 2:10 ….shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?

Brothers and sisters, this matter drives at the very heart of who we are. We are much more likely to discover who we are in the depths of adversity, than in any other state. So much energy in Christendom is expended in the stand against adversity. Rather than embrace it, as we certainly embrace the good, we fight it, often with everything that is in us. The adversity, and how it affects us, becomes the towering idol in our lives. Shall God not praised in any circumstances? Shall He not always be our primary focus? Should our eyes ever be moved from a gaze upon Him? In all my years walking through the corridors of Christianity, this single issue is the most pervasive. Our attitude towards infirmity or dire circumstances ultimately shape us and identify us. The fundamental core of who we are must be, whether we live or whether we die we shall praise the living God. Every other issue, if it is allowed, draws us away from God and towards ourselves. Rather than being fixated with God, we become fixated on ourselves and our circumstances.

In this verse Job addresses his wife. She, because of their circumstances, expresses what happens when circumstances are more important than God. She encourages her husband to curse God, abandon God, abandon his faith, abandon his life. For her, the circumstances of their life was more important than God Himself. She is a foolish woman and has been branded as such in the eternal word of God. Paul learned to be content whether he was hungry or full, in sickness or in health, in liberty or in the dungeon. He learned this. He learned that all loss, is mere rubbish, in comparison to being found in Him. In the end brothers and sisters the only thing that matters is being found in Him. Everything else, if we allow it, is idolatry. It is the curse of the last one hundred years that much of what identifies itself as Christianity, demands that God heals them and prospers them. This is the foundation of their so called faith. Madness and foolishness to stake your faith on the circumstances of your life rather than the holiness of a God who not only gives us good things, but also gives us adversities. Shall you accept that saint, or shall you rage against God and die in the wilderness?

3 Responses to “Shall we rage against God?”

  1. “For I will proclaim the name of Adonai.
    Come, declare the greatness of our God!
    The Rock! His work is perfect,
    for all his ways are just.
    A trustworthy God who does no wrong,
    he is righteous and straight.
    (Deut. 32: 3-4; CJB)

    David Gooding writes,
    “There is only one way to build a house secure against a storm
    and that is to dig deep and lay its foundations on the rock.
    But digging deep can be troublesome.
    It is all too easy to be content with a superficial knowledge of Christianity and a superficial, normal profession of faith without real obedience to Christ.

    But just as there is only one foundation,
    so only those who by personal contact with him
    build directly and squarely on the foundation of His Word,
    believed, applied and performed,
    will survive the storms here and hereafter.”

  2. Anonymous said

    Praise God

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