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To the multitude, God is dead.

Posted by appolus on May 6, 2022

Outside of God there is no moral authority, without Him everything begins to come apart at the seams. We become a law unto ourselves where the ends, the vain imaginations of our own dark hearts, justify the means. Abortion is the primary example of our lawlessness. The ideologies of feminism and rights and freedoms, come together like a ghastly witches brew. In order to believe that there is something higher than the sanctity of life, then we have to elevate ourselves to be gods. If our lives are so important that it justifies the taking of another life, and not just any other life, the life of our own child, nestled in the womb, then we have reached a level of idolatry not seen since the ancient world.

In Lamentations chapter four we see women greedily consume their own children in order to save their own lives. They, of course, did not arrive at that soulless place overnight. This is the ends result of idolatry not the beginning of it. This is why we in the modern world are at the end of our rejection of God and His ways. We have reached our zenith but it is not to be measured in height, rather the abyss is to be measured in depth and darkness. To the world, God is dead, and they are no longer bothered or bound by His Word.

Having abandoned God and rejected Him out of hand, we have also, necessarily, rejected absolute truth. The new laws that we make in this state spring forth from the wicked imaginations of dark hearts. So therefore there is no depth or bottom to our depravity. The only measure is the darkness of the human heart which we know is deceitfully wicked. We are not just rebels, we are wicked and the vain imaginations of our heart are wicked and it was only ever somewhat restrained by the notion of an eternal judgement to come. Therefore, when we throw off the notion of God and eternal judgement then the bowels of hell itself are loosed.

The complicating factor in the west at least, is that at the very same time we have abandoned God we still claim to serve Him. Since we worship and serve ourselves, we proclaim our ideologies to be Godly, to be an expression of the God we claim to serve. In the ultimate act of perversion we say, in our willful self delusion, that we are moral and our ideologies are moral. We hijack the word and actually use it against anyone who dares to stand against our opinion. Now it is no longer possible to simply disagree with someone, that someone is challenging your very deity and they are therefore immoral and irredeemable.

These people, living outside of God, are lawless and will crush anyone who does not worship the god made in their own image. Politics begins to get infused with theological words for truly it is the religion of the world. Now every foul force, living out their Godless lives, claims God as their author and creator and in a sense they are right, but its not the God of the Bible and absolute truth, its their own god made in their own image. When the most powerful man in the world pronounces that the freedom to murder children is a God given right, then you can no doubt hear the creaking of the gates of hell as they are flung open.

The freedoms that men believe they have, quite apart from a just God and an eternity where justice is established and completed, is tearing men to pieces. How could it do anything otherwise? All of this is for the grasping of power and control and an independence from the Living God. The very desire of the devils heart. Men must choose for the time draws near. We either worship God and follow Him, or we worship ourselves and we follow that dark descending road that leads all the way to the bottom of the abyss.

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