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The thing that I greatly feared.

Posted by appolus on May 10, 2022

Job 3:25  For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. 

This portion of scripture is often presented in some sort of negative fashion, especially by the Charismatics. They see this as an admission of a lack of faith and somehow blame Job’s very fears for bringing upon him his calamities. This of course, is totally false. We already know that Job was a blameless man of integrity, who, under severe trial, held fast to his integrity and honor of God. Now rather than this being a negative, it is actually very much a positive. Job never took anything for granted. He had a very healthy fear and reverence for God. He feared for his children that somehow they may dishonor God and sin. He would arise early and make sacrifices to God and pray for each of His children.

The question is, brothers and sisters, do we have the same kind of fear and reverence and integrity that Job had? Do we take our many blessings for granted? Do we presume upon the blessings and the mercies of God? How then shall we live? With our eyes wide open to a world that is full of possible distractions and temptations. Not just for ourselves, but for the children that we raised. What are we sacrificing for our children? What burnt offerings could we present before the Lord as wise and faithful servants? Perhaps the preferred career could be sacrificed in order to make more time for that which is truly important? Perhaps there is no real need for the great big house or the latest car? The story of Job reminds us that all of a sudden, an ill wind can blow and our circumstances radically change in a very short period of time.

One small comfort for Job would have been to know that he did everything a good father could do for his children. It guarantees nothing, but it is something to stand upon. If we had a sick loved one and we did everything that we could do for them, in their passing there would be no recriminations. There is a wonderful peace to be had by doing the right thing with a cheerful heart. This is part of our love and integrity. This is how we should serve the Lord our God. With everything that is in us. It will not prevent adversity touching the hems of our garments, but it gives us a peace within to know that with all of who we are, we strove to serve the Lord our God with reverence and Godly fear and integrity. What can the storm do against such a man or a woman. Imagine, for a moment, God saying “have you considered my servant …………  (fill in your name) Treasure beyond measure.


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