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A generation of Simon the Sorcerers is rising.

Posted by appolus on March 23, 2015

supernatural-prayer“I see thousands of Christian young adults in America who, like Simon the Sorcerer, are hungry for the supernatural and are therefore looking for an impartation, prayer or touch from a well-known leader in the body of Christ to launch them into their ministry. Rather than seeking intimacy with Jesus Christ and walking in true legitimate kingdom authority like Peter and John, many, just like Simon, are seeking a drive-thru experience because they are hungry for authority, but aren’t willing to obtain it legally through intimacy.” Read the full article by Jeremiah Johnson by clicking the link …. A generation of Simon the Sorcerers is rising.

Carrying on this theme, I have included a portion from my book ” The fall of Christendom and the rise of the remnant.” It speaks of the two sorcerers Jannes and Jambres. This is perilous times brothers and sisters and we must be aware and beware…………………..

Jannes and Jambres are noted as men who greatly resisted Moses and since the context of this chapter is perilous last days, then we can assume that men like Jannes and Jambres will greatly resist God’s true people in these latter days. Now who were these men and what do they represent today? Well Jannes and Jambres are reckoned to be two of the occultist magicians in Pharoah’s court who replicated the rod turning into a snake, then were able to replicate some of the plagues. It is reckoned that when Moses and the children of Israel left Egypt that they had become followers of Moses, perhaps for the same reasons as Simon the magician of Acts 8 , who was amazed at the power of the Apostles and who tried to buy this power.

Extra Biblical evidence suggests that Jannes and Jambres were very influential in persuading Aaron to make a golden calf when it seemed that Moses may not return. And we know that the calf was made with the gold and the treasure that was taken from Egypt. And so we see two men who had some kind of power, perhaps even a form of Godliness since they were now following Moses, persuade men to fall down and worship the treasures of the world and act just like the world from which they had been delivered. Do we not see that in Christendom today. There are so many men just like Jannes, just like Jambres, just like Simon, men who are desperate to operate in the power of God so that they can impress others and elevate their own status. It will never happen. Today’s so-called miracles workers and self-proclaimed prophets are merely operating in the soulish realm. And God’s fire will never fall on them. This will be one reason they will hate genuine saints, for as God pours out His Spirit on genuine saints in these latter times and they begin to move in the genuine power of God, it will enrage the false teachers just as it enraged the religious leaders in the days of Jesus. We see a small clue in Matthew 27:18 as to why they wanted Jesus dead… ” For he knew they had delivered Him because of envy. ”


And what about the cancer of the prosperity gospel? Worshippers of the gold and the treasures of this world.What does Paul say about such men ? He says that they are “men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” ( 2 Tim 3:8) This word reprobate means ” to be castaway, rejected.” Yes indeed , these men are believers, and we can see them in every branch of Christianity today, whether it is the Word of Faith people, the Prosperity people or those who are obsessed with the power of God and would buy it with money if they could so as to dazzle the crowd. And they are joined by the liberal dead denominations and the dead fundamentalists. And can I tell you brothers and sisters, just like the Pharisees and the Sadducess and the Herodians, they are all part of the one system and they will come together at some point and will be the deadliest enemies of the true saint. You see, they worship the world and the things of the world , this is their heart. God will expose their hearts in the coming days as their loyalties to the world and all it offers will become more and more apparent. Today it is the homosexual issue and they will relent on that because they are ultimately friends of the world. Soon it will be the name of Jesus and the truth that He and He alone is the only way to heaven. This is and will become increasingly more unnaceptable to the world so when the world demands it, they will relent on that too.

Remember, the Pharisees and the Saducees and the Herodians were not allowed to just quietly hand Jesus over,no, their whole hearts were exposed when they cried out ” We have no King but Caesar.” You see Jesus was not their God, their God was the god of this world , just as in John 8 where Jesus tells the ” believers” that their father is the devil. ( John 8:42) And so these groups in conjunction with the state will one day in the relatively near future, demand the blood of the saints who at no point will turn away from the Word of God and will continue to be led by His Spirit. God trains His children. He has been refining His own all the way along. He has led them through many trials and tribulations and deserts, He has been preparing His children to face such a day.

And of course in 2 Tim 3 Paul not only identifies all the reprobates, the rejected and the castaway, he also identifies the walk of the true saint. On the one hand you will recognize the reprobate because he chases after and worships the treasure of this world and ” plays,” just as the world plays. He is constantly seeking the power of God for his own ends yet God will never fall in power upon such men and their gatherings. On the other hand we have the true saint. How can we identify the true saint? Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me. Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution (2 Ti 3:11,12)


The true saint picks up his cross and dies daily to his flesh. He has encountered God in such a fashion that his life is a witness to the world, not his words, his life. The true saint’s words and life are in harmony. He is not perfect, this he knows but his life is a witness to his God. He has learned to be content in every situation. He knows that Godliness with contentment is great gain. This is the kind of gain he rejoices in. When He suffers for His Lord he rejoices in that as well, for he has been counted worthy to enter into His sufferings. He counts all loss as rubbish but rather he rejoices to be found in Him, to know Him more deeply. He despairs as he sees preachers go to enormous lengths to assure ” nominal Christians,’ that their sinful lives are no great problem, they have the magicians potion , cheap grace. The kind of grace that does not require your whole heart nor does it require you to pick up your cross, it only requires your attendance and your money to enhance and further their own kingdoms.

Brothers and sisters, what does the man and woman of God do and how does it fly in the face of what passes for much of Christianity today? He chooses “ rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt ; for he was looking for the reward. By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible.” (Heb 11:25-27)

What will you choose? The riches of Egypt? A season of pleasurable sin? Or will you be counted with Christ and live Godly in Christ Jesus and suffer persecution? This is the choice that is before Christendom today. Evil men and seducers have certainly increased, just as Paul prophesied in this chapter from Tim. And many have been deceived, indeed the deceivers are themselves deceived. Oh what a horrendous shock when they come before the living God and cry out to Him about all that they have done in His name and then they hear these most dreadful of words ” depart from me workers of iniquity , for I never knew you.“

3 Responses to “A generation of Simon the Sorcerers is rising.”

  1. usafbeth said

    These are hard truths – and not welcome even now, so we know how bad it will become. The people don’t want the truth and they reject those who speak it because it reminds them that Jesus wants more than an hour on Sunday and some of their money – he wants everything.

  2. Is this article by Jeremiah Johnson even true? No it is not. It is however, a very cleverly devised story which paints himself and his “ministry” as opposed to the more fringe elements of what he calls “the prophetic movement.” This is easily discernable if one takes the time to read the article very carefully, compare what Jeremiah says with Scripture and finally, research the man himself who is obviously a self appointed leader, false prophet and fraud.

    Without going into specific detail, Simon the sorcerer had power for he was a practicing magician who “for a long time astonished them with his magic arts.” (Acts 8:11) To attempt to make a comparison between one like Simon who was propelled by the power of Satan and fleshly people longing to be used by God in an inappropriate manner is not a valid comparison. They are entirely two different kinds of people. Granted, some of Jeremiah’s contrasts do make sense (such as seeking authority illegitimately) and (following men instead of Jesus) but have any of you read about who J.Johnson is himself and what he does and says? Just in this article alone we find:

    First, this man regularly speaks of a “prophetic movement,” a phrase which was invented by men to which this author claims to be a part. The phrase has no Scriptural merit whatsoever and aids in the fracturing of the one body of Christ as if this “movement” has some specific divine calling and purpose within the body of Christ which of course cannot be proven.

    Secondly, other inconsistencies are spoken of in this article such as:

    “One of the main reasons the prophetic movement is headed for shipwreck is because WE are continuing to honor and give individuals POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY that have quit on intimacy. These prophetic individuals consistently tear down with their character what THEY HAVE BUILT with their gifting”

    No I say, this statement is filled with errors and problems. Then again;

    “WE WHO ARE PROPHETS AND LEADERS have placed so much emphasis on activation and impartation in OUR prophetic & supernatural schools in America”

    No I say, more errors and more self promotion……then again;

    …..they have been trained & raised up by prophetic fathers & mothers…..

    No again. Men and women don’t raise up prophets do they? Then his way too familiar claim of A NEW PROPHETIC GENERATION……says who Jeremiah? You?

    Still with me? Then, despite Jeremiah’s involvement with these added words after the article:

    “Want to know more about the next great move of God and an appeal to heaven for spiritual awakening? CLICK HERE to see JENNIFER LECLAIRE’S new BOOK, featuring DUTCH SHEETS, REINHARD BONNKE, JOHNATHON CAHN, BILLY GRAHAM & others. Then I say, so much for not following others. Then without further delay a plug and promotion of Jeremiah Johnson & his self-titled 5013c “ministries.”

    Now in case one still wants to believe this liar, please do go visit his sites where he promotes:

    Teaches the LIE of tithes & offerings for Christians.
    Has his own prophetic school
    Calls himself a “senior leader”

    People, we need to stop listening to men. Stop promoting what appears to sound good and appear righteous. This is a dangerous man, and the people above are no better either. They are not serving our Lord Jesus Christ but in fact their own appetites. Go read Jeremiah’s latest prophesy about the “failed church” on his blog and this pretty much speaks for itself.

    Jeremiah Johnson IS PROMOTING HIMSELF. Please stop listening to who and what only seems to be of God. He and his message are not.

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