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Whatever is true, whatever is noble!

Posted by appolus on March 22, 2015

Phil 4:8: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

One of my favorite verses from one of my favorite books. The book of Philippians is a weighty book dealing with weighty matters. Yet again and again Paul is telling us to rejoice in the Lord. There is a tremendous power in what we focus on. We have heard people speak who have a victim mentality meaning that they focus primarily on what has happened to them and they never seem to get over it. Their world revolves around the incident or incidents. They are locked into and tied to the events that have primarily shaped them.

When I was a younger Christian, I was asked many times to give my testimony. Some deemed it a rather dramatic conversion and I would not deny that. Yet I received some very good advice early on from an older saint who said ” never give the enemy too much air time.” You can hear many testimonies that are 90% bad stuff then they get saved at the end. Now I know that the vast majority of times people are only trying to contrast the bad with the good. They are trying to show how powerful God is by showing how bad they were yet often times there is way too many details about former lives and the devil ends up getting a lot of air time. You know what is a more dramatic story that being saved from the gates of hell? Going on to live a life deep in the Father’s heart. If one goes on in the Lord they begin to speak less and less about themselves and more and more about the one whom they are focused on.

When my oldest son was younger, in his late teens, I found myself over and over again getting on his case. I told him time and time again what would happen if he did this, what would happen if he did that.Actually I had probably been doing that for a long time. Now he gave us very good reasons to be anxious, to say he was a rebellious teenager would be way too mild. Yet despite that, the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks one day and very gently and firmly spoke to me ” I want you to speak life into your son.” I still tear up all these years later remembering that word. There is a power in the tongue, it can have life and death associated with it. Now I don’t want anyone to mistake what I have just said for the Word of faith heresy. That is so preposterous as to even give it any credence. The power that we do have is to focus on Jesus. To highlight everything He has done for us. To fill our hearts with His wonder and His glory. The fruit of this kind of thinking is thankfulness. Thankfulness is the resplendent warmth and light of the Son that lights up the darkest recesses of our souls. Without this light nothing can grow. Brothers and sisters, what is the state of your mind? What is the dominant themes of your conversation? Does it bring much light or does it add to the darkness?

I love to speak about His love and His power and His glory. His patience with me and His kindness and His faithfulness is so remarkable. When we lift our eyes off our own lives and situations and begin to cast our gaze into the heavens and catch a glimpse of His glory, everything begins to change in the light and the beauty of His Holiness. Let us think about such things and see what grows in the light of such thoughts and words.

One Response to “Whatever is true, whatever is noble!”

  1. That most assuredly is good ol advice from an elder saint. I can very specifically remember many years ago being asked if I would share my “testimony” on a particular occasion. I said yes, and knew almost instantly what I believed Father would have me speak about. A few days prior to the event, the individual in charge of this aspect of the “event” asked me if I had thought about what I was going to speak about. I said, “yes, I know exactly what I want to share” and went on to explain I wanted to talk about what it meant to live the Christian life by faith and how I was personally doing that. Oops, that was TMI for him. I afterwards was counseled by a much younger man what sharing one’s testimony was supposed to include and frankly I just decided to decline doing that and passed on the occasion altogether.

    He was young and I don’t blame him for doing what he thought was best or necessary. But this just proves how little we allow others to seek Jesus for themselves, allow Him to lead them and trust one another in that process. He knows what is necessary and best from day to day and moment to moment. We both know that the status quo no where near resembles that.

    Christians need to see, hear and taste that the Lord is good just like the world’s people do. If all we know is “religious ritual” we will soon become stale and then rotten and then worse off. That benefits no one. I don’t want to model my life after “some mans standard or expectation” but after those whose lives are modeled after Christ. Such examples are rare, even more so if we stifle the very things our Father desires to speak through His children at various times and in various places.

    There are another hundred examples like the one you mentioned that people need to hear and put into practice. It is in a very real way, limiting our adversaries influence or “not giving him too much air time” as you say. I do remember something along those lines also in Philippians;

    “Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead……I press on”……to what? …..the upward call of Christ Jesus.

    Focus is everything. I know a special gal that has been through some very traumatic experiences in her life- one’s she has written and talked openly about. But unless you read her blog or asked her specifically about these things you would never have known. She’s far too busy getting on with what the Lord is doing in her life today and in the now. That’s the proof of inward healing and a subsequent ability to help others who have travelled similar paths. Her focus remains upon Jesus.

    I once read a statement where a brother said, “To be discouraged is to be blind.” That sums up a whole lot if we’re willing to walk in what Jesus has accomplished on our behalf as His own.

    Oh, by the way, despite my handle herein (ATF), my actual name is Michael. You can call me what you will though, provided it’s true and noble. I live in Michigan.

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