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A lighthouse in the darkness

Posted by appolus on March 3, 2015

When the cliffs are to your back
And the tide is coming in
When the waters surely rising
And you know you cannot swim

And the water comes so slowly
But you know there’s no escape
It laps around your ankles
It will take what it will take

You know your slowly drowning
But you do not seem to care
What you really are afraid of
That come the morning your still there

How many tides have come and gone
How many fogs have rolled on in?
How dark has been the darkest night
It tries to drown the light within

And suddenly you realize
You are a beacon in the night
You stand above the highest tide
Eternally a shining light

A lighthouse standing on the Rock
For all the world to see
Standing whole and strong above the storm
Shining light for all eternity

Through endless storms and ages past
Through every dark and stormy night
You’ve come to learn this single thing
There always comes dawns early light

2 Responses to “A lighthouse in the darkness”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Hello brother Frank……My wife and myself have stood with our backs to many cliffs, with a horrendous tide creeping in toward us. We have buried 3 of our precious children on the mission field. But, you know what! We are still standing here with the glorious light of our Lord Jesus Christ bathing us. The cliff is still behind us, but so far another tide hasn’t come in for the last few years, but if our Lord tarries long enough, it surely will. Have we ever considered turning back. I often sing a song written by Dottie Rambo.

    Too many miles are behind me,
    too many trials i’ve been through,
    too many tears help me to remember,
    there is too much to gain to lose.

    Too many sunsets lie behind the mountians,
    too many rivers my feet have walked through,
    too many treasures are waiting over yonder,
    there is too much to gain to lose.

    • appolus said

      Dear brother Robert, I think you captured the very essence of where I was coming from with my poem. God bless you and your wife. The pain of losing a child, let alone three, can never truly be comprehended. I have known one other couple who lost three children and they were certainly lights that shone out of the darkness. One day brother, one day we shall see again out lost children. I am looking forward to seeing my own Stephen who only lived for two days. If it were not for the solid Rock of Jesus, where would we be brother, where would be? …………………….bro Frank

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