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No prayer, no life, no exceptions.

Posted by appolus on September 4, 2022

It is a sad commentary on the established church that so little prayer, if any, takes place in their gatherings. If one were able to take the vitals of any gathering, the way the doctor takes our blood pressure and pulse, then prayer in an individuals life or a gathering would be the pulse. The heartbeat is at the center of our being and prayer is at the center of who we are in Christ. If your “pulse,” were to be taken today, would it show a healthy heart? A healthy prayer life?

When the doctor checks your pulse, he understands each pulse represents a heartbeat. There is the force behind the pulse and the regularity of the pulse. He wants to see a strong pulse because that indicates a good flow of blood to the extremities. The regularity of the pulse indicates that the heart is beating regularly. An irregular heartbeat is a dangerous thing that has to be treated. Now blood pressure measures the force of blood flowing against the walls of your arteries. Too high and there will undoubtedly be undue pressure on your arteries which will make them more elastic which in the end will decrease the flow of blood and oxygen to your heart. Too low and your bodies vital organs do not get enough oxygen and nutrients.

Prayer is the heartbeat of your personal walk with the Lord. Prayer is the heartbeat of any gathering. If it beats low we are quite ineffective. If it beats high and irregular then we setting ourselves up for failure. If our hearts stop beating we die. If there was a spiritual doctor who could take the pulse of your congregation would he find it healthy? Would He find life at all? If He ran the same check on you, how healthy would He pronounce you? Prayer is the strong and steady and vital beat of the heart of our walk with Jesus. The rhythm of the heart of God must be our rhythm. We align our hearts with His. We become one with His heart. We are strong in the Lord and the power of His might only in as much as we pray according to His heart. This is true not only of our personal walk but also of our corporate gatherings. No prayer, no life, no exceptions.

2 Responses to “No prayer, no life, no exceptions.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Amen..I thank God everyday that I can communicate with Him 24/7…

  2. belovedlittlelamb said

    Knowing the will of God presents to me that which I will align myself with in prayer.
    “[God] will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” – 1 Timothy 2:4

    True thanksgiving comes from a grateful heart for what God has accomplished on my behalf. I owe him my life, a life of thanksgiving in every circumstance. If my mind’s occupation is filled full of what Christ has done, my inner man lives with that constant song of prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

    When my personal complaint is that God’s word does not give specific answers about my circumstances and that it doesn’t address the way I see ourselves going, God perhaps is telling me something about the way I am seeking his will:

    “For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.” – Phil 2:21

    I believe much of my own and the body of Christ’s prayerlessness comes byway of not searching out in the scriptures all he has given us (re: Paul’s great prayer for us in Ephesians, to know these things). Concerning our prayer life, how can we be on the same page as Christ today if we skim over the depths of these things? By faith as we come to these very scriptures that promise revelation to know our spiritual riches, we will be changed. So very very true that our prayers in seeking the things which are Christ’s will not necessarily change our present life circumstances, but will always always always change us!

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