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To kiss the hand that wounds us, is to kiss the hand of God.

Posted by appolus on September 25, 2022

The more we are broken, and by broken I mean having the hardness of our hearts exercised by God Himself, the more we have eyes to see the glory. Many men know about the concept of brokenness in their heads and they often, by their head knowledge, try to break themselves. This is the worse kind of religious man. The man or woman who has glimpsed the perfection of God, like the prophet Isaiah, is crushed by His own unworthiness yet simultaneously swallowed whole by the glory of the Perfect God. It is two sides to the one coin, the unholiness of man and the perfection of God that touches man as by fire. God’s man “sees,” something, the religious man has never seen. We see our own imperfections in the light of His glory and it crushes us. We must be crushed. For what emerges is true fellowship. If it was just dying, many of us would do OK. I’ve never really had any particular desire to live in this world after being saved. I thought these thoughts on dying were virtuous, but in the plain reality of heaven versus earth, it’s only common sense. Yet, “the death of the cross,” is something entirely different. To be scourged and then to kiss the rod. To be beaten and then to bless the hand from whom the injury came.To kiss the hand that wounds us is to kiss the hand of God. To be so totally dismantled that everything you thought about yourself evaporates. He scourges, He breaks, He dismantles. He remakes us so that we can sit down with Him and the lowly and the contrite in high and lofty places. This is the narrow walk and few there are that find it.

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