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The watchmen that stands upon the wall.

Posted by appolus on September 20, 2022

Isa 62:6  I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, they shall never hold their peace day or night: you that make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent.

God has set among us watchmen. Sentinels if you like. They see what you cannot see. They stand above the city on the rampart. They see the enemy a longs way of and they sound the alarm. They must be men or woman not given to much sleep, a watchmen who would fall asleep on his watch is no good no anybody. A watchman who who refuses to sound the alarm has only two excuses and neither of them are acceptable. He could not see the enemy coming or he was not willing to wake the people. Where have all the watchmen gone? As the greatest darkness the world has ever known approaches the gates of the city, what has become of those who were called to keep watch? The primary duty of any shepherd is to protect the flock. If the wolves are circling then drastic action must be taken. 

Oh what useless men who see nothing and say nothing. Men who do not want to be disturbed. Men who want everything to be as it always was and have no spiritual discernment. No one would ever put a hireling on the wall. The men on the wall must have the greatest love for the people within its confines. Imagine the enemy has infiltrated the watchmen on the wall and they who get to keep their position must pay with their silence. What rogues, what scoundrels what utterly useless men are these? Can I put it to you brothers and sisters that in the midst of the great falling away we have been infiltrated. Men and women of God have been instructed to “not keep silent.” We are to give God no rest until the He establishes that what He means to achieve. Is your shepherd a watchman on the wall or a hireling just looking to keep his position?

Those who stand in the evil day may fall in this world but they shall arise in the next. They shall enter through his gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. For they have prepared the way for the people and they have built them up. They have built up the highway of holiness and lifted up a banner for all the world to see. And they are called His Holy people, the redeemed of the Lord and they have lost their former title of forsaken and now they are the sought out ones. Brothers and sisters, we are not ashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation. We shall not keep silent. We will never be ashamed. The righteousness of Christ is revealed in the His chosen vessels, His anointed, His excellent ones. We are that people my fellow saints. Men may try and suppress the truth in unrighteousness yet the wrath of God shall be revealed from heaven and His watchmen shall shout it from highest rampart where flies the banner of Christ, it flutters in the wind of the Holy Spirit.

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