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I want you to look after this.

Posted by appolus on September 14, 2022

Daniel said to me today “I miss you dad.” I knew what he meant. What he meant to say is that “I’m gonna miss you.” You see we are going out of town next week and this is one of the ways that Daniel conveys to you that he loves you. And so when he said that, I put the cups song on in which one of the lines goes “I’m gonna miss you when your gone.” We danced. He twirled, I twirled, we interlocked arms and danced in a circle in a Scottish fashion. And when the dancing was over we hugged. As I walked into the backyard afterwards, with the sun shining warmly thought the Locusts trees, and the birds watching me from their various perches,wondering if I was about to fill their feeder ( I was) my heart warmed to the thoughts of what a privilege it was for me to have Daniel. When we need someone to look after something that is very precious to us, we pick someone we know and love and trust. And as I was thanking God for entrusting me with something that was very precious to Him……I realized that my heart was full.

Daniel is my youngest son who is 29 and has Down Syndrome.

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  1. Anonymous said


  2. Lisa said

    What a beautiful story, brother Frank. I’m sure your son is a ball of joy and a delight to be around. I used to work with an unmarried guy, Denny, who works with kids and young people with down syndrome a few nights or more a week teaching them and coaching them how to play basketball. And some of them would even go on to play in the Special Olympics. He loves those kids. He pours everything he has into them. He was so proud of them. They brought so much joy and laughter and meaning into his life. I ran into him out at a restaurant about 4 or 5 years ago and asked him about it and said he was still doing it (at nearly 40 years old) and he would do it for as long as he can. That job doesn’t pay the bills, but no doubt that job is by far the most rewarding.

    God bless you, brother Frank, and God bless Daniel and the rest of your family. I pray you have a safe trip next week and a most wonderful and memorable time 🙂🙏🏻

    • appolus said

      Our Daniel has been in Special Olympics for just over 20 years. We have lost count of his medals. Basketball and bowling are among his favorites although he also competed in swimming and tennis and softball. This season he has been competing in bowling and softball. Over the years we have met many wonderful selfless coaches, quite a few of whom have no special needs kids. Daniel had many wonderful peer mentors throughout his High School years. In the search box on my site I’m sure if you put in Daniel, stories will come up 🙂 God bless you this day sister……bro Frank.

      • Lisa said

        Wow, that’s wonderful about all of Daniel’s accomplishments. Sounds like he’s quite the athlete! I’m sure that you and his mother are very proud 😄 I have read in the past some of your writings about Daniel throughout the years, and even seen videos you made about him and your other sons. I almost didn’t want to even say anything for fear that it might make you sad. When you are ready, if you want, you can talk about him again.

        My books are coming today. I can’t wait to read them both, hopefully this weekend. I’ll let you know how I like them. Much love in the Lord to you, brother Frank, and to all the saints 💛✝️

  3. lcbrack said

    This made my heart smile. Thank you for sharing such a tender moment. Loy Leslie


  4. Thank you for sharing that private moment with your son. It was a gift to hear about your gift. John from Maine

  5. Peterina said

    What a delight and a pleasure,to hold such a treasure as Daniel in safekeeping.

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