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The river keeps running.

Posted by appolus on June 17, 2022

I was born by the river
In a dirty ol town of hard livin
And that old river just keeps on running
And I know I just got to keep on forgivin.

That old river is fast flowin 
But it couldn't wash away all the pain
For in the eddy's and the alleys 
The gutters of life kept pouring down rain.

Cobblestones streets illuminated by full moon nights
Lamp posts silhouetted, sandstone chimney pots
The thing about this rain that never seems to stop
It soaks you to the bone and everything rots

As I flew a long long way from the valley
And left it far far and away behind 
To the big sky horizons of a different world
Yet the valley was never far from my mind

Still the river flowed, still the rain fell
And even in this land of vast horizons 
I was walking though the long deep valley
Looking for a world I could arise in. 

And then a hand reached down through the rain
Through the misty darkness of cobblestone streets
Where the gutters were awash with pain
A new land came forward and the old ones retreat

Now the river keeps running through the valley
And the rain keeps fallin from above
Yet the sun has broken through the landscape 
And has filled that old valley with its love. 

3 Responses to “The river keeps running.”

  1. Shannon said

    Brother that spoke to my broken past, the painful reality of decisions I will continue to live with, and the glorious and marvelous light of our sweet Redeemer. No matter how difficult things are, we can rest each day in the deep love of an eternal friend and mighty King. Amen.

    • appolus said

      Amen sister. This poem alludes to the hard industrial town I grew up in, that was positioned by the River Clyde. The constant rain is very synonymous to me about the sin and the pain that so many grew up in. It was a shipbuilding town and known for its toughness, kinda like Detroit.Boys had the emotions beaten and ridiculed out of them. Sin beget sin. And the darkness and the rain was just like the sin that continued to flow. I moved to thr States, the land of the big sky, but in my heart I was still trapped in the valley. And then………Jesus……..bro Frank.

  2. belovedlittlelamb said

    This is the song that came to mind after reading your poem.
    Thank you so much bro. Frank for posting it.

    “O the deep, deep love of Jesus!
    ‘Tis a heav’n of heav’ns to me;
    and it lifts me up to glory,
    for it lifts me up to thee.”

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