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He lifts up a banner.

Posted by appolus on June 21, 2022

Isa 18:3  All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifts up an banner on the mountains; and when he blows a trumpet, hear ye. 

The Lord our God surely gives signs and evidences of the days in which we live. He speaks to His own of course, yet He also speaks to the world. They see the banner on the mountains, they hear the trumpet being blown. Men today look around at the calamities and even use the words “Biblical,” and “plague.” They see it, they see a dying world and yet they refuse to listen to the trumpet, refuse to listen to the word of God. Everywhere they speak of the world heating up, global warming, and yet they refuse to listen the Word of God that has already told us that this world will burn up. Their own garbage pollutes the rivers and the oceans and yet they refuse to look at the pollution of their own souls. Greed and an insatiable desire for more creates pollution, spiritual first then physical. One cannot be fixed without the other.

And so the banner on the mountain beckons. Will you stand under the banner in the shadow of the mountain and listen to the trumpet blow? All who dwell in the shadow of the Almighty, the shadow of His mountain, the shadow of His banner, are safe. Safe from the inevitable destruction to come. The world has forgotten the God of their salvation. They have not been mindful of the Rock which is a stronghold. Every tribe, every tongue, every nation stepped of the ark. They stepped of the ark with the sure knowledge of God and how God can and does judge the earth. And yet even then, they ran from Him. They cut down trees to cook and to heat themselves and made idols out of the leftovers. Foolish man, you build towers to the sky, running from the judgement of God. You spread out over all the earth and you raised up idols and forgot the God of your salvation.

Yet even in the midst of calamities and impending destruction, there is a tower. Not a tower built in Babel in a desperate and foolish attempt to avoid the judgement of God. This tower is a high tower and His name is Jesus. The righteous run into it and they are safe. There is a banner. His banner over us is love. We stand in the righteousness of Jesus and we are warmed by the love and the mercy and the goodness of God in the land of the living. There is a trumpet and it heralds in the hearts of His saints and they are drawn unto His holy mountain. Higher and higher. Above the tree line. The air becomes rarified and the saints breathe by the power of the Holy Spirit. This higher ground where men cannot exist is the tabernacle of the saints. It is time to come up higher. “Come away with me,” says the Lord. I am your Holy mountain, I am your higher ground, I am your high tower. And on this mountain and in the high places you shall dwell as the end of the ages draws nigh. ……….Come unto Me.

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