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The poison of sour grapes

Posted by appolus on December 26, 2017

Eze 18:2 “The parents eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.”

Politics is a poison to the soul. It is why i do not vote. Don’t get me wrong, I have opinions, plenty of them and I am not afraid to express what I believe. Yet since I don’t vote I don’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils, I just call evil wherever I see it whether it has a left leaning or a right leaning. The partisan spirit to me, is one of the great evils of the day and helps to corrupt the minds and souls of children as they listen to the sour grapes of their parents, whether it was bitter complaints about President Clinton or bitter complaints and rejection of President Bush, President Obama and now President Trump. With every passing generation for the last few decades we have seen hatred and bitterness and partisanship passed down like an ever heavier weight for our children to carry. The legacy that we pass to our children should be a legacy of faith and of joy and of peace in God. We should be equipping our children to find the living God and serving Him all the days of their lives, not caught up in a slough of despondency. This current hatred of President Trump will eat into the children, that are being raised with it, like a cancer and draw us ever further apart as a society. Once we teach our children to reject authority then hell follows in its path and society is drawn down into the abyss. The children’s teeth are on edge, God, help the children.

5 Responses to “The poison of sour grapes”

  1. Fiona Burky said

    I remember growing up in Scotland, as you probably do, that it went beyond not discussing religion and politics, but that it was still a period in time when you had to make sure your friends weren’t Catholic (or Protestants, if you were Catholic).

    . Fortunately that day of outright ostracizing people because of their religion seems to be over, simply because many churches in Scotland have closed their doors due to lukewarm, or outright cold, hearts towards anything of God.

    But it still stands that you should never discuss religion or politics. As you can imagine this made it very challenging for me to become the first “Christian” in my family. Unfortunately that was the time in my life when I had to leave friends and family , and forsake all others for the sake of the Kingdom.

    While I don’t push any political ideology on anyone, as I think 99% of all politicians are in it for selfish reasons, I find it difficult to not point out the discrepancies between a friend’s telling me she loves and follows the Scriptures, and then her seeing no problem voting, for someone when that politician’s beliefs goes totally against what my friends beliefs are supposed to be, as a Christian.

    I’m not talking about Minor discrepancies as in should we celebrate Christmas or not, but in the most important ones as in being anti-abortion and anti homosexuality

    Thus, my probable loss of a friend who wants to live with one foot in the world and one in the Church.

    • appolus said

      Hi Fiona I think we as saints have to speak the truth in love and if the consequences are lost friends then so be it…………bro Frank

      • Fiona Burky said

        Ok. Was just wondering if I had handled it correctly. Sounds as if I have. Is sad to lose a friend of over 30 years, but is probably just the beginning as we will all be challenged on how serious we are in walking the walk. Thanks.

        • appolus said

          I wonder if you could agree with your friend that politics has soured your relationship and reengage with the promise of no political discussions? Many years ago I led a Bible study which was attended by both black and white people. Wonderful group, until someone mentioned politics. The black people in the group tended to lean towards the Democrats and the white folks tended to lean towards the Republicans, whatever, the Spirit was certainly quenched every single time a political topic was mentioned………………….bro Frank

  2. wakarusaguy said

    Granted politics has been heavily “personalized” in this country, and many believe politics amounts to WHO you “like” or “hate.” It’s a short-sighted view of politics, and of the “sour grapes” it passes to the next generation. Politicians are mortal, and it’s pointless to make any of them our “politics.”

    If I’d accepted the “sour grapes” my parents passed along (parents certainly teach, and have a responsibility to teach RIGHT; but every child makes his own choice of what he will receive), I would be a Nixon partisan today. Fortunately I’m not: it would certainly be a stupid kind of politics to be “for” a long-dead politician.

    The politics I learned instead from Nixon’s presidency was that a nation harms and shames itself when it chooses to follow a liar and a “crook” (Nixon’s own word, by which he didn’t want to be characterized: but must be). Not that the politician himself was the point; rather the evils he perpetrated. That political take-away has remained valid, never moreso than today. Although at the time I would have considered my conclusion simple “commonsense,” since becoming a Christian I’ve found it’s a scriptural principle. I have even more reason to hold to it now, knowing it’s God’s word. So do all Christians.

    I doubt the “sour grapes” we pass along that MATTER are being “for” or “against” transient individual politicians of our time, or “issues” of our time (many of which are concocted by individual politicians, or to “glorify” individual politicians). Politics is a human activity: God’s “Law” (His moral criteria for human activities and His commanding word on human activities) is sovereign in politics. The “sour grapes” to fear are the enemy’s manipulation of our human political thinking to his purposes.

    I know more than a few church-going parents who have passed on the “sour grapes” of hating Obama (and everything he did, tried to do, or said). Doubtless Obama himself will pass from the scene at some future time. What will not is those children’s belief that God’s commands to “not curse the ruler of your people” (Exodus 22:28) and to “be in subjection to the governing authorities” (Romans 13:1) can be set aside if you don’t “like” your ruler. What is passed on is the spirit of rebellion: satan’s own spirit. (The same result would come from parents passing on hatred of the current president, though I don’t personally know such a parent. Satan is bi-partisan in effecting his purposes.)

    Kudos too, Frank, for spotlighting the “lesser of two evils” deception by which the enemy convinces us we “HAVE TO” choose evil. I heard that lie so many times last year from Christians that I blogged about it then: and did a follow-up about its current effects on Christians, just last week (https://cross-purposes.blogspot.com/). The “coincidence” of a trusted brother hearing God speak about something, at the same time I’m hearing Him speak about it, is always greatly encouraging.

    Blessing to all here ! Steve

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