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Poem for a mothers lost child

Posted by appolus on April 10, 2012

A sister in Christ asked me to write a poem about a mothers loss when losing her child. This was an adult child and one can imagine the pain, perhaps you may have experienced it yourself? I have buried a son so I know something of the pain of losing a child………bro Frank

I held him safe within my womb
And kissed him in the birthing room
I held his hand in sickness too
And now I don’t know what to do

My son, my child, my flesh and bone
Has died and left me all alone
And in the night when no one sees
I cry and end up on my knees

I cry to God and ask Him why
My precious son he had to die
And when the morning light appears
That’s one more night I’ve spent in tears

And as the years they slip away
I learn to live just day by day
I turn to God who was so far
I look to where the answers are

I put my hand into His hand
He pulls me up and now I stand
I hear my Father say to me
“My Son He died upon a tree

I know the pain that mothers feel
When life turns black and robs and steals
And takes a portion of your heart
And tears your very soul apart”

Oh Lord I pray, please make me whole
Replace the joy that life has stole
This pain, this loss, is part of me
But still I’m longing to be free

I choose to walk out through the door
And melancholy reigns no more
I leave behind the shades of grey
To walk in light, to kneel and pray

” Come to me child, I’ve heard your cry
I saw your tears when your child died
Rest in me and find your peace
Replace your pain and find release”

Despite the fact we had to part
You still live on within my heart
There’ll never be a day go by
A tear wont fall from your mother’s eye

2 Responses to “Poem for a mothers lost child”

  1. susan said

    that was beautiful, thank you. I also know this pain, and wrote a poem 11 years ago … i hope you dont mind if i share it here?

    I saw a baby sleeping on a warm and sunny day
    She was cradled by her mother, with a love no words convey
    It was silent love so pure, it was just a love complete
    And this mother kissed her child, while she stroked the tiny feet
    But this mother she was weeping on this warm and sunny day
    And she pulled the child to her, as she silently did pray
    Then she gently lay her baby in the casket by her side
    And said “how can I let her go? the pain is killing me inside”
    I tried to turn away from her, the pain too much to bear
    Her misery like nakedness, that she should not have to share
    But I could not turn my eyes away, for the mother, I was she
    And the words that I was whispering “Please God, bring her back to me”
    A bed of pink and satin, of lace and teddy bears
    A pillow soft for her sweet head, I placed my baby there
    She was taken from my aching arms, her perfect face no more to see
    Those rosebud lips, the soft small hands, now live in my memory

    I send my love to the mother who has lost her son. Can i suggest she writes to him? a letter to heaven. I used to tie them to helium balloons and send them skyward, knowing that they would arrive at their intended destination. Love speaks across time and space.

    • appolus said

      Hi Susan, wonderful poem. God bless you. The lady I wrote this poem for, her son was in his 20s. I did lose my first son who was two days old. I still think about him all these years later. We buried him in a little white coffin. I am looking forward to seeing him in heaven. Thanks for dropping by Susan and sharing your heart through your poem, I know that it will speak to many people out there. I have many more poems which can be found at http://www.poemhunter.com and then put in Frank Mceleny………………..Frank

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