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Battle against Cancer-Trusting in God

Posted by appolus on April 14, 2012

My dearest friends in Oklahoma are facing a mighty battle. Their oldest son Luke, 16, is fighting leukemia. Two years ago he had a bone marrow transplant and just recently the disease has made a come-back and they face the same battle all over again. The diagnosis from the doctor is not good. They are currently at St Jude’s hospital in Memphis. Brian(father)  the pastor of a small church in Barnsdall ,Ok, has decided to journal for the next month, this time will be the most brutal time of process of the second transplant. Brian and Martha would love you guys to enter into prayer on behalf of their son as their hope and trust is in the Lord. Here is the first journal entry……………………..

Sat. April 14th: We have been here at St. Jude hospital in Memphis, TN since April 1st. Luke has been out-patient up until last night. They have done about every test imaginable on his body and all of his organs. Because he has already had one BMT (bone marrow transplant) 2 years ago, and has in the past 2 months received 2 rounds of what they call the “sledge-hammer” of all chemos, they had to make sure his body could withstand another BMT. To the glory and praise of our great and mighty GOD, every organ in Luke’s body tested perfectly healthy! Praise be to God! The Lord gave us a promise 2 years ago before his first BMT from Mk. 16:17, “And these signs will follow those who believe:…..if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them;…

Based on that promise I asked the Lord to protect Luke from the harmful side effects of the chemo. He did, and we pray He continues to do so. I know that some side effects don’t show up until years later, but I am fully persuaded the Lord has already seen to that as well. The dr. seemed very impressed and even amazed that Luke’s body is so strong and healthy, especially after all he has been through. All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! Now we are not naive nor ignorant of the fierce battle that lies ahead of us. The dr.s prognosis is grim, and many dangers lie ahead. But our hope and trust is in the Lord. I am very grateful for dr.s and nurses. They have a very difficult job and I believe many of them sacrifice and work extremely hard to do the  best job they can.

Yet my trust, and Luke will say his also, is only in the Lord. The Lord alone will have the final word concerning Luke. Now, last night Luke was admitted in-patient to the transplant unit, and today we begin the 10 day protocol leading up to transplant on the 23rd. The plan is for Hannah to donate her bone marrow and Luke to receive it on the same day. We had good prayer last night and this morning. There is no doubt that the Lord is so very present with us in this small hospital room. Luke read Daniel chp. 3 this morning. I feel as if I could almost write a book on all the Lord has shown us through the life of young Daniel, as well as the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, and how it all relates to where we are right now.

Perhaps, I can share more of that on another day. As for right now, Luke ate a hardy breakfast this morning of pancakes, sausage, grits, pineapple, and his beloved coffee :-). I guess he gets his taste for good coffee from his dad. Luke has a steadfast faith, calm peace, and real joy. Praise be to God! He and Seth are watching you tube videos of rodeos and bronc riding right now on his kindle. Then practicing taping their arm up, using the nurses tape, they pretend to get ready to get on a bronc at a rodeo. They both have big cowboy dreams. I remember well those days myself. As for me, brothers and sisters, I came here with a bad attitude, and not wanting any of us to be here. But, the Lord soon  reproved me and showed me that He has ordered our steps. We are here on purpose, His purpose.

God’s purpose will be fulfilled here and He will be glorified. That is ultimately my greatest desire, for the Lord to be glorified. Since, the Lord corrected me I immediately began to see people here more through His eyes. Every encounter with dr.s, nurses, shuttle bus drivers, parents and patients are ordered by the Lord. I have such a burning desire to see these precious children touched and healed by the Lord. Some have been given only a very short time to live according to medical reports. My heart breaks for the parents. I long for people here to have an encounter with the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ! God is opening doors. Today the Lord is especially speaking to me from 2Ch.20, Ps.118, and Jn.2:5:….”whatever He says to you, do it”. Thank you for continuing to pray with us and for us! We feel you holding up our arms by prayer and as you do the battles are being won. The victory is sure through our Lord Jesus Christ! It brings me joy right now to listen to my boys sing along as they are listening to songs like “I will praise You in this storm” and “There’s a Light at the end of this tunnel”. Yes, there are a few cowboy songs thrown in there too. Even that sort of brings a smile to my face, for some reason. Much love to you all! brother Brian

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  1. cindy said

    Praying, with God all things are possible! Believing for healing, thank you Lord for the power that heals and delivers from every disease.

  2. kenstewart said

    Brian, the Lord once showed me a precious truth re: the John 2 passage you referred to, and it may relate to your initial reluctance and subsequent acceptance. The phrase He gave me is “moment-specific obedience.” Initially Jesus told His mother, “It’s not my time.” He couldn’t have been lying, so evidently He himself at this particular moment did not even know it was indeed his “time,” or so it would become momentarily. His mother may possibly have known more that He did, or perhaps she was just operating in her faith, grown from having “kept all these things in her heart” and meditating on them over the 30 or so years since the start of her journey. At any rate, she simply told the servants what has to be one of the greatest words of wisdom in the Scriptures: “Whatever He tells you to do, do it.”

    Jesus somehow in the next minute (or two or five) gets in touch with His Father, is shown that indeed His time has come, and performs His first miracle. It happened that suddenly.

    We need to be living like that. This journey for you and Luke and the rest of the family has to be not only about you, but about those you encounter in the journey, and their needs–and even their encouragements for you. You’re doing a great job, Brian. My prayers are with you.

    One classic book on healing you may find helpful in this journey is John Wimber’s POWER HEALING, primarily b/c of his struggle with accepting and working through the doctrine of healing and his initial failures while still believing it was–because Scripture said it was–possible. He eventually reached a point of being able to teach other how “everyone gets to play,” but always retained a humility that the final actions rested in God’s control, not his. Indeed, he himself died of cancer in 1997, and his son within a short time of himself.

    My first wife died at the end of 1998 from medical complications, so I don’t offer these kind of suggestions lightly–she was in a wheelchair from the time she was 2,with no use of her legs due to a spinal fracture, till she died at 50. We were married 25 full and wonderful years and had 2 children and she even got to see 1 of 3 granddaughters. We sometimes had people try to pray for her for healing, and it was not always with compassion, understanding, and humility.

    My prayer will be that you and Luke, and your whole family, will experience the fullness of all God’s goodness, even when manifested in ways that are difficult to understand, but that ultimately end in the most glory, both for you as His children, and thus for Him and the establishing of His Kingdom for eternity.


    Ken Stewart

    • Brian Long said

      Thank you Ken. What you have written here especially about Jesus from Jn. Chp 2 really speaks to my heart. Thank you brother.


  3. appolus said

    Day two…………………………………..

    Sunday April 15th.
    Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Ps.118:1

    I went to bed with this one verse of Scripture upon my heart and mind, and woke up with the same. Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

    I shutter to think where I would be today without the mercy of God. Where would we be were God’s mercy to run dry. I thank God that His mercy endures forever to those who fear Him! The Bible says His mercies are new every morning! The only thing I have ever deserved to receive from God is His judgement and wrath. Yet, because of Jesus, He gave me just the opposite. He had mercy upon me. Some, so mistakenly believed that the last time the Lord brought Luke through this was because of us. “Of course God healed your son, brother Brian. Of course He answered you’re prayer. You are a preacher. You’re a pastor. You’ve prayed harder than others. Luke is such a good boy”

    Folks, NOTHING could be further from the truth! God brought us through the last time ONLY because of His mercy and when God touches and heals Luke, it will ONLY be because of His mercy and nothing that I have merited nor deserved. We do not deserve for God to heal Luke, nor can we merit it. We simply cry out to God in faith for His mercy. Perhaps now more than ever I see my need for God’s great mercy. And I praise God today that His mercy endures forever!

    So, today I just want to thank God and would ask those of you who are praying for Luke to join us in praying this way. Today, I thank God with all of my heart:
    -for His mercy!
    -for answering our prayer to protect our brothers and sisters last night from the violent tornados (one sister who lives just south of Witchita, KS stood and prayed with a friend inside a mobile home. God had mercy upon them and protected them through the night).
    -for the powerful awareness of God’s presence in this hospital room
    -for a 3 bedroom apartment within walking distance of the hospital. My family is now all together! Praise be to God!
    -for my faithful wife who loves God and who is one amazing momma
    -for giving Luke such grace and peace and strength and faith and joy
    -for giving Luke a good appetite. He ate another big breakfast, is exercising, and doing well. This is day 2 of the pre transplant chemo. Thank You Lord for protecting my son from harmful side effects and giving him such strength.
    -for Your faithfulness Lord and for Your promises
    -for a church that You, Lord Jesus, are truly building. Father I thank You with all of my heart for my church family. I am brought to tears when I think of my brothers and sisters at C.C.C., tears of joy and gratitude, and I thank You for them with all of my heart!

    -most of all I thank You Lord, even more than what you have done for me, for who You are!
    Thank You that You do not change! You are who You are no matter where I am, and I love You Jesus and praise You with all of my heart!

    Brian Long

  4. appolus said

    O Lord we thank you and we praise you for your mercy that endures forever. We thank you that we too endure through the toughest trials of our lives because you endured the cross of Calvary, that you Father endured the watching of the cross. We thank you Lord that not only do we endure, for surely much of the world endures, for what else could they do, but we endure in you. We not only endure but we move into victory and praise, in fact our praise goes before you. We know that we need strength to endure, we also know that the joy of you is our strength Lord. So Lord we choose to praise you in the midst of our trials, we choose to lift up our eyes and focus on the one who endured, the one who overcome and because you did it and you burn at the center of our heart then we too endure, we too overcome in you. And the promises are made to those who overcome and we walk in victory. I praise you for the victory of Paul enduring, overcoming in the deepest dungeon and, praising God from the depths of darkness in fact that darkness is light to you and those who abide in you. I thank you that the whole building shook when Paul released praise from that place and those who were in chains of darkness discovered freedom. O lord that those folks who dwell with the Long family in that cancer ward, in that hospital, those folks who have been overcome with the spirit of man and the spirit of the world, as well intentioned as it may be, that those folks would hear the praises, would see the light would see something different would see a peculiar people and would want to know the source of joy, the source of peace, the source of strength when there should be no strength that they would indeed see Jesus too. That the room that young Luke is in would be so full of the Spirit of God that all those who entered, all those who come near, all those who can observe will know and be aware of the presence of the living God. And where you are o Father what darkness can there be? Does not hopelessness flee in the presence of the fountain of all hope? Does not darkness disappear in the light that renders even the son that blazes brilliantly in the sky to but a mere candle that flickers in the wind? Where is fear in the presence of Almighty God, it runs seven ways before the mighty Spirit of God, like they ran from Joshua and trembles at his very coming. Yes Lord let us not only endure, let us rise up in the Spirit of overcoming and in the Spirit of victory. When this goes before us, it is a power in and of itself to the spirit of this world. We choose to praise you when we should fear. And our songs are songs of victory. No longer can that enemy of our souls ask us as they asked the children of Israel at the rivers of Babylon ” where are you songs of victory now?” For we are not a defeated people we are a people redeemed by the mighty King of Kinds. We are not a captive people we are a people set free and he who the Son sets free is free indeed to worship you in any circumstances for we are priests and priestesses in a mighty royal priesthood. May the Long family bring the presence of royalty onto that floor, a majestic royalty, the royalty of the presence, the awareness of your presence that touches not just other Christians but those who dwell in a terrible darkness and behold they see the light of Christ, behold they lift up their eyes and see where their help comes from, it comes from the maker of heaven and earth, it comes from the King of Kings, the prince of peace the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to the glory of God the Father. Yes Lord we thank you today, we thank you today, we praise you today, may that Spirit infuse young Luke as he rushes toward his own giant. May he be filled with such a valiant Spirit, a Spirit of indignation that such a giant should make the children of God cower, with such a Spirit that would say to that old king as the Hebrew children said that their God would save them in the fire and even if he did not they would never bow down to the gods of this world. And may the world look on, may the doctors look on, my the other patients look on and say, was there not only Luke with cancer, for we see another walk with him in the very heart of his disease, praise God it is the King of Glory, the King of glory has come in. Lift up your gates ye people for the King of glory has come in!!! The gates of righteousness have opened, the gates of righteousness have opened, praise the Lord, praise the Lord all ye people in the mighty name of our King and commander of the heavenly hosts…………….JESUS!!!!!


  5. W.E. Smith said

    “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” – Jer. 32:27

    Dear brother – I offer my deepest, blood-sweating prayers for your son and your family, as one who is being tried in the fire as I write these words. Who knows what He will do, whether He will reach down and touch this death with His life, or whether He will use everything surrounding it to magnify His glory. In the end, His ways are inscrutable to us, yet always they are good, they will end in good, the enemy will be defeated, death will be vanquished, LIFE WILL PREVAIL BECAUSE HE IS A GOD OF LIFE! He is the God of all flesh, and even when this flesh has perished, He can and He will raise it up again as a testimony of grace and power!

    I am so encouraged by your (and your sons) heart in these messages – how you have abandoned yourself to His will – this speaks much to my spirit in my own trials and losses.


  6. appolus said

    “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord”………..Ps. 37:23

    That also applies to a good woman by the way. More and more we are seeing that are purpose for being here is not just about us. Yesterday afternoon Martha and the girls went shopping for some clothes. When I thought they had been gone too long, I called to check on them. Martha answered and said they were fine and that they were having REVIVAL!

    “Revival?”, I questioned. “Yes, you got to hear this!” And here is her story in a nutshell:
    As she was waiting outside the dressing room for our girls, a woman approached her and asked if the outfit she was trying on matched. Martha said, “No, not really.” She turned to her daughter and said, “See, I told you.” That broke the ice for a conversation about the scar she noticed on the woman’s chest. She asked her if she had had heart surgery, and the woman said yes. Then Martha started sharing about Luke and why we were here in Memphis. Well, a young man, sort of a gangster looking guy, had over heard the conversation and said to my wife, “I have cancer too.” “You do,” she asked. “Yea, I was diagnosed when I was 15. I’m 21 now. They are keeping it under control with chemo and radiation but I will never be cured.”
    Then this young man asked her how we were making it financially. She said, “My husband is a pastor and we are so blessed because our church has supported us and allowed us to be here for as long as we need.” He said, “Boy, you are lucky. My mom lost her job, lost everything to take care of me.” Then he started cry. He apologized for getting so emotional and said, “I just get so emotional when I talk about my mom. She’s done so much for me. She never left me alone in the hospital but one time when she had to be gone for a day.” Martha asked, “Are you a christian?” “No”, he replied, “I don’t do any kind of religion. I grew up a devout Muslim. I was so afraid of God and of doing anything wrong to make him unhappy, but then when I realized I couldn’t please him, I just went wild. Then, I got cancer. I went to a couple of churches around here but none of it made sense to me. I don’t mean any disrespect but I don’t believe Jesus is God. But I do believe in God. I believe God has kept me alive this long. I was literally blinded from the radiation and the doctor said I would never see. I can see now. I don’t give the doctors credit for that”. Martha said she was led mostly just to listen to him, but then the Lord impressed upon her to tell this young man that God loves us, that Jesus Christ is God, that He wants us to know Him, that there is absolute truth, and we can know it. He said, “I want to know the truth”. She asked him if he would be willing to meet with us and he said, “Maybe”.

    Right now we are communicating with him by texting and he has been very open and responsive. I believe God is going to save this young man soon. His name is Romey. At the end of their conversation another young girl walks out of the dressing room and says, “Excuse me, I overheard your conversation, and……I have cancer too.” And thus opens another conversation with this young lady. Wow!

    I have been so reminded lately by the Holy Spirit of Acts chp.27. Paul is on a ship caught in a violent, life threatening storm, with 275 other passengers on board. Yet, he has no concern for his own life but is only concerned for them. He’s not afraid now because he had already heard from God. He knew that his life was secure in Christ. Jesus Christ was Paul’s very life. He was completely at rest, and had such an unshakable peace. Paul’s concern was not for himself, but for the other 275 people on board who didn’t know the Lord. So, he stands to deliver a word from the Lord to these people who are scared to death.

    “But now I urge you to keep up your courage, because not one of you will be lost; only the ship will be destroyed. Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me and said, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.’ So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.” Acts 27:22-25

    Then Paul takes bread, gives thanks to the Lord, and feeds everyone on the ship. He became God’s provision for those who were lost, confused, and terrified in the storm. But, to be that, he had to go through the same storm himself.

    This is my desire, brothers and sisters, and this is my prayer focus for the day. Will you join in praying for us this way?
    ~That we would not fear but walk by faith.
    ~That we would especially never cease to praise the LORD in this storm.
    ~That not one would be lost.
    ~That we would keep our eyes on Jesus, and therefore have His eyes to see others in the same storm.
    ~That we would feed the hungry and meet practical needs of others.
    ~That we would hear the voice of God clearly and do whatever He says.
    ~And that God would graciously give us the lives of all who sail with us! That is, that they may all live in Christ and even be physically healed by His power and for His glory!

    Luke, is doing well today. Praise the Lord! This is the 3rd day leading up to transplant. Thank you for your continued prayers for Luke!!!

    Much love to all of you,
    brother Brian

    • wendy said

      We love you Longs! What an awesome testimony. Will be praying for you, Lord bless you always. Wendy/Gabriel in TN

  7. appolus said

    Day 5
    April 18th, Wed.

    When the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their desire, putting out to sea, they sailed close by Crete. But not long after, a tempestuous head wind arose, called Euroclydon. Acts 27:13-14

    The south wind blowing softly can be more dangerous than the storm that follows it. Paul had warned the people not to set sail because he clearly foresaw the danger ahead. But the Centurion who was to make the decision was more persuaded by the captain of the ship, and the majority than he was Paul. In the ways of God, the majority is seldom ever right. Most of the time they get it wrong. Conventional wisdom is worthless in the sight of God. In fact God says:

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Pr.3:5-6

    But the south wind was blowing softly! The weather was so nice! So, they do lean on their own understanding. They ignore the only man among them who knew God, and supposing all is well because of the soft wind, they become complacent and set out to sea. Then suddenly the storm hits! A cyclonic wind of hurricane force called the Euroclydon tosses them around like a rag doll. This violent storm was what immediately followed the south wind blowing softly.

    In my own life, I’ve found that I am much more prone to wander and drift away in seasons of “smooth sailing” than in the storms. In the storm we clearly see how desperately we need God, and we pray more fervent than ever. We depend upon the Lord for our every breath. We cling to Him by faith because we know we can’t make it without Him. We often ignore His voice when the weather is nice, but we cling to His every Word in the storm. In the storm we know we can’t even walk without Him holding our hand. We dare not lean on our own understanding, we dare not take our eyes off Jesus, because we know we are sure to sink without Him. When in truth, we need God as much when the wind is blowing softly as we do in the storm, if not more!

    The south wind blowing softly can be more dangerous than the storm because it’s then, that we so often lose that day to day dependence upon Christ. Complacency is one of the most dangerous and deadly things that can happen to me as a Christian. When a christian becomes complacent he turns on the t.v., he wastes time in front of the computer, he eats too much and prays too little. He often does what he would never even think of doing in the midst of a violent storm. So, when the storm comes the complacent are never prepared.

    Now, we should NEVER live in fear of the storm that could come, or that will come. A child of God should fear nothing nor anyone else, but God. I thank God for seasons when the wind blows softly. The Lord blesses us with those times and I thank God for them. But, oh how critical it is for us to stay awake, to watch and pray, when the soft wind tries to lull us to sleep! It’s not only every day that I need Jesus, it’s every second of every minute of every hour of every day!

    Luke is feeling really well today, even though this is his fifth day of transplant chemo. His attitude blesses me so much. He doesn’t complain. If he’s worried or anxious, I sure can’t see it. He laughs a lot. Praise be to God! This is somewhat of a season of soft winds, but I know the battle is not over. We are still here in a hospital room, we are warned of dangers that lie ahead of us, and there are many children up here in great need of a touch from the Lord. This is NOT the time for us to sleep, but to watch and pray like never before!

    Luke will have a bone marrow biopsy today. Then tomorrow the doctors protocol is to give him 3 other drugs that he’s never had before. One of them will require him to bathe 4 times a day because it evidently secretes through the skin. Please pray for his protection.

    Thank you all from our hearts for staying awake with us and persevering in prayer! Jesus Christ is our everything. He is our all in all! I leave you today with His Words:

    “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” Jn.15:7

    Amen and Amen!

  8. appolus said

    Day 7
    Friday, April 20th

    “But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Is. 40:31

    This is the best description I can think of in trying to explain what is going on in this hospital room right now. The grace and presence of the Lord is literally carrying us like wind beneath an eagles wings. God’s Word is so true! Physically the night was draining, but spiritually we are being strengthened moment by moment. The grace of God abounds. As you can see from my wife’s post today, Luke has not lost his sense of humor. He has tremendous peace and strength that comes only from the Lord. He is sleeping peacefully right now and trying to catch any little nap he can because every 4 hours it’s up for another bath. I feel people praying for us. Whoever is fasting and praying, I want you to know that God hears and He is answering! Perhaps I can go into more detail later. Something that blessed me last night was when one of the nurses shared how touched she was by our family. She said she wanted to “join” our family. I had no idea she was really even watching us. And what makes me laugh is Luke and I thought she was the grumpiest of all nurses. All glory, honor, and praise to our God!

    Please keep praying! The battles are being won and victory is certain through our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Love to you all,
    Brother Brian

  9. appolus said

    Day 11 post trans. May 4th

    Friends and family, God has heard and is hearing your prayers! Luke is still dealing with tremendous pain and infection and the battle is not yet over so we won’t let up, BUT last night he had the deepest sleep he has had in over a week. His heart rate dropped down to a consistent 128 bpm, and he had NO fever for most of the night. Yes, he has had Tylenol but even that was doing little to nothing for his fever the past several days. White count moved up to 0.2. Praise God!!! He is much calmer this morning and more alert than he has been. They have just cancelled the bronc. (surgical procedure)today. Swelling is down!

    The presence of Almighty God filled this room last night and the Lord carried us all with such sweet peace. At 2 am respitory therapist came in and after listening to Luke’s left lung said she was hearing more activity! How can it be so suddenly? Only GOD! Our strength and faith is being renewed day by day.

    Here are a few tidbits from yesterday:

    Day 10 post transplant
    May 3
    I have never experienced a battle to the degree we have faced these past few days in fighting for my son’s life. Yet, God continues to pour out His incredible grace! Luke had a grueling day of constant high fever,constant heart rate from 150 to 185, indescribable pain, pneumonia is worse, fungus had spread through out lung, very be labored breathing, potassium dropped to critical, CRP up to 30, eyes swelled shut, feet swollen, because of retaining fluid. I cant even explain the agony. Hard…..hard…….hard. But God is truly renewing our strength!

    One dr. came in to listen to Lukes lungs as well as a nurse. Neither could hear anything in the left lung and said it was not functioning at all. Kaleigh and I we’re praying around his bedside. Dr. came back in later and nurse said listen to it again because I saw dad praying maybe something changed. Dr. did, then looked up surprised and said “I hear breathing “. Praise be to God alone!

    Luke was out of it for awhile because of the pain pump, constantly talking out loud in his sleep. Most of the time not making sense. Suddenly he says in a clear loud voice: “Hello grandpa. I’m doing good now. I’m praising God now! Yea, but I sure am tired so I’m going to let you go. I need to hit the hay. Goodbye.” He must have been dreaming he was talking on the phone. What’s so amazing about that is when he has been awake he hasn’t hardly talked at all and it took so much energy just to say a word or two.

    I felt I couldn’t bear anymore of seeing Luke suffer as he is. I was just told 90% of trans. patients with his type of fungal pneumonia die. I sat down and said over and over again, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus… Not even knowing how else to pray. Then suddenly Nurse Practitioner peeked in and said (in the afternoon) his ANC is 200. He is starting to engraph. To which Martha and I both said, “Praise God!”

    Miracle on day 10! I am now remembering what God had perilously months before spoken to me from:
    Rev. 2:10-“Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation TEN days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

    I praise You Lord God! I thank you with all of my heart, Lord Jesus! I praise Your Holy Name!

    Thank you ALL who are committed to fight this battle with us on our knees! Victory is absolute in JESUS! The battle belongs to the Lord, we simply join Him through prayer and above all praise!

  10. wendy said

    oh praise God longs! your posts are so encouraging, your faith and strength. we’ll be praying for everyone. much love and healing sent your way! wiswells

    • appolus said

      Hi Wendy, I will pass on your words to Brian and Martha. They are still in the midst of the battle and this evening the doctors say they want to put Luke in intensive care tomorrow because of pneumonia. They will so appreciate your prayers.

    • Brian Long said

      Wendy and Gabriel, what a joy to hear from you! Thank you so much for praying for us. Martha and I send our our love to you and your dear family.

  11. appolus said

    Evening of day 12 post transplant–May 5th

    This evening I want to share an amazing testimony, a dr.s report, and a call to immediate, specific, fervent prayer.

    First, the testimony. Luke was awakened early to go to X-ray. He was determined to get dressed. Something he has not been able to do for days. When they came to transport him he refused to use the wheel chair because he wanted to try and walk to X-ray. I think most everyone was skeptical, but he WALKED all the way to Xray. For the past few days they have either had to use a wheel chair or a bed to transport him. When the Nurse Practitioner heard of this she said, “You walked to Xray from here?!?! In my whole career I have never seen anyone do that.” I assume she was referring to anyone in his condition. Another parent up here heard of it and said, “I feel a miracle coming on.” I share these things to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone. We know that it is ONLY because of His grace and mercy that Luke was able to do this.

    Now the doctors report. The report today from X-ray is that Luke’s lung is much worse than yesterday and worse than it has been so far. According to dr.s this is probably because of the new engrafted cells that are immediately rushing to the lung to fight off the pneumonia. This could be the cause for even more inflammation and fluid in the lung. They had told us before that it could get worse after engraftment. So the head doctor came up with intentions of putting Luke in ICU today. BUT….when he came to evaluate him and saw that Luke was dressed and sitting up in a chair, and when he had heard that Luke walked to X-ray, he said, “I am giving you one more day to improve.” He said, “Your appearance and the things you are doing doesn’t match up with your X-ray.” Only God! And I praise His holy name!

    Now, the call to specific prayer. Luke through tears expressed his determination, by the grace of God, not to go to ICU. I said to him, “Bud, regardless of the doctor report we are not ever going to ICU unless God leads us there. God is in control. No one else.” He agreed. Would you please pray tonight for God to heal Luke’s lungs and to deliver him from the need to go to ICU? Thank you my brothers and sisters!

    The Lord has delivered us from Egypt by His mighty hand. Luke was clearly delivered from death by the Blood of the Lamb. Now, we face the Red Sea in front of us, with an evil enemy pressing in behind us. BUT…..God is with us! And in praying for us please remember Ex. chp.14, especially verses 13-14:

    “And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”

    God bless and be with you all!


  12. Dominic Fischer said

    Dear Luke and Dear Long family, You don’t know me. I live on the other side of the world in Switzerland but I have been receiving the messages from time to time from The Scottish Warrior, Appolos, so I have been following your situation. What an inspiration you all have been and are to all Christians around the world. My Lord you all must have such an inward knowledge of the Christ and such an enduring faith. You all are a true testimony of a follower of Christ and I have been both exposed for my lack of faith and encouraged at the same time. Thank you all my brothers, thank you truly from my heart of hearts. Luke, be strong in your Lord and cling to Him. Also for the entire Long family, what a test and what a cross for you all to bear but please know that you bear this for the whole Body of Christ. The Lord is using you as an example and testimony to us all everywhere and in every place. I too, Luke have cancer and the way in which you and your family are faithfully bearing the cross of Christ as true disciples of Him speaks such strength and inspiration to me and I am sure every Christian who is following your situation. Oh we pray here that the Lord be so real to you all, so present and real and that He heal you fully. What more can I say but thank you my brothers, thank you for you speak to our hearts and our need of a true walk in faith as you give. What encouragement you give to all believers and there is no gretaer gift a Christian can give to the Body of Christ. I mean that! Yes sermons and messages and all the words can be edifying but the EXAMPLE, the Testimony; the WITNESS, your FAITH in such a fiery trial, this is what all christians need to see and hear and know and touch. We stand with you brothers and with you especially Luke. ALL our heartfelt love in Christ to you the Long family and we will continue to pray and satnd with you. Dominic and Susanna Fischer in Wil Switzerland

  13. appolus said

    My dear brother and sister in Christ. I am so touched by your letter. The Spirit in me witnesses so much to your words and your honesty and your humilty. Brian and Luke and Martha and family will be greatly encouraged to know that brothers and susters from all over the world are with them in the battle, as we are with you today Dominic. May the Spirit of God rise up in you brother as you battle this. This life of ours is a battle and we dwell on the battle-field and we stand or fall by the hand of God. No cancer can touch us, it may touch our bodies but our spirits are redeemed. God alone determines when we leave this world, we are His servants and we are bought by His blood. Every other word or feeling is a lie. Be strong brother, be strong in the Lord who fights our battles for us, who goes before us, who we fall before in adoration. He is of course magnified in our weaknesses. What can the enemy do to us, if He be for us, who can be against us. We pray that the Lord will glorify HImself in your situation Dominic and that the world will see a demonstration of Jesus in the very midst of the fire, in the very midst of the battle, but no matter what, we shall never bow down to the gods of this world, fear, and anxiety and hoeplessness and misery, will never do that. For our joy is in the Lord and we draw close to Him in the midst of the fiercest battles and in HIm we overcome. Bless yo today Dominic and Susanna, o how the Lord loves you and cares for you……………bro Frnak

    • Dominic Fischer said

      Dear Brother: Thank you for your prompt reply. My wife and I both read what you write and we know from the Scriptures that our enemy is not flesh and blood but principalities and spiritual powers and forces and that we are in a fierce battle for our souls. But dear brother we have no army, we have no reinforcements where we are as we have been alone so long and refuse to enter organized Christianity. We simply refuse any system of man and we seek so desperately brothers and sisters who are true followers of Christ as we sense you are and also the Long family. But we do not find any one and to continue day by day in this fierce battle without an army, we become defeated. Sorry to say this to you but it is so. The armor mentioned in Eph 6, this is armor for the Body army not for one or two individuals. And though we desire to put on this armor and fight, we need others, we need soldiers to fight with and along side of us so that when we falter, others can pick up the slack and others can go to the front lines. We do not wish to make excuses, but please try and understand. The kind of faith the Longs are displaying, this faith they are showing not just talking about and giving messages about, we do not have such a faith. Obviously they have one another as a family and perhaps there are even others where they are, we do not know. But for us being alone so long, so many yrs and to encounter time after time fights against us, rebuttals, rejections for the Christ we present outside of any religion and organization, day after day ridiculed and without encouragement and reinforcement, we have become weary and become weak in this battle. We need to see Jesus afresh and face to face with others as it should be and we cry out that Christ would show Himself afresh in all His glory that we could then see ourselves in the true light of what we really are. Only when we see Jesus can we see how horrid we really are. But God hides Himself and delays. It is not for us to ask why He does this but it is so. WE ask your prayers that we could have the kind of faith you display and the Longs display exemplified in the trials He is giving you. We hang on dear brother, we desperately hang on but we know there is a deeper walk and we read others testimonies which tell us of such a deeper walk. But I do not think we have seen Jesus in the way you have. It must be so. Surely we have seen Him and know Him but our faith is only in realtion to how deeply or not we have seen Him. Paul saw and experience the Lord from the very first moment in such a way, he was blinded physically and even I believe mentally and emotionally. His whole world that he knew fell apart and He said, LORD WHO ARE YOU? Christ became His Lord then and there but for most Christians Christ is our God and Saviour but He is not really the Lord. I know you know what I mean but what can we do? I have been praying a new prayer Bro Frank and that is this, ” Lord show us YOurself face to face. Show us Yourself in all Your glory so that we can see ourselves in Your light.and never again depend on our self and never again desire to do anything apart from You. Show us Dear Lord Who You are that we may see really who we are and how You see us. ” This is why we have been so exposed by the testimony of Luke and the Longs but exposed in a good sense for they exemplify the kind of believer we aspire to be,that even in the fiercest trial of life and death, they believe and are strong. We are lacking in this and I am being bone honest with you. In my small way of thinking and seeing, I always attribute this to not having true fellowship and believers around, ones again as I said who DEMONSTRATE not just talk, not just words but demonstrate their faith as I read the Longs are doing. OH LORD HELP US ; HAVE MERCY that we do not just live a nominal Christian life, a superficial Christian life but walk as You walk and where and how You walk. Brother how we need others to fight with but what do you do when you do not have any one, not a soul, yes many Christians but disciples, NO! How can you continue to fight with so little weaponry, no soldiers, no army. Ones will say, well you have Christ and indeed we do but what about the corporate Christ. How do you have the kind of faith you do? How do the LOngs and Luke at such a young age, how do they persist in Christ and have such a faith? WE will continue to pray for the Longs and you and stand with you as much as possible. Your response and wisdom is welcome and you can be frank and direct because we need fellowship in Christ now in our walk. We are weakening I sense and this cannot go on anymore this way. Your brother and sister in Switzerland, Dominic and Susanna Fischer

      • Brian Long said

        Dear, dear, Dominic,
        I am deeply moved by both of your posts, and have read them again and again. Thank you first of all my brother for praying for Luke and for us. Thank you also for your kind words and great encouragement. Your honesty is also so refreshing. I am especially touched with your second letter and the loneliness you are experiencing because of the spiritual barrenness in your land. I can truly understand your longing for a true expression of the Body of Christ, and how disheartening it can be to find nothing but dead religion and a profession of christianity that bears no reality, and that looks nothing like Jesus  Christ nor His true Bride. I feel your pain, brother. 

        We are a part of a small church right now in Oklahoma, who truly exemplify the beautiful Body of Christ, and  I feel so blessed and unworthy of it.This is something I have longed for, for years.  We are not a perfect church by any means. We fall short in many ways and I being the one who has fallen short the most. But, I believe it is a REAL church, with a passion for Jesus Christ to have the preeminence in all things, and for God to be glorified above all. They love the Lord Jesus Christ, they love one another, and they have run to the front lines in battle with us in the trial we currently face, time and time again. I am so deeply humbled by this and moved to tears of gratitude for them. The Lord called us out and put us together only a couple of years ago.  I would not be where I am today with out them.

        However, it was not always this way. For many years I walked a very lonely road. One that I would never ever want to return to, but one that was necessary and ordered by the Lord.  I experienced constant resistance , rejection, ridicule, and misunderstanding from the “professing church”. We shouldn’t ever just go with the flow of the crowd or settle for anything less that being a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We should never ever compromise when it comes to following the Lord Jesus and joining Him as He builds His Church, which is the Body of Christ. But, my zeal was often without love, little to no patience with others, and in my loneliness there was often pride. So every time I pointed at “them”, the Lord would lay me down and show me the bigger problem was me. So, that is where we have to begin. I know that you know this but it has to begin with us and our own personal encounter with God.

        As you already referred to, my dear brother, Paul’s first question after he had an encounter with Christ was, “Who are You, Lord?” Oh, that we might seek the face of God and to know Him, more and more. Oh that the Lord Jesus Christ would reveal Himself to us more and more. Oh, that we might love and know Him more! He will always answer that question and reveal Himself to the one who seeks Him with a hungry, burning heart.

        But, we can’t stop with the first question. Paul then asked the Lord a second question, “Lord, what will you have me to do?” 

        Acts 9:6 So he, trembling and astonished, said, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” ……

        And whatever He tells you to do, my brother Dominic, do it. How I wish I could put my arms around you and fellowship with you and your wife, face to face. Because I can so relate with your burden and feel your pain. But my prayer for you, dear brother, is for the Lord to begin His work of building His body in your land, using you. I pray the Lord sends you at least one or two more with the same burden, or perhaps that that other one or two, will be brand new believers that you and/or your wife lead to Christ and disciple. I pray that above all you hear Him answer for you those two vital questions: “Who are You Lord, and what do you want me to do?” I pray that your love for Jesus and obedience to Him will create a THIRST in others for the Christ who lives in you! Oh, that God would raise up and bring together a remnant in your land for His Glory and Name sake, a mighty army in these last days. He is able and He is willing.

        You do need to be bathed in prayer and I want to help by praying for you. If I know my brother Frank, (and I know him very well), I know he is already praying for you and will continue.

        Much love to you and your wife Susanna!
        The Lord bless and be with you,
        brother Brian 

        • appolus said

          Well Dominic, I was going to reply but I could not express it better than my dear brother. I too have known this lonliness that brother Brian has spoke off. Actually, brother Brian was an answer to one of my deepest prayers for years, that I would find a like minded brother. And what a beautiful thing it is to find a brother or brothers and sisters who are walking the same walk. My heart is with you and Susanna. I shed tears for your lonliness brother. Yet in the very depths of this lonliness we must find our answer in Christ as we encounter Him. He is building something Dominic, something not yet revealed, but He has taken His people into the desert to learn to rely upon Him and Him alone. Not only to rely upon Him but to begin to thrive. Not what can thrive in a desert. Is it not a place of death? Yes brother, death to everything in this world and life when we find rivers in that desert. This is the river of life. It sustains us, it maintains us, it enthrones Christ in us, it fills us with His love. We will love the world and we will love Christendom and we will will weep for both. We will have the eys of the Lord as He looked over Jerusalem and wept. How He longed to embrace them and draw them to HImself. And He knew that all that He surveyed would be destroyed just 30 shorts years later and not one stone would be left unturned on everything that men had built.God is raising up such a people who weep over all that is lost, who will, right up till the end, reach out with longing arms to all that are lost. And so this people will be filled with a burning love and passion for all that is lost, the kind of love that is found only before the throne, before the cross, before our King. Find the river in the desert brother, find the very veins of Jesus , that blood shed at Calvary that sustains us, that Baptism in HIs Holy Spirit, that continual Baptism in the Spirit, that abiding in Christ. Our prayers are with you guys. Perhaps the Lord will bring us to your country one day brother. Be strong in the Lord Dominic and Susanna, you are not alone, you are not alone. We love you guys and Brian and I will be interceding before the throne for you guys. In the mighty name of Jesus………..bro Frank

          • Dominic Fischer said

            Thank you brothers for responding as you have. It is amazing how you can feel closer to ones whom you do not even know on the other side of the earth. But this is the spiritual reality in Christ and His Holy Spirit . But I do not want to focus on us and our problems and lonliness because it is Luke and the Long family who need our focus now and our most fervent prayers. But I thank God for contact to you all and again in such a dire difficult situation as is yours Luke, the Lord brings resurrection life to His members. Luke and the Long family you are not suffering these things alone and even for your own sake. Your faithfulness in life has brought life and the love of Christ to ones 5000 miles away. How can that be ? Spiritual reality and spiritual truth in Christ. When you guys say that you will pray I simply know it is so and I thank God and you for that. Even though I too have prayed and prayed for yrs, Frank, for having also just one brother with us, the Lord has not arranged this. But He has arranged Luke and you and the Longs and Wayne Smith and clearly the Lord is taking us all thru the very same journey of suffering and the deep experience of the cross. Oh brothers your exemplary faith is so much more far reaching than you will ever know and how it has caused us to breathe again in His Life and Hope. Can we as Christians seek anything more. This is His Life ever flowing and more abundant thru His faithful members even though we are so far away physically. Brother Luke, Long family, Frank, we stand with you in fervent prayer also and one day we shall meet either here on this earth or when we are with the Lord. Get well Luke, also be strong as we have been admonished and know His Grace is truly sufficient and thru your suffering and faithfulness, Grace has abounded. Dominic and Susanna in Switzerland

  14. appolus said

    Thank you precious people for praying for Luke! We had a wonderful day and Luke is growing stronger every hour. You prayed, God heard and answered and Luke was delivered from going to ICU. All praise and glory to God!

    I have so much more to share but must get some sleep. We love you all so much. Cornerstone when I heard of your all night prayer last night and of the service today, I just want to weep such tears of joy and gratitude! I thank you and I love you church.
    brother Brian

  15. appolus said

    Day 14, may 7, 2012
    Hi everyone, tonight I, KaLeigh, am going to be updating everyone in place of my dad and mom.
    Tonight I get to take the night shift with Luke, but only after begging my parents. They both are very worn out and tired, but thanks be to God, they are more apt to rest and let me help out. The reason being Luke’s slow but sure progress.

    I hesitantly left to go back to Bartlesville on friday for prom. When I came back onSunday, I saw Luke in better shape. He still is really sick and in a lot of pain. Pointing to his left lung which recently had no activity and the bottom lobe which is still collapsed today, Luke said, “If I could ever imagine what it would feel like to be shot, I think that’s what I felt last night.” However, I was presently surprised to be able to have a full conversation with him, see him stand and not only walk to the bathroom now, but also all the way to his X-ray for the second time. He has eaten for the first time in I think two weeks, even though it was very little ( a few bites of apple sauce and an ensure).

    God is faithful. We are so happy to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Things to still pray for would be …. For the fluid built up around his lungs to dry up, for complete restoration of lung function, engraftment, and strength!

    He has been trying so hard. The head doctor over all of st. Jude’s ( mr. Big stuff!) has visited Luke a couple of times and has always been very pessimistic, which earned him my dad and brother’s title “Dr. Doom”, yesterday he came in and said, “I give this boy A+ for obedience, motivation, determination. Now, Luke I’m going to have to tell you to stop pushing yourself so hard. Its not good on your heart with the condition you’re in.” Wow, compliments from the top dog! Cool!!! Good job luke:)

    I’m not going to lie, Luke has had to loose some of his dignity being up here. He just has had to let everyone do things for him and see him looking pretty rough. Bub and Julie came down last night. Luke told my dad today, “I think this is the humblest I’ve ever been.” Dad laughed and said, “Yea, but remember what God does with the humble.”

    Oh, but if he only knew that he is the one who humbles me. Before I left for Bartlesville, his one request was that I read him Bible verses, which I did with exceeding joy. Psalms 30 is our prayer together, “To the end that our glory may sing to you and never be silent. Oh God, I will give thanks to you forever.” amen:) Also Daniel 10: 16-21!!!! Check it out:)

    It is 12:02 a.m. (Midnight) and Luke is sound asleep, in peace:)
    Before he went to sleep I heard this conversation between him and my dad,
    ” Well, I did a lot to day.”
    “ya, Luke you did. You sat up all day, walked all the way to X-ray, you had a big day. ”
    “yep, and im tired.”

    On a side note, he has been so sweet:)
    A few days ago I stood over his bed, and he said “I can’t give you a hug” ( he was really weak) so I helped him out and gave him a hug instead:)
    He said, ” I switched pain meds to morphine. It doesn’t mess with my mind as much and it doesn’t make me mean anymore.” I said, “No, it makes you quite nice..lol.” I don’t think my brother has told me he loved me this much since we were little:p ….I think it’s a bribe for more foot massages :p

    Isaiah 40:30-31, my life vrs since 8 yrs old, my prayer now -We wait on you Lord, renew our strength.
    By Gods grace we must surrender, praise, and fight with everything we have! For Jesus truly is the air we breathe. Thank you Lord God. amen:)

    Thank you all who are praying! May our heavenly Father reward you richly!

  16. appolus said

    Day 16 post transplant—May 9
    Quick up date on Luke:
    He continues to grow better and stronger by the day! He slept really well last night, although he sweat profusely through out the night. This is a good thing. Seems every time he sweats like that he gets better. It’s funny to hear him talk out in his sleep. Last night it was, “I love you Holly!” So don’t ever forget Holly Joy that your big brother loves you bunches. Night before last he shouts out in his sleep,”Let’s call it the Lord reigns over the tower! No, let’s call it the Lord reigns over both towers!”. I just laughed and praised God for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks! Still not sure what the towers mean exactly but I say Amen to “Let’s call it the Lord reigns!”

    We have been having “firsts” each day for the past few days. Yesterday was the first time in a long while that his heart rate went down to 109. It’s now staying at about 130. This morning the “first” was that he demanded to take a bath by himself without any help. He got up trembling, but by the grace of God he did it, and without any help.

    Glory and Praise to our God! Thank you for your continued praying for Luke and our family! Cornerstone Church, Lord willing I will be with you tonight via Skype.

    Love to you all,
    brother Brian

  17. appolus said

    Little by Little
    Day 17 Post transplant-May 10

    “You shall not be terrified of them; for the LORD your God, the great and awesome God, is among you. And the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you LITTLE BY LITTLE; you will be unable to destroy them at once, lest the beasts of the field become too numerous for you. But the LORD your God will deliver them over to you, and will inflict defeat upon them until they are destroyed.” Dt.7:21-24 (emphasis mine)

    Little by little, Luke is getting better every day. Little by little, the Lord is renewing his strength. Little by little, he is beginning to eat and become much more alert. Sometimes, when God does a work He does it all at once. Sometimes, He does it little by little. But, whether He does His work all at once or little by little, God always thoroughly finishes His work.

    God led the children of Israel to take the promised land, little by little. Why? Why not just drive out the enemy armies all at once? It was because they couldn’t handle it all at once. The beasts of the field would have then multiplied, become too numerous for them, and then they would have really had problems. The Lord is showing me that, it’s often the same for us. If God were to do the work that He ultimately purposes to do all at once, we often couldn’t handle it. Beasts would soon take over. Beasts far more dangerous and destructive than lions or bears. Beasts such as pride, self-reliance, and apathy. God is looking for a people whom He can entrust with the power of His Holy Spirit. Such a people must be prepared, and that often requires the Lord to do His work of preparing them, little by little.

    As the Lord does His work little by little, I am learning to be much more grateful for the little things. I never thought that I could be so thankful to God for giving my son enough strength to take a bath by himself, or for being able to walk for 10 minutes without stopping. I am so very thankful to God for laughter, for hearing my children tell (and even more show) each other that they love each other. I am so grateful to God for every breath of this precious gift called life. I am more grateful than ever for the beautiful Body of Christ, the church. Every day my eyes are opened to see something I didn’t see the day before, something to thank God for with all of my heart. It’s easy to pray with out ceasing, if in everything you are giving thanks to God. The more we give Him thanks and praise, the more clearly we see how much we have to be thankful for!

    When God does His work little by little, He is often doing a DEEP work that can be done no other way. A mushroom grows up out of the ground all at once, but a live oak tree little by little. The roots of the oak tree go deep, but not so with the mushroom. When the storm comes, or the herd of buffalo come tromping through the valley, it will be the oak tree that stands. The mushroom will perish. The old rock house was built little by little, but the pup tent went up almost at once. When the storms come the old rock house will stand, but the tent will blow away like chaff in the wind. Neither I, nor Luke, nor my family, nor our church fellowship, nor many of you will ever be the same after this trial. Why? Because God is doing a deep, deep, work. It’s a work that could not be done all at once, but one that had to be done little by little. Some of us have entered depths of intercessory prayer we have never known before. Some of us are learning what it really means to praise the Lord. Most anyone can praise the Lord up on the mountain top, but God is looking for a people who will offer up to Him the sacrifice of praise when they see no light at the end of the tunnel, simply because He is worthy of such praise! And Jesus Christ is worthy of such praise ALL of the time! Another deep work the Lord is doing at this time, is a deep work of love and unity in the Body of Christ, His church. That is a lasting work that doesn’t just happen over night.

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, do not despise the day of small things! Be patient, be thankful, and do not be discouraged! God is at work, though it may be little by little. He is doing a deep and lasting work, a miraculous work, and the good work He has begun in you, He will be faithful to complete it! Because God always finishes His work. When God chooses to do His work little by little, it does not mean that His work is being delayed or that He won’t move suddenly. God is always on time. And when He has finished His work in us, here in the hospital, then we will all walk out these doors and come home. Glory to His Name!

    In His Love,
    brother Brian

  18. appolus said

    Update on Luke: The last few days have been very rough on Luke. He was having lots of vomitting and withdrawals from pain meds. However, this afternoon he has started to eat and feel better. The doctor showed us the x-ray Of his lungs and there was much improvement. The doctor asked Luke when he wanted out, Luke smiled and said “today!”. There is a chance he could get out this Wed., but for sure by Monday. We will know tomorrow what his percentage of engraphment is. Please pray for 100 percent. Thank you all for praying, we really do know and believe where the battle is won. God has heard and is hearing our prayers.

  19. appolus said

    Luke’s engraphment measured somewhere between 99-100% yesterday, which is great news. I guess the process is not finished yet and Brian and Martha are looking and praying for 100% engraphment, lets join them in this prayer. Brian was telling me yesterday about how fortunate he and Martha feel in comparison to those who do not know the Lord. There are many people who go to this famous childrens hospital and all of their hope and trust is in men and medications, not that there is anything wrong obviously with men and medications. Yet, the vital thing is that men and medications have a limit, they are finite, and many on the ward that Luke is on will hear from men that there is really no hope left, or engraphments fail or any number of things. Its heartbreaking to think that at this point men and woman without the Lord will have lost hope. Hope-lessness is such a hell on earth, such a darkness, it just reminds how how sweet the light of Jesus is and that no matter what man says that we can always fall back into His arms…………………bro Frank

    • appolus said

      May 21st—day 28 post transplant

      “For indeed he was sick almost unto death; BUT GOD had mercy on him, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.”—Php.2:27 (emphasis mine)

      This verse of Scripture is our testimony exactly, concerning Luke! God speaks so specifically and personally to us by His Spirit and through His Holy Word, the Bible. I love those two words, “but God”. Luke was literally at the very brink of death only 3 weeks ago with a fungal pneumonia, a vicious virus, many other complications and no immune system at all to fight any of it off. He was not only near death; at one point he was dying…BUT GOD…intervened and delivered Luke, raised him up, and brought him through. Thank You Lord Jesus!

      It has been a very hard, exhausting, and trying journey…BUT GOD…gave us a promise, and not just one. We have seen and are seeing the fulfillment of all the promises He spoke to us. Thank You my Father and my God! You are faithful!

      One Dr. wanted to put Luke in ICU. It looked as if there were no other option…BUT GOD….”turned the tide” again, stretched out His Mighty Hand and delivered him from ICU.

      We weren’t expected to get out of hospital this early…BUT GOD…opened that door as well. Today, May 21st 2012, Luke got to get up and walk out of the hospital!!! It was AMAZING. That is one of the words I continue to hear used by some of the doctors, many of the nurses, and others who saw Luke only a couple of weeks ago. We give thanks to our great and mighty God! All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ forevermore!

      I want to thank all of you who prayed, fasted, and who continue to pray for us! Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!

      “Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?”-2Sa.7:18

      That verse and most of the same chapter has also gripped my heart today. The Lord has brought us so far, and it is so very humbling. We know now more than ever that it is NOT according to us, but according to God’s own grace and mercy, that He has heard our prayers and answered our cries.

      My heart is heavy for so many others who are suffering in fiery trials of various kinds right now. This I know, God is faithful. You can trust Him. Everything He does is right, wise, and good. Nothing is outside of His Sovereign control. And all of God’s dealings with His children are out of His love for them. If you are ever tempted to doubt His love, look at Calvary. Look at the cross. Behold the face of Jesus.

      I probably won’t post again for awhile, as I won’t be on facebook as much, now that we are out of the hospital. Luke will have to stay in Memphis for a while because of continual check-ups and tests. The Lord has provided a wonderful apartment for us out in the country. Martha will stay here with him. Lord willing, I will start spending more time back home, getting back to the work the Lord has given me to do there, and still be here when I can. I plan to go back on Monday. Luke’s body is still weak but he is gaining strength every day. He is engrafted at 99 to 100%. We are asking the Lord for no less than 100%. We would be so grateful if you would join us in asking this of the Lord for him as well. His counts continue to rise. Praise God!

      The Lord has done a deep work in Luke and in so many of us as well. There is so much to share and I know the Lord will direct the right time and place to do it. I think much of it needs to be proclaimed by Luke. So we will wait and pray for the Lord to continue to lead him, and us.

      Much love to you all!
      From a very grateful heart,
      brother Brian

      P.S. I leave you with this prayer of David, that has recently become so special and personal to me:

      Then King David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said
      “Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? And as if this were not enough in your sight, Sovereign Lord, you have also spoken about the future of the house of your servant—and this decree, Sovereign Lord, is for a mere human!

      What more can David say to you? For you know your servant, Sovereign Lord. For the sake of your word and according to your will, you have done this great thing and made it known to your servant.

      How great you are, Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears. And who is like your people Israel —the one nation on earth that God went out to redeem as a people for himself, and to make a name for himself, and to perform great and awesome wonders by driving out nations and their gods from before your people, whom you redeemed from Egypt? You have established your people Israel as your very own forever, and you, Lord, have become their God.

      And now, Lord God, keep forever the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house. Do as you promised, so that your name will be great forever. Then people will say, ‘The Lord Almighty is God over Israel!’ And the house of your servant David will be established in your sight.

      “Lord Almighty, God of Israel, you have revealed this to your servant, saying, ‘I will build a house for you.’ So your servant has found courage to pray this prayer to you. Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant. Now be pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever in your sight; for you, Sovereign Lord, have spoken, and with your blessing the house of your servant will be blessed forever.”
      2Sa. 7:18-29 (NIV)

  20. appolus said

    Good News!
    We asked you to pray for Luke’s engraftment. He was 99%. It was vital that he get to 100%. We received results yesterday that the other 1% of bone marrow remaining was KaLeigh’s from his first transplant. Something I had never even thought of. Test results showed none of Luke’s marrow remained! 99% Hannah and 1% KaLeigh! Thanks be to God!!!

    And thank you all for praying!

    Luke is getting better and gaining strength every day! It’s been so good to be out of the hospital and together as a family. Praise the Lord!

  21. appolus said

    Thank you Jesus and may you be praised. We praise your mighty name this day and give you all the honor and all the glory and all the praise for the mighty things that you have done in the Long families life………………..bro Frank

  22. appolus said

    Here is a link for the testimony of what God did in this young man’s life ………….. http://vimeo.com/45174565

  23. Dominic Fischer said

    Dear brother Luke, brother Brian and family; My wife and I have just watched your video of what you have been through in the last several months. Dear young man we praise the Lord with our whole hearts and souls that you and your family have been so faithful and so transparent in allowing us to see and experience with you your suffering and your faithfulness. Dear Luke, know that you have gone through all this yes for your own sake and testing and finally glory but also for us and the entire Body of Christ. Your trilal and faithfulness is giving us all LIFE , yes LIFE and a spiritual blessing and confirmation that this God we serve is true, real and loves us more than we will ever know. You have dying that we may live and have life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and whether you realze it or not, you have been a true martyr and witness of what our living God is and can do when we remain faithful as you have even in the severest of times.
    You do not know us and we do not know you at all and we will perhaps never meet here on this earh but dera Long family, we are truly linked and bound in the spirit and by the Holy Spirit as your sufferings are ours and ours are yours and our prayers are yet with you all as we ask for yours for us. I too have cancer dear Luke but it has been quiet now for over three years BUT only the Lord knows when it may come again as did yours. BUt when and if it does, I will reply your video many a time to remind me that even as young as you are in earthly years that does not matter one iota in the spiritual realm. What matters is your and your family’s faithfulness and your witness and testimony in the deepest trials.
    The Lord God continue to be with you all as we will continue to seek His Face on your behalf as we ask you to do the same to us two lonely Christ seeking saints. We refuse to compromise here in Europe, this dark dark continenet stuck in the past even its glorious past of the Reformation. But to be connected even if it be by internet and have the privelege to see and experience with you your love of Christ is truly uplifting in a day when Christianity has sunk to the lowest and meanest of wordliness. Praise Him forever and ever and be strong dear Luke and overcome this illness in the love and light of Christ, Yours in Christ from Switzerland, Dominic and Susanna Fischer. Dear Frank, greetings in Christ also to you and thank you for your faithfulness in posting all this. I will still call you one of these days and we can have a longer time over the phone or Skype. The Lord is coming dear brother and may He prepare us for the coming woe and horror. Every small tribulation, test and trial of pain, lonliness, rejection, hatred, ridicule, etc is meant to prepare us for the great tribulation which is coming upon this whole inhabited earth.

    • appolus said

      Praise the Lord brother Dominic and sister Susanna that you are witness there deep in the darkness of what passes for Christianity in Europe. We are praising the Lord for His mighty work in the life of Luke and in His family. If you ever come to the States to visit, you should visit brother Brian’s church , he would love to meet you guys. May the Lord bless you and guide you as you make your way through a post Christian Europe. The Lord will not leaven nor forsake you guys , may His Spirit be with you and you know brother Dominic that you are not leaving this planet one second before He deems it despite your own cancer. You are a servant of the Lord and it is He who calls home. Thank you and your wife for all of the prayers for Luke, his parents are very great-full………………………bro Frank

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