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Prophetic dream-state of the church

Posted by appolus on April 4, 2012

I am always careful about dreams and visions on my site. This site is not about dreams or visions, but it is primarily about the Lord and His people and how we stand in these last days. Every now and again I run across a dream or a vision that the Spirit within me witnesses with. Below is such a dream. It comes on the back of a dream I had last year. I have had very few dream, I could count them on my hands for the 21 years I have been a Christian. Last year I had a dream. I was surrounded by darkness and standing on a terrace beside a building. On the lower terrace was an animal, something like very large dog with a goats head but it had hoofed feet and was standing on its hind legs. It was looking directly at me. I knew that it hated me with a level of intensity of a rabid animal. It gaze never left me, it was locked into its purpose but for the moment it did not move but I knew with a certainty that it was coming for me. Strangely, I was calm although my heart rate was beating very fast, it was a strange sensation. I began to back into the corner of the building, it may have been a church but I am not sure. Coming off the building at 90 degrees was a wrought iron fence. It was about seven feet tall and each part of the fence formed a spike at the top. There was no way I could get over it. My eyes never left this animal. I took one step back and here it came, racing towards me. Suddenly a ladder came down from nowhere and it was suspended in the air and went up out of sight. The bottom of the ladder was about four feet off the ground. The ladder itself did not look sturdy to me, in fact I was worried about climbing higher because I thought it would break, yet I felt the Lord say ” come up.” I climbed a few feet higher and the animal was at my ankles.

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