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A Vision from God,Building the Army

Posted by appolus on July 2, 2008

You have gathered here today in defiance of darkness and tyranny. You have come here to fight as free men and free men you are, for it is I that gave you that very freedom. So you see with your eyes that you are few and they are many, you see that you are vastly outnumbered. Will you fight today?



My wife and I and my youngest son were in St Louis for a weekend break a couple of years ago. We were driving from the hotel to listen to the St Louis Symphony on a Saturday night and the Holy Spirit came upon me. As usual this would not be a time of my choosing yet I know from experience that the Holy Spirit is not a respector of time.I kept on driving and I knew my wife was talking but I was caught up in the Spirit. Tears were falling from my face and the car was pretty dark so my wife did not notice. The Holy Spirit continued to move in my Spirit for the next couple of hours, all through the performance, and came in waves, one “scene,” unfolding after another. The grandness of the orchestra seem to only heighten my experience. I am sure people around me may have thought that I was deeply moved by the music, and the truth is I was somewhere else altogether.

The beginning of the vision was a loud booming voice calling all Christians to awake , “Awake you sleepy Christians.” “Who will ascend Gods Holy Hill? Those with a pure heart and clean hands.” This was scene 1, a call to arms. Then the second scene unfolded. I saw thousands of baby turtles heading from the dunes towards the sea. They had a wide beach ahead of them. Before most of them could cross the beach and reach the water they were attacked by birds of every kind. The power of the air had come to attack them, seagulls by the hundreds making a horrendous shrieking noise as they feasted on their helpless prey. Birds of every kind joined the attack, swooping down and pecking and carrying the baby turtles off. Then from the dunes from where they came, came raccoons and critters of every kind to join in the frenzy and drag these hapless baby turtles away. Just when I thought the slaughter could not get worse, out from under the sand came crabs, crabs with large pincers which tore into the turtles and they dragged them into holes in the sand to be devoured. As all of this was going on, I could see Scripture framing this whole scene. “Many are called but few are chosen,” “Broad is the road that leads to destruction, narrow is the path that leads to life.”

Suddenly the scene changes, I am on a beach, but it is the scene from Saving private Ryan. Death was all around me. Young men being killed right where I stood and the severely wounded all around, desperately seeking for a place to hide, for some kind of barrier to protect them from the onslaught. There were kids with there innards hanging out and they were trying to stop them from spilling onto the beach, while screaming for their mothers. Men with their limbs blown of, the one man walking around in shock with his right hand carrying his left arm which had been blown off.

Suddenly the scene changes again. There is a Rock with a sword embedded into it. This sits right in the middle of a large arena. This is also the scene from Braveheart. On strolls a man that is dressed like William Wallace in the scene from the movie where he addresses his vastly outnumbered army who are thinking about fleeing from the battle. The man, who is actually Jesus dressed in full Scottish battledress, reaches forward , and with both hands, pulls the Claymore from the Rock and turns to address the crowd in the arena.

I am Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am maker of heaven and earth and I am the Holy Son of the Living God. I hold in my hand the two edged sword. And with this sword I will surely destroy all the enemies, this vast army of evil that you see here before you. This army that has dared to challenge the living God, this army that has exposed itself on the battlefield will be completely destroyed this very day. I see another army here before me, the army of the Living God. You have gathered here today in defiance of darkness and tyranny. You have come here to fight as free men and free men you are, for it is I that gave you that very freedom. So you see with your eyes that you are few and they are many, you see that you are vastly outnumbered. Will you fight today?

“No, we will run and we will live,” shouts a man from the crowd. “Yes, if you run now you will live a while. If you stay and fight you may die, but I have called you here this day to die in a battle that will be celebrated for all eternity. Yet for those who run and “live,” what kind of life will you live? When you are dying in your beds, many years from now, how many of you will cry out with regret, having lived a life of compromise and shame and know in your heart that you would be willing to trade forty years of compromise for one day of glory in this great battlefield of the flesh. This light against darkness. To be able to say to your enemies “eye, you may kill me this day and I may have to lose everything this very day but one thing you will never take, you will never take my spirit!!!!

Now the scene changes again. I am in the stadium or arena . Men of God form a semicircle in front of the crowd of young people. Behind the men are a sea of flags. The flags are blowing in the wind. The flags represent the enemies that the Holy Spirit had just showed me. The enemies that attacked the turtles each had names and the names were written on the flags. Some of the names were Rebellion, lust, sex, drugs, beer, abuse, suicide, bitterness, hatred, greed, materialism, incest, rape, murder and many many more.

The call is made to the crowd, its the call that Jesus has just made, “Will you come forward and die to these thing this day?” They respond to the call to arms and begin to move forward in obedience to the call. They run towards the enemy, they kneel and pray with the men of God and then move past them and with pure hearts and clean hands they make their way towards the flag that represents what they have just laid down, they pull up the flag and they break it over their knees and throw it to the ground. Freedom rings out into the night sky, the rejoicing rises up into heaven itself and all of heaven rejoices to see Satan’s kingdom torn down and Gods young people taking back that which is theirs, that which is Gods, their very heart. And Satan trembles at the rise of this army…………..Amen

9 Responses to “A Vision from God,Building the Army”

  1. Dan said

    Frank, thank you for sharing this powerful vision. Are you involved in a prophetic ministry in your congregation?
    I’m not a prophet, but what I’ve heard from prophetically gifted people, whom I trust, is that things in the near future will not be pretty. You can almost feel it coming, like a calm before the storm.I think the storm has begun, but it will get worse.

  2. appolus said

    Hi Dan, the Lord speaks to me from time to time. I come into His presence and then I will write what I see. Its a hard thing. If you go to my poems on this site you will see that to be in His presence and then to “return,” to life is hard. There is definately a coming storm, we are definately standing in the last minutes of the calm. Perhaps we are in the very eye of the hurricane. In my post “Casting your treasures into the fire,” the Lord showed me that as we speak, the Body of Christ is being distracted. Based on Exodus 32, there is a mixing of the Godly with the ungodly. When they made the golden calf, they offered up their “worship,” to God, thus mixing their idolotry with true worship. We are in the midst of that. Its a scheme. Its a distraction. Only death to self will prepare the Body of Christ for what is coming next, and it is almost at the door. Yet, instead of “dying,” to themselves, many of our brothers and sisters are “rising up to play.”

    Am I a prophet Dan? If I am a prophet then the people of God will reject me. It has always been so. It has been my experience Dan that if you call yourself a prophet, then you are most likely not. All true prophets will feel like they are a voice crying in the wilderness.

  3. timbob said

    Greetings. Once again, you post a warning that I’m compelled to link to. So few professing christians seem to have a grasp on the seriousness of the hour or the scope of the battle before us. The verse “many are called but few chosen” reveals just how dangerous things are and that less than half will hold fast the profession of their faith steadfast unto the end. SOBERING…at least to me, and it reveals just how important it is to let go of every weight, every sin, and continuously examine ourselves. (Sorry for mixing in so many scripture fragments)

    I was going to post about this and I did tell Susan (Faithwalk) about it when it happened, but I’ll just share it here. In the winter of 2007, I was shoveling snow out of the driveway when, for some reason, I found myself wondering what the great falling away would look like. As I was thinking on this, for a fraction of a second, I saw a huge battlefield with fallen soldiers in every direction. The sight came and went so fast that it was gone almost before I realized it was there. A vast army with very few survivors.

    This army was not a modern army. They were dressed in eighteenth century uniforms and outfitted likewise. Why this was the case alluded me until a couple of weeks ago. This army would be completely unprepared for a contemporary battlefield; much like many christians are unprepared for the things coming to pass upon the face of the earth. This is one reason why the pre-treibulation doctrine is so very dangerous. Folks adopt a cozy “were not going to be here” mentality and fail to prepare for the time when they may have to literally love not their own life in this world.

    Frank, I used to be a pre-tribber and in those days, the very thought of having to go through the tribulation was terrifying. In the spring of 2004, the Lord opened my understanding to this issue. I was in the very room where I sit now and I remember praying “Lord, if this is true, please prepare me for it.” I can honestly say that I have far more peace and joy unspeakable now than I ever did in the pre-trib days. Our joy is not dependant on any situation here, but in our relationship with Christ. To live is Christ and to die is gain; every saint must grasp this.

    Sorry for rambling. (I’m making up for weeks of silence here. lol) This is one of the most needful posts that I’ve read in a long time. Thanks.

    Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  4. appolus said

    Hi Brother Timbob…As always I am blessed by your presence on this site. Our spirits are as one on this subject. Here is a reply that I wrote to a good brother who belives as we do, he is not a pre-tribber.I do not claim to speak by the Spirit on what I wrote below, it is merely my thoughts on how events could unfold……..

    Hi Brothertom ….you said

    “We have entered into the times of the 10 virgins. 5 had oil [faith and presence]….5 did not. The Bridegroom awakened them. Some could see their way, some could not.”

    Amen to that brother. You also said this

    “I fear concerning my own faith, and how I will trust. This is the only thing that will carry us through.”

    I love your honesty bro. The only thing that we differ in is how it will come to pass. I do not see America being invaded. The anti-christ will come from a “revived roman empire.” I know that we will agree to that. This will probably be Europe proper, or the country where European’s fled to and created “another Europe.”

    I think if we think about “Mystery Babylon,” and how all the world was made rich by her, it may lead one to conclude that America could very possibly be the “Revived Roman Empire.”

    So here is my theory, and since I guessed it, it is most probably wrong :)(none of us can really know how it will unfold) …America is attacked, just liked you said.Perhaps Britain and Europe as well. So, London, Paris, New York and Washigton each are bombed. Suitcase bomb or something like that. Hundreds of thousands are killed.

    The worlds economy, already fragile, is in total chaos. Worse than that, the world is plunged into total fear and insecurity. Someone famous once said that if people had to choose between anarchy and dictatorship, they would choose dictatorship every time. The leading countries of the world call a summit. At this summit, led by a Charismatic politician and backed by the Pope and other religious leaders such as Dobson and Pat Robertons, and by Pentecostal guys like Copeland and so on, they agree that the need for security is first and foremost.

    They intitiate a program that will put this chip that we all know about, in everyone of us. Only enemies of the state and those who seek to do harm will resist, they say. Religious leaders will calm the “religious,” people down by assuring them that this is not the number of the beast.

    Most of the world would laugh at this notion anyway, but the “religous,” are convinced because they are told that the “saints,’ would never have to have the mark of the beast because Jesus comes and raptures them before the tribulation. So, therefore, this cannot be the mark of the beast. Also they are convinced that God would not want them to suffer.

    Those who are left are the true Christians, the sheep have just been separtaed from the goats. Since you would not be able to buy or sell without the mark, not be able to work, you will lose everything material. You will be scorned at. You will be cast in the same light as the terrorists.The governments will tell the people that we are a “disruptive,” force on the earth.

    They will embrace an all encomapssing philosophy that will say somehing along the lines that we all worship the same God, there may be differences between Jesus and Mohammed, but these are not differences that should divide us. We should be tolerant and fully accept that there are many paths to God, in fact, did not Jesus say that He had “other sheep.” People are so biblically illiterate that they will not know the truth.

    We, then become a burden to a society in total chaos. Since we do not work, then we do have the ability to feed oursleves. After a while we will be rounded up. Society is very angry at “people like us.” We will be fed by the government, until there is such an outcry against us. Then they, at some point, will begin to kill us.

    Now brothertom, you reckoned on a 100 million being killed. I reckon that hundreds of thousand will be killed in the bombs. Yet, Ravenhill used to say that he believed only about 2% of America was actually saved, that makes it about 6 million will be killed in this country alone. Now if you think that it is ridiculous, just think back 60 years and remember that 6 million Jews were killed for the mere fact of being Jews.

    So bottom line guys, I think that brothertoms attitude of fearing concerning his own faith is a correct one. This is the proper attitude. We must beware when we stand lest we fall. Now is the time to get our attitude right about material possesions, about trials, about tribulations. Now is the time to learn to be content and finding God’s peace in the midst of the storms. If we do not get there now, we will not make it once it starts.

    Its exactly what brothertom says in regard to the 10 virgins. If you have to run around and look for oil once this starts, there will be none to be found. For the mark will come quickly and you will have no time really to consult, only those who have already prepared for it Spiritually will be read and “go in.” There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth…………Frank

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  6. faithwalk said

    I can see in my spirit the very vision you describe; the power and the seriousness of the call. Richard has been given a vision many years ago to see the Army of God arise, be equipped and sent out. Lately he has sensed in his spirit it’s time has come…

    And I have had similar visions and know well of that which you speak. May the Lord help us to be ready; to do our part; to not shrink back from death itself it that is what we’re called to. As long as it’s merely physical and not spiritual!

    Blessings to you brother, I hope to speak with you again soon and desire your prayers during this trying and far too busy season of life that wears on my body and soul.

    I pray that you are well, and prospering in the Lord!


  7. appolus said

    HI Susan,,,,greetings and blessings to you sister. I think Richard and many Christians throughout the world have sensed that too. I think the seriousness of it is something that Christians who are sensitive to and hear from the Holy Spirit are picking up on or hearing directly about. It flies in the face of todays “movements,’ or “outpourings.” This death to flesh, these testings, the genuine Body of Christ who seem to be suffering so much, are definately being prepared. Oh thank you Lord for the testing that propels me to know that despite all the trials of this world, my only joy, my only peace, my only satisfaction, my very contenetment lies within you. It is because of you that we have given up all the pleasures of this world, and, despite our trials and tribulations, we have sold everything for the pearl of great price, for the sake of Christ, for the majesty of who you are, for your eternal glory, for a crown that I cannot yet see, for the beauty of your unadulterated presence that is so sweet to me. Oh Lord, bless the saints of this earth with the only reward they hunger after, with the sweet presence that they thirts for, that they may be refreshed in your preseence and that you may be glorified by their walk. One way or another, we will all be going home soon, may the “treasures,” of this world simply fade away and may we dwell in the pleasures of the world to come. Peace, may it be upon all the saints of the earth who read this, peace to to you……………brother Frank

  8. Dan said

    How do we cast out that spirit of despair and foreboding? It’s one thing for me to say I will stand firm in the hour of trial, another thing to do it. How do I deal with fears and concerns for my children? that is the hardest one for me. Our only peace is in Christ. People don’t know how they will respond in traumatic situations; some freeze up , some act automatically. Will I respond with violence and rage? I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill us with His peace and courage at the time. That’s the only way. Dan

  9. appolus said

    Hi Dan…..good question, and I agree with your conclusion about the Holy Spirit filling us. What I would say is that it is to those who are faithful in the little things that will walk in peace in the hour of our tribulation. If we do no walk with Him daily, now, we will not walk with Him in our time of greatest need. If we are not thankful now, we will not be thankful in our time of need. If we do not trust Him now, we will not trust Him in our time of need. If we do not seek the Kingdom of God an His righteousness now, it will be to late to seek Him and the sign of His return, it will be as the ten virgins. We will not be able to give oil to those who have none, it will be too late. Dan, I think David Wilkerson says it better than I ever could…………………..

    Our peace and contentment always depend upon our resignation into God’s hands, no matter what our circumstance. The psalmist writes, “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart” (Psalm 37:4).

    If you’ve fully resigned yourself into God’s hands, then you’re able to endure any and all hardships. Your Father’s desire is for you to be able to go about your daily business without fear or anxiety, totally trusting in his care. And your resignation to him has a very practical effect in your life. The more resigned you are to God’s care and keeping, the more indifferent you’ll be to the conditions around you.

    If you are resigned to him, you won’t constantly be trying to figure out the next step. You won’t be scared by the frightful news swirling around you. You won’t be overwhelmed as you think about the days ahead because you’ve entrusted you life, family and future into your Lord’s safe and loving hands.

    How worried or concerned do you think sheep are as they follow their shepherd? They are not worried at all, because they’re totally resigned to his leading them. Likewise, we are the sheep of Christ, who is our great Shepherd. So, why should we ever be concerned, disquieted or worried about our lives and futures? He knows perfectly how to protect and preserve his flock because he leads us in love!

    In my own life, I’ve had to learn to trust God one problem at a time. Think about it: How can I say I trust God with everything, if I haven’t proven I can trust him with just one thing? Merely saying the words, “I trust the Lord completely,” isn’t sufficient. I have to prove this over and over again in my life, in many areas and in everyday things.

    Many people living today have said, “I resign, I commit, I trust,” only after they say there was no other way out of their situation. But true resignation, the kind that pleases God, is done freely and willingly, prior to our coming to wit’s end. We are to act in agreement with the Lord, as Abraham did, giving God his life as a blank check, and letting the Lord fill it all in.

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