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Buckets of Living waters

Posted by appolus on May 15, 2014

I have met two groups of people in my life. The first group is small. They have wisdom and understanding. They draw from a deep well placed within their hearts by God Himself. From there they bring their buckets of water and if you desire more they simply draw again from the limitless source placed within them. The second larger group have buckets of water too. Within these buckets are knowledge. The contents of their buckets they have gleaned over the years from other men and from their own wisdom. Some may even have more than one bucket. But when these buckets are spilled out and shared, there is nothing left. These men have no eternal resources within themselves. They have to begin again and collect from those who do. These men are shallow and two dimensional. They do not have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. They only have ears to hear what other men are saying. Second hand information is a cheap commodity in a day and age where one more quote is merely a touch of the finger away. To know God and to hear His voice is to swim in a perpetual sea that has no end. That which flows from the throne through the saints to the hearers is recognized by the hearers as touching God.

4 Responses to “Buckets of Living waters”

  1. sharon said

    To draw from the well of living water is all that can satisfy. Wisdom and knowledge are helpful in learning and maturing, yet only living water heals and comforts. Drink freely with all the faith and hope we have.
    This was such a timely word for me, I am very grateful. Thanks!

  2. I’ve never been one for “second hand water” – going to the source is the sweetest refreshment; but sometimes God brings a word in season…He has done so for me today.

    Thank you for drawing me back to the well! At some point, I put down my bucket and I’ve been going along parched! But praise God that He is faithful and by His grace I still thirst, and have been brought to my knees. Our buckets may empty but the Well-Spring never dries up…

    Receiving Rivers of Living Water in Him;

    • appolus said

      Amen!! How we all need to continually draw from the well that never runs dry, to be baptized afresh in the Holy Spirit, to renew our minds and to continue to abide in Him. God, always draw me near to the beauty of your Holiness………..bro Frank

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