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Swing the Sword

Posted by appolus on May 15, 2014

Sometimes it seems like I am permanently out of my depth
And situations often seem to be completely over my head
How good it is to fall back upon the Lord
Shut my eyes, take His hand and simply be led

Walking into the wind and the rain
Every step it seems is marred with pain
Swimming up the river in a perpetual spring time flow
Seems to be the way that I must go

Stand and fight or fall onto your knees
Swim with all your might or drown in stormy seas
Get up from bloody battle-fields
With your face into the rain
Swing your sword with all your might
Then swing your sword again

Time and again and wave after wave
The enemy rushes in
And all around the battle-field
You are surrounded by deadly sin

Did you think you’d walk in meadows
Ye soldiers of the cross?
You may not have reckoned for the fight
And that you would suffer loss

The suffering of these present times
Of those the Spirit’s sealed
Cannot compare to what’s ahead
And the glories there revealed

Stand up, stand up stand up my child
Stand up in Christ alone
Lift up your eyes ye Royal priest
And see God’s awesome throne

You are more than a conqueror In Christ your King
Nothing can separate you, not anything
From the glories of heaven and from the reward
For those who stand and swing the sword

2 Responses to “Swing the Sword”

  1. Scott said

    Brother Frank. Saw your post on sermon index about righteousness of Pharisees Seems to me the righteousness of God is what He was alluding to which is Christ in me for justification and sanctification and ultimately to glorification, my only hope of glory. Just a thought

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