A Call To The Remnant

Scottish Warriors for Christ- http://www.facebook.com/acalltotheremnant

Inexhaustible fountains.

Posted by appolus on May 17, 2023

Thank you for inexhaustible fountains
That flow down from the highest mountains
Higher still and then again
We find the source of the falling rain

Living waters whose source is the King
By their refreshing we hear angels sing
Sing to the Lord for He has done excellent things
Cry out ye saints for He is greatly to be praised

Deep in unfathomable mines there is treasure
And at His right hand forevermore there is pleasure
Refreshed by the waters that flow down on me
They carry me onward towards an eternal sea

We shall draw water from the wells of salvation
Upon the Rock we shall stand, our eternal foundation
We shall raise our sails high and be carried along
By the breath of the Spirit and a heavenly song.

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