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I Cling to Calvary

Posted by appolus on September 30, 2013

When all my hope has taken flight
And is carried off into the night
When I have suffered grevious loss
You’ll find me wrapped around the cross

When hopes and dreams have disappeared
And trials come that I had feared
When fire and flood encompass me
I simply cling to Calvary

When heartache seems to overwhelm
And eyes are blind to the heavenly realm
And I am lost in a stormy sea
I simply cling to Calvary

When the enemy comes with all his might
And I am plunged into the darkest night
When the door is locked and there is no key
I simply cling to Calvary

And all at once I see the light
And it vanquishes the darkest night
A hand appears and beckons me
That nail scarred hand of Calvary

And as His hand takes hold of mine
My thoughts and His they do align
And now once more I clearly see
The victory won on Calvary

Oh death where be thy deadly sting?
In light of my almighty King
Oh grave where be thy victory?
Tis swallowed up at Calvary

2 Responses to “I Cling to Calvary”

  1. Leslie Manto said

    Dear Brother Frank,
    Amen and amen. A timely word in poem 🙂
    to remind us that because He suffered terribly on the cross for us, we can take whatever evil, pain, suffering and accusation that comes against us.
    We need only look to the sacrifice He made once and for all.
    Because of His suffering for us, we need never give into self-pity again. He is giving us all the last wake-up call to live the rest of our lives victorious. Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Sister Leslie

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