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The narrow gate (part 2) Martin J Collison

Posted by appolus on September 21, 2013


Therefore, to start at the “top” so to speak, the current church “institutions” within the Evangelical / Pentecostal / Charismatic systems are “led” by a group of humans, just as you and I are. Entirely susceptible to being taken captive by error. Capable of “cherry-picking” when it comes to truth. In addition, as human beings we are all entirely susceptible to patterns of behaviour which are not necessarily inspired by the Holy Spirit or ordained by God. Even if the claim is made that they are this is not necessarily the case.

Much of the “follow the group” behaviour and succumbing to desires to “fit in” are entirely human traits. In this I mean they derive from the flesh. Any secular psychologist or sociologist would identify these traits as being prevalent in any group of humans. The fact that we may call ourselves a “church” does not alter these human characteristics. It is the flesh again. We certainly cannot claim that we have arrived at being “the church” or Jesus would have returned by now.

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