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The narrow gate ( final part) Martin J Collison

Posted by appolus on September 28, 2013


At this point I turn to King Saul. The apostate church is a type of Saul in my eyes. Eventually it will fall on its own sword. The sword which it has so meticulously crafted for itself. Saul represents the dangers of the flesh. Trusting in the flesh and not God. Though he started off with some good intentions and he gave Almighty God credit for his early victories in warfare, soon the form dipped. The devotion waned. The flesh arose again. As a man, he never allowed himself to be conquered by God. And this is factor is central issue. Those that desire to be true believers will allow whatever it takes for God to conquer them. God is cutting the blood lines to Saul within His church. King Saul has led the church too long.

The Almighty is searching out His very own group of David’s. Those after His very own heart. Nothing but His heart will do. David too made grave mistakes and errors of judgement of the deepest sort. He too veered into the flesh, took his eyes off the Lord. He too counted his fighting men, hedging on the resources of the flesh rather than God. Yet, he is still counted as a man after the very heart of God, the life of the Spirit. And despite all his failures God was still pleased to call His very own beloved son “The Son of David”. God sees the sincere heart. He never gives up on the sincere heart. And in Jesus, His very own precious son, God found a man that He could entrust to see through all that the very plan of salvation and redemption entailed. The utter loneliness, solitude and rejection of the Cross. To be despised, broken, spat on, kicked and beaten. To have all the sin and wrongdoing of all the ages placed on Him. To be so marred and afflicted by that sin that God Himself could not look on Him. But glorious day. He went through the Cross. Now He desperately seeks a people that will reciprocate. He seeks a Bride that will make herself ready out of a heart of utter devotion and love of Jesus Himself. Not for what He gives. Those that will lay everything down in order to be found only in Him.

The armour of King Saul offered by these institutions will be shown up for what it is. It is the armour of man. The armour of flesh. In the day of trial and persecution, this armour will offer no covering. Only those who know their God will be equipped to walk the true allotted pathway. Only these will overcome. When David went to face Goliath, he took off the armour of King Saul. He would not wear it. He had been trained another way. In true intimacy. Knowing the true God for himself.


The reality is this. If we truly want to heed the actual call of Christ and not bail out then narrow path and the Cross is par for the course. He never promised ease. Those who claim He did are deceived, and by their own choice. We will have to go through our own personal Gethsemane. Church leaders often take an immature and knee jerk reaction to the reproofs of life. They often fail to see the opportunity for the in-working of the Cross. They do not perceive the deeper ways because of the faulty foundations they have built on. Because they have not built on the Cross, they do not perceive it. They have built on shallower footings and therefore they interpret everything through this distortion. They view everything through weakened lenses. Lenses they have fashioned for themselves.


Thankfully, in addition to the blessing of being able to own our very own Bible in the western world, most of us have the ability to read it from cover to cover. In doing so we have the opportunity to read all of it and find out for ourselves what Jesus actually said, who He really is. Even the bits where He spoke of “taking up your cross” and “those who want to live must die”. Of course, we too can by-pass them. “Leaders” are not ultimately culpable. Each of us must give an account for ourselves. We choose our path.

7 Responses to “The narrow gate ( final part) Martin J Collison”

  1. It is true we often tend to trust in flesh rather than in God. Great post! Take also a visit to http://vatikos.wordpress.com/

  2. W.E. Smith said

    The idea of Saul being a type, a parable of the end-time apostate church is very instructive. Once the Holy Spirit had departed and then even Samuel had died, what did he do – he consulted a medium for direction, for answers. The Lord Himself said of this mustard tree grown unnaturally large, that birds would come and make a home in its branches. Birds are evil spirits, they are not welcome. I will send my Spirit said the Lord, but it has come to this – that the tree is filled with “birds”, that the church is led not by the Spirit of God in the path of Christ, but by evil spirits, by lying spirits, by forces seeking her destruction.

    And tares growing up with the wheat, until all is subsumed, all that was of Christ is gone.

    Come out of her my people – is His word for the hour in which we find ourselves.

    No despite your heart and all of your hard work, you will not drive these birds from the branches, or remove all of the tares. They are there as a mark of judgment, and only judgment will separate the clean from the unclean.

    A little flock has become a great tree!

    This tree has attracted many men who desire greatness, largeness in this world. It swells to a great size and more continue to come. A mustard seed has become something it was never intended to become. The message of the cross thus removed, many rush in not knowing that this tree will be cut down violently; that the tares will be be burned up.

    Babylon is rising, and so is the beast. She, this whore church, will attempt to control him for a while, with all of her wiles, as Jezebel did Ahab, but he will cast her off in time, and every pseudo-follower of the Lord of Lords will be cast off in kind.

    Many will remain while Nehemiah builds the walls around the fallen city. Many have found a home, a comfortable life here in Babylon.

    The remnant will not. They have not been do seduced by the wiles of the evil one.

    Abigail will depart from her easy but empty life to attach herself to the vagabond king.

    The remnant will leave their nets to follow the one who speaks like no other whose words are strange but so compelling.

    You reading this right now – where are you? Really? Who do you love? Really? What is it you truly desire? Really? The shade of the mustard tree or the parched ground of the wilderness?

    It is Sunday and many of you will go to church – once there do this one thing, ask the Lord to show you the birds if indeed they are there. In fact the birds take over the tree, and the tree exists to serve the birds. The birds feed off this tree.

    There is another tree, another choice. I am the Vine and you are the branches. No birds in this tree. It is not from a mustard seed it has grown, but from the Seed of All Life. And of the growth of this tree there will be no end. Long after the mustard tree and all the birds are gone, this Tree of Life will go on.

    • appolus said

      The vandals and the visigoths have undoubtedly breached the walls of the modern church and they are tearing down, piece by piece all things holy and replacing them with the things of the world. The gold shields of Solomon have been replaced by the brass shields of Rehoboam…………….bro Frank

  3. Allan Halton said

    I’ve really enjoyed this series by Martin, Frank. Thanks for posting them up. This last one reminded me of a verse in Acts: “And when He had removed him (Saul) He raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also He gave testimony, and said, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfll all my will'” (Acts 13.22). That one word “all” says it all. Saul was prepared to do “some” of the Lord’s will, but not all. He spared Agag and the best of the sheep to sacrifice to the Lord when he had been commanded to destroy all. He was forever revising the Lord’s will to suit his own– and the people’s– interests. Not so David. “Which shall fulfull ALL my will.” So also the Son of David, “Nevertheless, not My will, but Thine be done.” Thus (because of Calvary) He was coronated Kings of kings. And we shall yet see this King– and those with Him– fulfilling ALL the will of God. Good word, Martin, thanks.

    • appolus said

      Sounds like a good possible post brother Allan ? 🙂 Write it and send it to me and I will put it up 🙂 It is an excellent point though. The rationale of the world would say why destroy the best of the sheep, why not keep it and give it back to God in the form of a sacrifice, after they had eaten of what was essentially ” forbidden fruit.” The meat of a sacrifice was not wasted , it was eaten, therefore a great feast would have been had and the conscience would have been put at rest with the rationale that they were actually offering this up to God. It is not so much about what we do, its about why we do it. And in this particular case it was down right disobedience.

      We see so much of that in the modern day church with corporate ways of building churches and numbers and getting more money ” to do good.” The argument I guess would be the good works and the numbers that are produced by their ” methods.” ……………..bro Frank

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