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Eternity lies within.

Posted by appolus on May 16, 2023

Those who hear His still small voice 
Lie down in the night in peace and rejoice
Even in the midst of the midnight hour
There is glory in His praises and with them brings power

He leads us beside the eternal still waters
into lush green pastures He has surely brought us
Goodness and mercy follow all the days of our lives
To a banqueting table we can barely describe.

His table to us is His manifest presence
By the Spirit of God we speak with great eloquence
Words that flow from the Kingdom within
From the beauty of Holiness that lies therein

Evergreen trees give their fruit in all seasons
There are a million ways to praise Him and a million reasons
To rise up and with the morning sun and cry holy
To walk in humility, to be contrite and lowly

He has planted us beside His holy river
He has established us in His heart forever
And forever and a day and forever it shall be be
For into our very hearts He has placed eternity.

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