A Call To The Remnant

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Rain down upon me now.

Posted by appolus on May 9, 2023

Fire from heaven rain down upon me now 
Open the eyes of our hearts that might see and bow
Go forth before me Lord with your fire and you're rain
Burning all the dross and breaking every chain.

By your presence let all the mountains tremble
And rain down glory from above, from your eternal temple
Let the skies break forth that they may split asunder
When the lightening flashes and the earth shakes with thunder

The clouds are His chariots and He walks upon the wind
He broke the chains of hell and death and delivers those who sinned
His glory endures forever and He fractures the sky above
As the whole earth is filled with His eternal love.

He is our shelter from the storm, our precious strong high tower
He has filled us with His love and His everlasting power
Though worlds may fall to pieces and begin to crumble
We follow Him who walked before, and never did He stumble. 

Take hold of His precious truth in a world that's full of lies
Raise your hands  and lift them up, lift them up unto the skies
Look up and testify that our Redeemer lives
And that His mercy is still flowing and He surely still forgives

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