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Arise and shine for the light has come!

Posted by appolus on September 13, 2022

Isa 60:1  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. 

Imagine the overwhelming feelings of liberty and glory the Jewish people felt when they were released from captivity from Babylon to return home after seventy long years. Arise and shine for the light of liberty has risen above you and is calling you home. And the glory of God rests upon you. Now imagine if you will, a people not held captive for seventy years, but the whole world held captive from the day that Adam bit the apple. Thousands of years have past. Heaven itself closed, the way is barred. And onto this stage, from the glories of Heaven, steps Jesus. The light has come!!! The glory of God walks the earth. He proclaims liberty to those held captive all of their lives. The chains that held them are broken. The door that was locked is wide open. The grave has been rendered powerless.

We are that people brothers and sisters. We must arise and shine for the light has come into our lives and has set us free! We must arise and shine for all the world to see. Those who dwell in darkness and in prison, must now see that the glory of the Living God has risen. There may be a great darkness that has settled over this world but the Lord will arise over you and His glory shall be seen upon you. God has glorified the house of His Glory, we are that house. The gates of heaven are continually open to you, they shall not shut day or night. God has made you an eternal excellence, never forget that brothers and sisters, you are His excellent ones despite what that old liar may whisper in your ear. The walls of His temple are salvation and the gates of the temple are praise. We neither need the sun by day nor the moon by night, for He is an everlasting light to us. We walk by the light of the eternal sun. And the power of darkness is eternally undone. Now rise and shine brothers and sisters, for the glory of the Lord s risen and it has risen over you.

7 Responses to “Arise and shine for the light has come!”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. Nicely Stated! Let us be the light among the lost. John from Maine

  3. belovedlittlelamb said

    Comments for pendulum swinging post:God is not glorified by His new creations in Christ normalizing life long babyhood. Growth in His body has been retarded as the enemy continues to use angels of light ministers mixing the prophetic scriptures that belong to Israel (law) into His glorious grace gospel given through the apostle Paul to the body of Christ. Babies cannot grow if they be trying to gain nourishment from food that was never meant for them.
    Today, there are churches that are growing up babes into maturity – pendulums swinging in one accord – as they are being built up under leaders who teach them clearly and in simplicity the mystery made known through Paul’s ministry of the Grace of God to the Body of Christ. This growth is only possible when the mixing of the prophetic scriptures are rightly divided from those given to the body of Christ.
    We don’t have to live in the mixture as life long babies and can swing beautifully through the grace gospel given by God to us, but many either do not want to see this or have never had the opportunity to know this.

    • appolus said

      There is a modern day heresy where Israel is elevated above Jesus and the Body of Christ is divided. Paul’s mystery revealed clearly shows that there is one Body. Grafted in. All can be grafted into this Olive tree, but they must all come the same way, on their knees before Jesus. The Hebrew roots movement and Dispensationalism are but dead branches of religion. Elevating anything other than Jesus is to do the enemies work……Frank

  4. ARemnant of Lehi said

    Only someone who has taken blood oaths in a false temple under false pretenses could empathize with this type of ideology. A few man not tainted by his he vanities of mainstream LDS doctrine could cut through this doctrine void of D&C 113 truth, such a shame folks are enticed by gentiles scraping

    • appolus said

      This is a very disjointed comment. Makes very little sense. Perhaps the writer can slow down a little and make himself more clear? I understand that anger clouds the mind and its hard to think when one is spitting out accusations, but if one is to make the point they are trying to make, then this is imperative……..Frank.

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