A Call To The Remnant

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Are you walking according to the rhythm of God’s heart? Who swings the pendulum?

Posted by appolus on September 12, 2022

5 Responses to “Are you walking according to the rhythm of God’s heart? Who swings the pendulum?”

  1. Mary said

    Frank, this was just incredibly amazing!
    How GREAT is our GOD 🙌
    A beautiful description of the true Church.

    • appolus said

      Thank you sister. God is truly amazing and His true Church, His temple, is an astounding work of magnificence, untouched by human hands…….bro Frank.

  2. Anonymous said

    Amen..glad your feeling better! God Bless You..

  3. belovedlittlelamb said

    RE: reply concerning dispensations in the bible from your earlier post:
    Paul himself speaks of God making him a minister of this dispensation of Grace – he is the gift God used as the apostle being the master builder to minister to babes their foundation in Christ unto maturity. His words, as all words are in the bible are inspired by God, yet today his ministry to us is many times avoided/neglected with a desire instead to take from the prophesies given by God to the nation of Israel.

    Why do we yet find ourselves confused and babes?

    The answer comes in admitting we are unwilling to submit to learning with diligence what Paul was given for this very dispensation of Grace to us the body of Christ.
    Anytime we as the body of Christ are using the prophetic scriptures given to Israel…spiritualizing them and trying to make them our own, we are choosing to be used to confuse the babes in Christ. Some do it ignorantly, others on purpose.

    I praise God for those profitable leaders/men who are able to rightly divide the truth of His holy inspired word, showing clearly His ways He has worked with His people Israel in the past as well as how He will be working with them in the future. These workmen unashamed rightly dividing the truth also are able to teach why God’s prophetic plan with Israel came to a halt (for a time) while this dispensation of Grace came on the scene to be given to Paul for us today.

    A good question I ask myself to continue growing in the spirit is: am I reading, learning and being edified in my inner man with what God specifically gave to me through Paul for the church to grow up into maturity or do I open up the bible anywhere I please and use scriptures that were not given by God to build this foundation in Christ?

    It is only when we begin to allow what God gave Paul (through the risen Christ) for us during this dispensation of grace to build our In Christ foundation, that then all the rest of the bible comes to make sense. And truly truly, what comes to be is that we get to know and understand our spiritual riches in Christ. PTL!

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