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A possible scenario for the end times war against the saints.

Posted by appolus on March 18, 2015

Hi saints,

I wrote the article below last year but wanted to bring it up again in light of the ISIS threat to blow up Big Ben the Eiffel Tower and the White house with dirty bombs. The main point I would like the readers to take away from the article is that most of the building blocks for a great worldwide persecution against genuine saints is already in place. We are one catalyst away, I believe, from the persecution beginning in earnest. As always we must ready ourselves for what is to come by drawing close to God and holding all things of this world loosely…….bro Frank

This subject can be very difficult to approach today because there have been so many crazy people claiming when the end of the world would happen. The below scenario reckons on the saints going through the great tribulation. Therefore there is no particular day or hour that is looked for, rather a season, birth pangs if you like. We are told by Jesus that we should be able to discern the signs of the times, not the day nor the hour of His return. In any event, most peoples of the world and the church have a difficult time imagining a time where Christians would be hunted down and killed for the mere fact of being Christian. They may be able to imagine this in a Muslim world setting, but not in the West. I do not claim that the scenario below is prophetic, I merely wish to show you a logical procession of events that could lead to a world-wide persecution of the true saints.

I think we may all agree that Jesus is coming relatively soon. Where we may disagree is on the subject of rapture. Lets assume there is no rapture and Jesus is coming soon, then the saints will go through the great tribulation. The Scriptures tells us that it will be worse than anything that has ever happened before in history, in fact the Lord must shorten those days for the elects sake or we would all be dead.

Just 70 years ago, in the heart of educated and cultured Europe, in a country that pronounced itself to be Christian, an evil man arose and in six short years, killed six million Jews for the mere fact of being Jewish. He shoved them into gas chambers and then burned them in furnaces, men, woman and children, sparing none. Now this is not some Biblical genocide from the ancient world, this is something that happened just 70 years ago. Now what kind of events would need to unfold for the world to turn on Christians and for their to be a coming together of the world religions into one religion?

Lets say tomorrow there is an attack by Muslim extremists on multiple cities. New York, Washington, London, Paris Rome and Moscow are hit simultaneously with nuclear suitcase bombs. Rather than the three thousand dead of 9/11, there is one hundred thousand dead in each city. The world is repulsed and is brought together because of this great tragedy. Fundamentalists of all stripes are universally condemned and outlawed. To state publicly that there is only one true religion, only one way to heaven, becomes illegal. Such people are denounced as those who have caused all the troubles in the world. They are seen as a cancer on society which society must rid itself of.

So society gives them a chance to renounce such believes. At the same time, the major religions of the world have a summit. Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith come together for a summit in Rome. Pope Francis leads the summit because he is universally respected. When the meeting is over they announce that they can all trace their roots back to Abraham. That they all worship the same God just in different ways. They announce that there are multiple roads to heaven and that to say otherwise is merely hate speech. They agree to drop Jesus and Mohammed from their literature and only speak in terms of God and His prophets, agreeing to stand upon what they agree on and bringing a historic unity that will usher in a new day, a new order for the world where there is equality for all.

The vast majority of the world hail this and rejoice in it. A small minority resist it and in the shadow of the multiple hundreds and thousands of deaths, the world hates them with a perfect hatred. They hate them more than the Germans hated the Jews. The minority cannot find work and are ultimately arrested for continuing to ” share the Gospel.” While they are a minority, they are still in the millions and camps are set up to imprison them because the prison system cannot contain them. An ever-growing hatred by the general public and resentment that they have to be fed and kept eventually leads to the decision to make it a capital offense punishable by death to be a fundamental Christian.

21 Responses to “A possible scenario for the end times war against the saints.”

  1. duncan said

    Christians are predominantly gentiles, however the full number is coming to a close soon. Then it is the time for the Jews to come back to the father through Christ. All scripture points to this. Remember the koran speaks of killing the Jew first then the Christian and finally all infidels. We must get ready to look world wide at whats happening to the Jews – Google – will there be another holocaust? We were saved to bring Jews to jealousy = In the face of the gentile will the Jew see the Glory of Christ. Agreed we will go through the great tribulation which is called Jacobs trouble – its nearer than we think brethren

    look a little closer and you will see a window open for us to view the entire bible as Jewish and please consider the writer here is completely gentile but Jewish in Spirit (Christ in) adopted as a wild one.

    in Christ

    Bro Duncan

  2. usafbeth said

    Whether you know this or not, this IS prophetic. I see the beginnings of it now – and there are already concentration camps set up in the US, most on closed military bases. I’ve had dreams of being in a camp and I’ve seen how those on the outside will mock those on the inside, how there will be very little within the camps and the outsiders will come with food and such for the sole purpose of taunting those inside. The “threat” of using dirty bombs isn’t an idle one; I know people who have had dreams and visions of the bombs for years. (There’s a reason these things show up in Hollywood movies. It’s no coincidence.) The places I’ve heard of getting hit are Washington, DC (a given), Los Angeles, New York City (also a given), Chicago, Las Vegas and Seattle. I’ve heard that someone said there will be fourteen cities in all, but I don’t know what the others are. I haven’t had any personal dreams or visions beyond DC concerning the dirty bombs, but I know and trust the people who told me they saw the other cities.

  3. Deborah said

    This is chilling, but all too likely. An intolerance and hostility is already growing against Bible-believing Christians, who are lumped in with ISIS as evil.

    • appolus said

      “An intolerance and hostility is already growing against Bible-believing Christians, who are lumped in with ISIS as evil.” Indeed there is a growing intolerance Deborah…………..bro Frank

  4. Only Me said

    The evidence is abundantly clear that ISIS as well as the whole “war on terrorism” is a fabrication of the western despots in America and elsewhere who employ false flag events to distort reality, such that they can extend and entrench their control over entire nations and populations. The real enemy is the power-drunk puppet masters who manipulate reality for blind and patriotic zealots who think that the USA is essentially good. It is not, nor was the British empire, It is demonic and perhaps the Beast as identified in the Scriptures. No my friends, Muslims nor Russia are the real enemy. There is plenty of evidence and information out there if you are willing to venture beyond the packaged propaganda of the western media and indeed evangelical Christianity. And on another front, the Zionist who created and run the modern state of Israel are not true spiritual Jews. Most real jews will tell you as much.

    • appolus said

      Hi only me, there is nothing in my article to suggest that ISIS is anything more than a convenient catalyst causing agent to usher in the end times persecution by Christian haters. There are many Christian haters , they come in many shades and hues. I have no doubt that those who have identified themselves with the name of Jesus will become the biggest persecutors of the genuine saint. Those will be the people that go along with that old ancient lie from the pit of he’ll that there are many paths to heaven and anyone who disagrees with them will be hated with a perfect satanic lying blinding hatred. They will be so blinded by Satan that even as they demand and participate in our deaths, they will be live they are doing the work of God. In a sense they will certainly be doing the work of thier god, for thier god is the devil, the father of all lies………bro Frank

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  5. Christine said

    It’s definitely a viable scenario. The likes of which we know are on the horizon. Too many Christians are convinced that Jesus is going to come and he’s going to spare them from any persecution that might assail us in the west. But we know the truth that all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution and we are not excluded.

  6. duncan said

    The pattern of the total scripture shows clearly when the people of God spoke out such swelling words. Amos spoke 8:11 – first we see a famine of the hearing of Gods Word (remember a famine of hearing, not of God speaking because He is always speaking) Quickly after the people who God said will die are those who said calamity will not come to us or even overcome us. Two things to prophetically look at here are the current state of Christendom and the Jews. 1st the Christian – end times – The pre trib trap I call it, why because this lie prevents the christian to be ready to what must come (Jacobs trouble or great tribulation) the people of Christendom and not the remnant will say like Amos 9:10 we will not face this kind of trouble, but they will die. 2ndly the present state of Israel- We faced the holocaust and it wont happen again to us! This lie has kept the Jewish people haughty like the Christians and they will also die. Part of Gods judgement ! but there is one third of the Jews who come to salvation through the faces of the remnant who shine the >Glory of Christ in their faces . A Corrie Ten Boom ministry – taking the time to be one with our Jewish brethren who will be first persecuted. It’s on the cards and yes we will be martyred like Steven with Angelic faces, with this religious Jewish onlooker being prepared as He sees the Glory faces of the true Church standing with God against Sin and suffering what he sees as unnecessary joining with the Jews who will face hatred and murder again. Its a Word put out their brethren. One which we cant refuse to hear and I say this is God speaking, He warns a gentile namby pamby church to see how and what is about to happen. Will you suffer for a bunch of strange people who are haughty and arrogant like Israel?
    I dont know about you but since Ive been born again I can clearly see that Satan’s prime target is the Jewish people and along side that a true remnant of Christians! Get ready and if you cannot see this then come to your senses and just see who is currently hated the most and your vote will fall on the Jew first then the Christian! Not to correct any one out their but the only true enemy is Satan!

    • appolus said

      Hi Duncan, amen to your thoughts about the pre-trib. I do believe that Satan’s primary target in the great persecution will be Christians. I really have no idea what will happen to physical Israel. I have heard many theories on it of course, I just dont have a position on it. I do know that there is a time coming such as we have not seen before. I do know that millions of saints have been martyred in the last 2000 years and there is a great battle between darkness and light. I do believe that Satan will try and kill every genuine saint in order to snuff out that light, that witness for Christ to the world and to the Jewish people. I also know that the times will be so bad that God shortens those days for the elects sake…………………..bro Frank

  7. I have a question for all. I agree that perilous times are coming, which WILL include the Christian, including America – though so many feel-good pastors are preaching otherwise. I truly believe, too, that persecutions and sufferings will include us. God has been warning many that have been seeking and willing to hear His heart that a ‘famine IS coming’ to U.S. and Christians (spiritual as well as physical). And I believe the year of another catastrophic crisis is upon us (2015).
    Many of us keep saying, ‘prepare….be ready.’ My question is…..what does that mean or look like to you? HOW do we get ready…and what do we tell others to do to prepare? I know spiritually, we need to press into the heart of God and be so in tune and in love with our LORD and bridegroom that we are willing to give up our lives for Him and His Truth.
    Physically some say ‘store up’, as well as purchase emergency supplies. Are you? Also, I’ve heard many say (and I agree) that financially, we need to get debt-free, which we are……OTHER than our mortgage. And in order to pay that off, hubby would have to cash in his 401K to pay it off, and then we wouldn’t have it later if we need it for the ‘famine’. But I guess perhaps that isn’t trusting God to provide our needs when the time arrives. It’s just so hard to know exactly what to do.
    God bless!

    • appolus said

      Hi Contender, good question. I like to look to Jesus for that answer. If we look at Gethsemane, we see Jesus preparing for what was to come. For certain their was a struggle, but the Lord came to ” Not my will but thine be done.” After He had settled the issue He was ready to face Calvary. In this day, at the end of the age, we must ready our spirits for what is to come. We must prepare our hearts for persecution. It will start with having to count the cost of standing upon the truth. We must learn to fear God and not fear man. We must wake up and be prepared. One could argue that the preparations that we speak of have always been a vital part of a vital relationship with Jesus. I would agree with that. Yet, we live in such a compromised lukewarm age , we need to know that no matter what, we will follow Jesus. We must know in our hearts that we love Him above and beyond all things. If following hard after Him in this day means that we suffer loss then we must be ready to suffer loss. I have nothing to say to those who purchase emergency supplies or get out of debt or other such things. There is a certain amount of common sense in not having debt. If you can be debt free, I say that you should be debt free, and I would have said that in any age. The truth is though, the storm that is coming is the end of ages storm. There is no ” riding it out.” That is why I dont have a big hole in my backyard full of food and guns and ammunition.

      Jesus gives a stark warning in the parable of the ten virgins. Bottom line for the five foolish virgins according to the Scriptures, they were not ready. They were lacking in oil therefore they could not be the bearers of light that they were supposed to be when the Groom was on His way. Those who are prepared are those who are living hard after the Lord, not in the moment of crisis, but in their everyday lives. If we are yielding to the Lord in each crisis that we face, if we are leaning on Him to take us through every storm, then our roots are being put down deep, we are like trees planted by the water. When the great storm comes, those who have been faithful and willing and yielding and honoring and thankful to God all the way through, will be able to stand in that day. And by stand I mean not falling away. They will have filled their vessel with oil so that in the gross darkness to come, they will shine like the stars. They will have the power of God to endure and overcome as they slowly lose everything and in the end, even their lives……………..bro Frank

      • Thank you for your wisdom …. the best answer I could have received, and has been very helpful. Blessings!
        A scripture that God has weighed heavily on my heart for His bride and the years ahead has been:
        “Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For behold, the darkness hall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but the LORD will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.”

        • appolus said

          Wonderful Scripture sister , it ties directly in with Habbakuk where he tells us that even although judgement has come, the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea…….bro Frank

  8. duncan said

    Perilous times are now!. The death of most Christians are in America (or the west) Do you understand?……………. Death or perilous times could only be interpreted through and by the Lord in His Spirit. (This is the Lord speaking). Who can kill you and after that they can do you no more harm? Is your concern rather not with the One whom reserves the right to allow you to Truly Live. You see my dearest brethren In America the death toll is millions but in the middle east my brethren are standing in persecution and Living. Remember the dead already are…… those whom believeth not. However the current murder and disqualification is mostly held in your own back yard. Hear My Words! If you lose your Life now you will Gain it! The great falling away is happening, the Love of many are lost to not loving at all! Your deception is under the presumption that you are not seeing that perilous times are on you now?
    Let’s get by the negative because there is always HOPE. We must see that it is Faith which is the Heart of your Life. The Spirit has been given to be your only teacher and if you listen to Him then He will lead you into all Truth. The famine you may have been thinking is most certainly not food or water, IT IS with the hearing of God speaking. Yes you heard correct! The Lord will always be speaking but the famine is the hearing of His Word. If Satan will kill and lie then firstly you must come to understand what he is lying about and how does he murder. What great deception the wee frog is in…….. when you take him from travelling towards water and then finally place him in water within a wee pot which slowly turns up the heat, he does not know he is busy dying. Satan wants to snuff out Faith slowly……… the Lord said will I find Faith when I come! If you remove Faith you murder a Christian!…… Faith is now currently being snuffed out of the Christians in the west this type of murder is the worst type because as the heat is turned up on the cooker we don’t know we are being murdered. This type of perilous time in the west is ………THE WORST KIND.
    Your question How do you get ready? ……………….. Please let the Spirit speak into your heart…………
    Faith must be experienced by you. Are you hearing God speak to you or not? Faith is not listening to the Word of God but rather Hearing the Word of God. (let me demonstrate… If you listen you may do nothing but If you hear His Words you will do ……. Cause and effect. If you hear God speak you will be prepared by your obedience and you will Live. If man teaches then you will not change and you will die but If you hear God teaching by His Spirit you will Live….. Listen carefully to the audio http://www.narrowisthe way.net Brother Frank spoke about the virgins…. Listen carefully……. They were all Christians but at their current stage five of them were dead… Why? They looked like Christians, they spoke like Christians, but the Faith was no longer in them because the lamps had no oil (Spirit) They were not people in the world because they were also waiting on A Husband to come and fetch them. Get rid of your mortgage it’s too late for some but perhaps not you? The famine is in hearing the Lord, are you in that famine. We whom are the virgins are not living for this world but are pilgrims. You may see it a little easier if I say would the Lord be mortgaged, we Christians are the Lord?…… come out from amongst them……It won’t be easy but His Life is full and out of this world!!!! Are you willing to give up your life or His? Being in tune contender means living by Faith in the Son of God. What is Truth? It is not a Lie! Do you Live in the Truth, truth is a He! Truth can better be explained on that web site I gave. You will never have to store up because we live by the Word that comes from God.
    Love you brethren
    Bro Dunk

  9. Christine said

    Hi there brother Frank. I’ve managed to get into a discussion on FB on the rapture. They believe we will, as Christians, be spared the tribulation. I’m trying to speak into them that if we are so set on escaping any persecution or suffering, when it does happen our faith will be destroyed. I think I know, for the most part, what you believe regarding the rapture of the church. I’m of the same mind as you. Can you give me some scriptures and truths to share? I realize people’s doctrines are not easily changed and I don’t intend to do so.

    Thank you. Christine

    • appolus said

      The problem is Christine, there is not a single Scripture to support three comings of Jesus which is what our pre trib brothers and sisters believe. I think an honest reading of Matt 24 without any pre conceived notions would suffice. For over 1800 years there was not a single tradition within Christendom that believed in a pre trib rapture , thus false teaching, like many false teachings began in the 19th century. This particular false teaching began with John Nelson Derby and the Plymouth Brethren. In Matthew 24 start at verse 29. It is after the persecution that the elect are gathered . Do not be fooled by the gymnastics they will pull to tell you that the elect do not mean you and I……..bro Frank.

  10. duncan said

    Hi Christine and bro Frank, just adding to you brother and amen to whats already spoken. Pre- Trib is the most popular view of Christians but is hand in hand with what Jesus said that a great falling away will occur. Just a wee heads up on usually whats popular reflects the opposite. They believe as bro Frank has said by understanding in two separate second comings of Christ. They also believe that Daniel’s 70th week (the last 7 years) is all Gods Wrath, where we believe that the wrath of God where saints will be saved from will be near the end the 7 year period. most of that 7 year period will be satans tribulation period and not Gods wrath. the great tribulation starts at the mid point after the anti christ abominates in the temple. Mat 24:15, 24:21.22 and when Paul concurs in 2Thes 2:1-10. hence the reason why the pre trib folk believe that they are not appointed to Gods wrath as we also believe this………………… but they err on calling the whole 70th week Gods wrath. (poison) Due to the namby pamby Christians being lured to a false lull/ when they will be called to be ready they will be caught up and dubbed= sold a bill of goods. Stand fast in the faith and be saved.

    Bro Dunk

  11. duncan said

    I did post this scripture but thought to add 2Thes 2:1-10 or all the way though this scripture is 1 of many but this one…..!. It makes a heading or topic. If you look at it by an event. This day will not come unless ……. what day? It tells you in the scripture. Look closer and ask the Lord. What day? ……. The day of the Lord (when he comes to pour out wrath and perusia(meet the saints in the air)) 2 x things will happen at His second coming (wrath) & (perusia Catching up His Saints). Any how in my travels Ive never heard a pre trib answering this scripture. I got one answer the falling away was his answer being the saints being raptured. ( As bro Frank says doing Gymnastics with the scripture) This day with the 2 events will not happen until first the falling away and the anti christ is revealed. Wow so simple to harmonize with mat 24, Daniel The book of Revelation especially ch 6.

    Love Duncan

  12. kimberly mcbride said

    I believe the Lord has been showing me for years about the persecution coming to America. Those who believe there will be a “rapture” are deceived. It is so heartbreaking. Corrie Ten Boom once spoke about how pastors in America will be greatly judged for teaching that escape doctrine to God’s people. She gave real stories of such happening in China. (people taught to hope in a rapture), and when great persecution broke out, most fall away. I am so thankful to hear like-minded believers encouraging each other to prepare for such times by cleaving to the Lord and learning to embrace the cross. In Foxe’s book of Martyrs It described some as hugging and even kissing the stake they were to be burnt on because it united them to their Lord !! May it be so in us !!

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