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God does not dwell at the heart of men’s systems.

Posted by appolus on March 9, 2015

And set up false witnesses, which said, This man ceaseth not to speak blasphemous words against this holy place, and the law: For we have heard him say, that this Jesus of Nazareth shall destroy this place, and shall change the customs which Moses delivered us.(Act 6:13-14)

Can you see the accusations that are hurled towards Stephen who would become the first martyr? They accused him of blasphemy because of the words he spoke about the temple, the very heart and soul of the system that gave these men their position in society, their livelihood. Speaking against religious systems is a dangerous thing to do, it is not how to ” make friends and influence people.” Quite the opposite. You will suffer loss, perhaps not as Stephen did, but you will suffer loss. Consider what Stephen was speaking against. Just a few short years later the temple was completely destroyed, just as Jesus had prophesied, not one stone left unturned. The gold that adorned the walls were actually built into the structure, so the stones had to be overturned in order to get every last piece of gold. When Titus entered the Holy of Holies it was said that he uttered these words ” What is all this fuss about an empty room?” You see, the Ark of the Covenant was not there. It is now reckoned that it had been removed almost 500 years previously at the time of Jeremiah. Over 500 years of religious activity would follow, so much religious activity, and at the heart of it all was emptiness, certainly devoid of God. God did not speak until John the Baptist was found in the wilderness.

When the veil, the curtain that covered the holy of holies was torn from top to bottom when Jesus hung on the cross, God was undoubtedly saying ” look, I am not here, I am hanging outside the camp.” One can imagine the religious men furiously repairing the curtain to maintain the illusion that is religion. Brothers and sisters, we have a system today that has as much if not more religious activity that the Jewish people of old. God did not leave one stone unturned on the temple and was found outside the walls. If God does not burn at the heart of everything, then it is nothing. If He swept away that system, then represented by the temple which had stood for a thousand years, what will He do to our own modern system of religion? Consider the final nail in the coffin for Stephen. “Act 7:48 Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet.” Stephen would not recover from this statement. He had just struck at the very heart of everything they believed in. By saying that God did not reside in the Temple, which would soon be proved by Titus, he sealed his fate. They were ” cut to the heart and gnashed on him with their teeth.” Seething anger and rage does not truly convey what they felt for the man who had just exposed their religion for what it was, empty of Gods presence. And so the ultimate fate for all who expose the emptiness of religion and the fact that God’s presence does not reside there is at the very least rejection and isolation and in the days to come, a similar fate to Stephen. The first martyr was not the last, and there will be more prior to the return of Jesus, and religious men will lead the way in hunting down “blasphemers.”

15 Responses to “God does not dwell at the heart of men’s systems.”

  1. usafbeth said

    Yea, I get to be one of them. Even now, I’m neither well liked nor well received at the Methodist Church I attend. While I would love nothing more than to “cut and run”, I don’t have a say in the matter. God planted me there for a reason and a season, although for what and how long, I have no idea. I’ve been there for over two years and I can see nothing that I’ve accomplished in that time (except irritating people who are Methodist). The more I speak the truth in love, the more they ignore me and wish I would go away. As Easter approaches and I’m subjected to the whole “Jesus has risen today” (like he dies and comes back every year!) I just want to run screaming. I pray for the people there, but I ask God, “Can’t I pray for them somewhere else?” Apparently, my greatest sin is refusing to hide my disdain for religion and its useless rituals. I’ve pointed out that when the Wesleys began the Methodist movement, they were on the cutting edge of a mighty move of God. Unfortunately, they turned from their roots, settled in to their rituals and became “Catholic light”. Holiness has no place, the gifts of the Spirit are disregarded and it’s more a social club than anything else. Ugh!

    • suez62 said

      Wow, Beth. I feel sorry for you. I’m not in any church, because of some of those very things…I want to go to church for fellowship and worship with others, but where is a good church anymore? Not in my area…In a population of 80 thousand, I found only a couple that use the King James Bible. All others are in that Horrible NIV, or some other New Age bibles…very sad. No wonder the Lord Jesus said, when I come back, will I find ANY faith left? It is scarey to think about. All my good Christian friends have either died or are dying, and I feel so very alone. It is tempting to just go somewhere, but I can’t compromise…Unless the Lord says go, I sit alone here. God Bless you for your stand for truth!!! 🙂

      • usafbeth said

        I was there. God sent me friends I can have intelligent, holy and honest relationships with. Of course, most of them are in another state and we can only email, call or skype, but I’ll take what I can get!

      • appolus said

        Hi Sue, I would never dis-fellowship with someone because they do not use the Bible that I do. The faith that the Lord is speaking of is a vibrant alive faith, a faith that trusts Him whether things are good or not, whether we dwell in the deepest valley or the highest mountain top. Let me just repeat, it has nothing to do with any particular version of the Bible. Now there are many I do not care for personally, the Message being one of them, but for the first year of my Christianity I read the Living Bible, then a KJV and now the NKJV. …………………….bro Frank

    • appolus said

      HI Beth, I see that you are being obedient to God and no one can ask for anything more than that. Speaking the truth in love is the power of God to whatever audience He chooses. May the Lord bless you where He has you. I know exactly what you mean about rituals and so on, being an ex-Catholic, yet I also found many rituals within the Protestant churches as well. So Lord bless you sister…………….bro Frank

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Good morning brother Frank……Yes indeed, the old religious system is difficult to deal with. My wife and i entered the home of a woman here in Mexico that had been locked into the Catholic religious system for all of her 60 years of life. Her house was full of statues that represented evry “saint” that she considered essential to her right relationship with God. We spent several hours with her pointing out scripture that revealed the foolishness and vanity of such religious activity. We prayed for her deliverance from the religious bondage that she had carried around all her life. She came under conviction, and told me to take all the statues out of her home and break them up. I spent probably a half hour carrying statues, some of them 2 feet high outside and breaking them over a rock in her yard. We left her house convinced that she had gotten saved, and delivered from that religious bondage. We decided to visit her the next day to see how she was doing. Guess what, we found her out in her yard with a large container of glue, gluing those religious idols back together. She let us know right off that we were not welcome in her home anymore, and won’t speak to us to this very day.. Yep! you got it right brother Frank. If you want to make some enemies just start messing around with that religious system in the world today. Some of the idols that are being carried around by the mainline Protastant churches, are more precious to them than those statues were to that poor catholic woman. Keep putting out the word brother Frank, i get much out of what you are preaching…..Robert

    • suez62 said

      Robert, that is so very sad….poor woman. So held in bondage. 😦

    • appolus said

      Very sad to see a woman in such deep bondage to the Catholic Church bro Robert, although I am not surprised at all. My own father was delivered from a deep bondage to the Catholic church. May she find deliverance before she passes from this world. I agree that mainline protestant denominations have many many idols of their own, just always not so apparent………………bro Frank

  3. suez62 said

    Very good word brother Frank!!! 🙂

  4. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…….Who in the world is Suez62…..Just asking

  5. “The first martyr was not the last, and there will be more prior to the return of Jesus, and religious men will lead the way in hunting down “blasphemers.””

    This is very true. America is not except from this but will be of those who are hunted down for the testimony of Christ in them. God has a elect in america that are His true disciples. Franklin Graham recently warned america of coming persecution: http://www.christianpost.com/news/franklin-graham-warns-american-christians-persecution-is-coming-135348/

    • appolus said

      He is too political for me. He presents politics as an answer to our current problems. There are many anti-Obama factions, but president Obama will soon be gone. There is a force of darkness bearing down on the word, the whole world, that is so above and beyond the petty political partisanship of the day. Men need to begin to raise their eyes to the heavens from where their help cometh from. There will not be a single Republican candidate for president who will take a public stand against gay marriage. I only mention that to highlight the hypocrisy of all politicians running for high office. Men like Franklin Graham will be deathly quiet if the politics suit their purposes, we have seen that for decades and continue to see it. I believe with all of my heart that in the end days, it will be religious men hunting down Gods children, doing the bidding of their political masters……………..bro Frank

  6. amongtheforgotten said

    I believe their is only one kind of man that God is truly willing to use in these last days- a dead man, one who has NO other allegiances from which he can derive any benefit unto himself. The very fact that ANY religious man has “his own” named “ministry” automatically disqualifies him. In whatever area of our lives that still lives must be practically crucified. NONE of these current “ministers” despite appearances even remotely resemble one who “dies daily.” Rather, they regularly practice “saving themselves” and what they consider to be their own. What does Jesus Himself say about such people- those who save themselves in contrast to dying unto themselves?

    We must be wise about the manner we go about speaking against religious lies and we need to be sure we are actually sent to do so. Last week I met the Secretary General of the Reformed Church in America at a local McDonald’s. I had no idea who he was originally- he walked over after he saw me studying my Bible and asked me what I was doing. What was I doing? I was writing an article about what “real fellowship” entailed and proceeded to explain the difference between “church” and God’s ekklesia. Although he remained calm, even after hearing what I said (he didn’t really hear it of course) he explained to me who he was. Now after what I just told him, why would I care who he was? The man resembled everything I hate and am opposed to.

    I find that the more one is “invested” in religious systems and organizations, the more hostile they will become toward opposition. I usually never make it beyond 5 minutes with an older person, yet young people are very impressionable and I’ve had many, many great conversations about what the Bible really says and teaches with them. They are the best audience if you really want to see your “out of the box” life bear fruit.

    The statement above is also true for those who don’t claim Christ. These young people will almost always listen, not just because they are young and looking for real answers, but because God blesses His truth where it goes forth.

    I’ve said this often and am going to again:

    “Despite the fact that they use Jesus’ name, religious organizations compete with Jesus for people, for resources and for influence upon society”

    This is why they will be destroyed- feigning love for Jesus, all the while exalting themselves and their lust for greed.

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