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I shall not hide from You.

Posted by appolus on May 15, 2022

Job 13:20  Only two things do not do to me: then I will not hide myself from you.

What are these two things Job desires in order to come before the Lord? We find them in the following verse. 1. Withdraw your hand far from me. While Job was in the very midst of his agonies, it would have been very difficult to focus. If you have ever suffered terrible chronic pain, you will know that it is almost impossible to focus in the midst of it. Yet even in this state Job manages to make one of the greatest declarations in the history of man “Even if He kills me, yet will I trust Him.” And, of course, it seemed to Job, that he was being killed, first by losses that would destroy almost any person. And then afflicted in his body with boils from head to toe that would not have given him a moments peace.

2. Let not the dread of you make me afraid. Job instinctively knows what Isaiah found out to be true. To come before the throne is to fall unto your knees and tremble as if dead. Isaiah cries out “woe is me for I am undone.” And so, therefore these are good requests. Job knows he needs to talk to God, he knows his very existence and survival depends upon it. In the end, no matter what our circumstances are, we need to speak to God, it is the answer to life itself. It is unlikely, as a Christian, that if you fail to pursue God when your circumstances are favorable, that you will pursue Him when they are dire. To forget God in the midst of a peaceful life does not bode well for you. We must never forget or neglect our relationship with the Lord, He is the key to life itself and without a vibrant relationship with Him, then we are mediocre people at best. Job was never such a person which is why, for him, there is so much confusion in this situation.

After a lot of research, it seems that Job was written around the time of the patriarchs. Imagine the effect this would have on them, hearing the story of Job. A cautionary tale indeed. Job, by virtue of his standing and wealth, would have been known far and wide. And therefore, news of his seemingly disastrous fall would have have spread quickly. Everyone would know the story of Job. Before any Scriptures were ever laid down, here is the story of Job, written. God is teaching some of the most valuable lessons ever taught. Everything is not always as it seems. Do not be quick to judge. Do not apply certain truths to a situation when you do not know the back story. Only speak as you are led. Often, very often, it is better to say nothing and simply wait upon the Lord. Never assume that material blessings are somehow a sign of God’s pleasure, and by the same token, never assume that a lack of material blessings are a sign of God’s displeasure. In the end, the only treasure worth having is a relationship with the Lord.

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