A Call To The Remnant

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Freedom in our chains.

Posted by appolus on April 20, 2021

To be chained in Christ
Is to be free indeed
Free to die and free to bleed
Free to walk the pilgrim way
Free to die to self each day

To be lost in Christ
Is to be found
To feel His presence all around
To plunge into the Father’s love
To walk with Him with grace from above

To be dead in Christ
Is to truly live
To truly love and to forgive
To live this life and so much more
To honor, worship and adore

To live in Christ
Is to surely die
To walk with Him who dwells on high
Alive to Christ and dead to sin
Gloriously filled from deep within

To reign with Christ
Is to surely serve
A testimony to preserve
Of the glorious King who reigns on high
Whose glory fills the earth and sky

To walk with Christ
Is to surely run
To know the journey’s just begun
To run and run and never tire
To soar with wings and ever higher

To dwell with Christ
Is to surely roam
We’ll never settle till we’re home
Pilgrim saints along the way
Ever closer every day

The paradoxes that we find
In Christ alone renews the mind
The way that seems so right to man
Is opposite to our God’s plan

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