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Not many seeking the cross.

Posted by appolus on December 13, 2020

You have to fly into the wind
If you want to reach the sky
You have to know something of His cross
For the flesh to suffer and die

There are many lovers of His crown
But few who would suffer loss
Many seek the treasures of heaven
But how many are seeking the cross?

Some only seek the dawns early light
Avoiding the darkness of the night before
No one can ascend to the mountain top
Unless they can negotiate the valley floor

We so often want the fruit of the harvest
Having never put our hand to the plow
We want all the benefits of our Lord
And we want it in the here and the now

The dawn comes to those who suffer the night
And glory to the lifter of His cross
There’s a crown that awaits the suffering saint
And those who gladly suffer the loss

2 Responses to “Not many seeking the cross.”

  1. So true brother! Some of the sweetest moments of Holy communion with the Almighty are found in times of darkness. As a brain tumour survivor by His grace I remember my darkest times fondly.

    • appolus said

      Amen bro. I totally agree. One of the greatest periods of my spiritual life is when I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and that without treatment I would die. When I refused the treatment at the behest of God, a door opened up to me that I have not experienced to that depth since. Darkness is indeed light to Christ our Lord……………….bro Frank

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