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What is the value of your suffering?

Posted by appolus on December 31, 2020

Are you tired today? Weary? Tiredness and weariness is a tough part of the journey. A dangerous part no doubt, but it is something that we saints all face. In the end it comes down to “will you put one foot in front on another?” Will you persevere? Will you endure to the end? You may wonder what part this plays in your journey. What part loss? What part pain? Tragedy and desperation, do any of these things have value?

A vital aspect of all of this is that it fundamentally refutes the accuser of the brethren. Many saints think that because their suffering is not directly related to the cause of Christ that somehow it does not count. That is a lie from hell. Satan has a insatiable appetite to see you fall, to see your testimony crash on the rocks of your trials. If he can see this come to pass, it bolsters his lie before the throne.

In the very first pages of Job we see the enemy of our soul come before God and basically say that those who claim to love God only do so because God blesses them, He protects them. Take that away and they will reject God, they will curse God. And so as we journey on through the straight and narrow path, we are a living witness in an ancient court room drama. No where is this more dramatically played out than on Calvary itself where in the darkest moment of the life of Jesus He believes He has been forsaken. His soul had been flooded with the dark waters of despair and even a gross supernatural darkness that has fallen across the land.

The Lord never rejects His Father. In fact we see the Lord minister from the cross. He is thinking about His mother, He is asking for those who did this to Him to be forgiven, He is reaching out to the thief. He is doing all of that because He is acting according to His nature. We, His children, will in the end act according to our nature. Not the old one, but the new one and this new one will be and is being proven in the very midst of the fire. All faith is tested.

Imagine the power of the witness who cries out from the depths of darkness of their love for God. Imagine how this shakes the very foundations of hell. Hell itself is built on a foundation of lies. And every act of faith by the children of God is an earthquakes that shakes hell’s foundations. Every act of faith is a flaming fiery arrow that ricochets off and is deflected by a golden shield and the arrow returns and pierces the one who fires it. The fire of hell is the refuted lie.
The accuser of the brethren truly falls when the sons and daughters of God praise Him in the midnight hour.
In the darkest hours of our lives, when everything we have has been stripped away, when our lives have been dismantled, when the enemy waits with baited breath to hear you curse God and die but instead he hears “even if you kill me Lord yet will I trust you,” then the gates of hell are breached. The gavel falls, the accuser is exposed and the sentence is passed.

This dear saint is the value of your pain. It’s the value of your suffering. Your loss, your tiredness and your weariness is the backdrop to the reality of your genuine unconditional love for God. It’s a witness to what God said. It is the evidence that convicts the enemy. It is God’s creation and it is marvelous and wonderful. He first loves us as proven by Calvary and we in return love Him. And so shall it ever be for all eternity.

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