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Jesus or the world?

Posted by appolus on December 1, 2020

I have met two broad categories of professing Christians in my life. One category is very much taken with this world. Their families, their countries, their jobs, their pastors, their church and so on. Listen to them speak. None of it in and of itself is bad, but rather, revealing. For as we know, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The second category consists of people I would say had an “obsession,” with Jesus. He alone is preeminent in their conversation and in their lives. If there is victory in their life they praise Him, if they suffer great loss they commend Him still as the comforter of their soul.

Their love for Jesus is entirely the reason for their existence and circumstances only prove this, whether good or bad. The first category of people are looking for someone to “sort out,” the world. To the second category Jesus has already overcome the world. To the former, Jesus is a means to an end. Much like another group who cried out “we have no king but Caesar,” as they chose the man Barabbas over the King, Jesus. Can you say that given the same choice that you would cry out instead “I have no king but Jesus?” Listen to what a dear brother of mine wrote when responding to that question………

I was overshadowed by the Presence of the Spirit of God.In that moment I felt His deep love rest upon me… an indescribable release and rapture in my spirit, accompanied by a peace and a joy unspeakable that only comes from the Holy Spirit…it felt as if my innocence was completely returned to me in that moment before God, and indeed it was, as the Blood of the Lamb was sprinkled over my sins. It was in that moment, while the Spirit of God was upon me, that I humbly looked up into heaven and I worshiped Him who made the Heavens and the Earth. It was in that moment that I decided that I would love the God of heaven forever…I decided this, and I told Him so.

In that moment I understood the beauty of the Lord, His magnificence and His majesty; I felt my soul knit to the Lord. My soul loves Him above all else in this life, for He is my lot and my portion forever. In that moment I understood Him in the depths of my spirit; I cried out to the one who formed me from the dust of the Earth and I said to Him…I will love you in my heart forever! I made my abode with Him, and He came into my heart and He made His abode with me.

My mind is continually upon Him…His anointing remains with me. I feel His Spirit continually drawing me…and my heart is tender and loves Him above anything else in this world. It is hard to put such things into words because these things are Spirit. I love Him in my very soul; in the very center of my being…I cannot explain it. I extol Him above all things as standing before Him. I yield to your Spirit Lord Jesus, that I should love you in this way. I desire you above the love of women; my soul yearns and thirsts for you; I am born of you.

I choose to love you in my heart, for you are beautiful to me, I love everything about you…your gentleness, your kindness, your long suffering, forgiveness and patience for me, the list goes on and on…Oh to worship you in your beautiful glory, in the beauty of holiness. Oh to behold you…how my soul is transformed into your image as I worship you…Oh to be as you are my Lord and my King. To be like you, to be called your son is the greatest gift and reward of love…to have your beautiful Holy Spirit in my soul changing me into your image. I have no King but Jesus!

My heart is tender and contrite…melted within me by the holy fire of God’s love, as wax before the Flame. Oh how I love and extol the living God of heaven!! Oh how truly pleased I am with Him!! With deepest humility I want to state how grateful I am that the Lord has saved me, and washed me from my sins, and that my name is written down in heaven! With humility of spirit, meekness, un-pretentiousness and modesty, I gladly accept your calling on my life oh love of my soul…with the joy and communion of the Holy Spirit. Your word, your pure and holy word burns within me with indescribable and unquenchable fire and zeal; I love, worship and extol you oh living God of heaven…beyond all else in this life. I have no King but Jesus!”

Brothers and sister, that was a wonderful testimony. It bears the image and the mark of saints I have sought out over my many years walking down the narrow path. I can say amen to everything my brother shared. Indeed I could have written that myself, maybe not as eloquently but with words that would describe every sentiment he expressed. Its the same love for the same Jesus overshadowed by the same Spirit. This is why his beautiful words are so familiar to me. Are they familiar to you? When compared with all the things of this world, where does Jesus stand in your life? Can you say, without a shadow of a doubt “I have no king but Jesus?” If the seat of our affections in the depths of our heart lies anywhere other than Jesus then surely, when the pivotal time comes, we shall be heard to cry “we have no king but Caesar.”

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