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Broken and set free

Posted by appolus on December 10, 2020

Are you broken are you vanquished and surrendered all the way
Have eyes to see and ears to hear just what the Spirit says
I cannot use a man who’s still standing on his feet
I can only use the man who shall sound a full retreat

Surrendered and broken, humbled and low
Vanquished forever that’s all that I know
When Jesus came in and took all of me
I who was captive, now eternally free

Eternally free, eternally free
I who was captive now eternally free

The day I met my Jesus I was lost and alone
He took me for Himself, no longer my own
I surrendered all, it was no longer me
Belonging now to Jesus broken and set free

Broken and free , broken and free
Belonging now to Jesus, broken and set free.

Now as a broken vessel, His treasure dwells within
And with a heart that’s full of love, no hiding place for sin
Troubles oft surround me yet I am not distressed
For in this full surrender I am truly blessed

I am truly blessed, I am truly blessed
For in this full surrender I am truly blessed

4 Responses to “Broken and set free”

  1. BT said

    The day is upon us – the wounded circumcised army of Joshua arises to take the land…
    https://aword.info/2020/11/30/podcast-to-this-man-will-i-look/ – short 14 min.

  2. Anonymous said

    Beautiful and a re-flection of my story, dear Brother!

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