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Are we not barbarians?

Posted by appolus on April 24, 2020

I felt the Lord drop this into my spirit tonight. It’s a tough word, actually its a question. Here is the question. “Is it more barbaric to slaughter children in the gas chambers or in the womb?” To me it was definitely a rhetorical question. I say that because I believe the answer is the womb.

At the height or their power, when the Romans ruled the world and pacified it to a great extent bringing law and order and the Pax Romana, they were slaughtering sometimes thousands at a time in their arenas. Men and woman and children were fed to lions for sport. For the sake of you minds I will not recount just how low and barbaric they actually were. It boggles the mind that builders and architects and engineers, philosophers and lawyers and learned men entertained themselves from the bowels of hell.

In the middle ages and the rightly described dark ages. Men of the so called church stalked the land. From one end of Europe to another, these learned men and so called men of God burned people alive after having tortured them in the most gruesome ways. This lasted for a thousand years and millions were slaughtered by “civilized,” men in the name of God.

At the turn of the last century, the most bloody century in the history of men, so called civilization was on the rise. We had discovered electricity and the light bulb. Men had taken to the air and was in the process of conquering flight. There was theories of relativity and Darwin and his cousin Galton were rewriting the history of man, the species and how we adapted and overcame at least in their own minds. Germany was sophisticated and innovative and had the worlds leading scientists. This was shortly before they began to kill every single handicapped person in their country and then shovel countless millions of people into the furnace.

When the beast the was Germany was destroyed the allied powers arose triumphantly. Technology raced ahead at breakneck speed. We were now more civilized than we had ever been since nations began and man walked the earth. Yet before that century was out, America alone had killed upwards of 45 million babies. In the world it was almost two hundred million. Just this year, almost 14 million babies have been slaughtered world wide. Even in the last year of world war two, when the Germans were being beaten on every side, nothing would slow down their insane slaughter of the Jews. In the last several weeks when all the world has come to a stop, abortions are deemed essential surgeries and carry on unabated.

Can you see a pattern brothers and sisters? It is always at the height of our greatest achievements and advances that men are at their worse while thinking they are at their best. When men become righteous in their own eyes then they become monsters of iniquity. It shall not stand, this we know. We serve a God of justice and He is not slack concerning his promises as some men count slackness. The hope of mankind is the light that flickers in the darkness. Jesus is that light in us. He is the way and the truth and the life. Men have lost their way, they despise truth and they are a culture of death. Let the light shine brothers and sister. Let us show the blind world the way, let us proclaim the truth and let that life that is in us shine for all the world to see.

2 Responses to “Are we not barbarians?”

  1. letti3166@comcast.net said

    Wow…. When he wrote, “The beast that was Germany…” I thought of the beast that is coming in Revelation that will slaughter the saints of God.

    “It is always at the height of our greatest achievements and advances that men are at their worst while thinking they are at their best.” Wow….

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