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The power of love

Posted by appolus on April 4, 2020

The word “Christian,” has become a real problem in our modern world, especially when it is used as a label rather than as a description of a living reality. C.S. Lewis proffered the notion that the word Christian was rendered meaningless a long time ago. The theory being that if everyone uses the title of Christian whether they are or not, then it empties the title of all meaning and what we end up with is religion rather than relationship. People who merely turn over a new leaf rather than being born again. These people are then constrained in their actions by the confines of the strictness of their own particular brand of religion. To complicate it further, it then becomes about degrees. So even within the broad realms of the religious world there is a vast degree of different levels of compliance, so some appear holy in comparison to others yet is is still just degrees and not the new birth.

In genuine Christianity there are no constraints. There is only love and reverence and respect. A love so deep that you would never want to disappoint the object of your love. That is relationship, everything else is religion no matter how shiny. Now there will be objections to the notion that there are no constraints to the genuine saint, yet those objections would be unfounded because within the confines of love itself lies the answer to the question. Love is the motivator of everything that we do, and when we mess up, when we sin, love is the answer to the problem. It is love that draws us before the throne of grace, it compels us to come and confess and repent and be reconciled. For who would ever want to be separated from the grand love of their lives.

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