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What lies behind the darkness-the face of God

Posted by appolus on April 16, 2020

Every now and again there are scales that fall from my eyes and I catch a glimpse of how the Lord sees me. For the most part this is shrouded by flesh and insecurity and the noise of this world. If the heavens were a scroll and the darkness of the night was a veil and the stars in the heavens mere pinpricks of light from behind, then this light that pierces through is my glimpse. For a moment I see what lies beyond the darkness of space, not beyond it, behind it.

What lies behind the darkness? A light so bright that it renders our own sun to a mere flickering candle. In Rev 6 we are told that the stars of heaven fall to earth, what beautiful language. This happens when the heavens are rolled up like a scroll. Take away the veil of darkness and the pinpricks, the stars, they fall away for the light that is revealed behind the darkness is all consuming. Every mountain and every Island is moved. All men, rich and poor, free and slave try to hide in rocks and caves and cry out that the very mountains would fall upon them and hide them. Hide them from what? From the face of God Himslelf who sits upon the throne. The fabric of space is removed like the mere curtain that it is, and the Word tells us that suddenly all men can see the face of God.

So what is my glimpse? How does the Lord see me? I can see that the Lord loves me just as I am. And just as suddenly as it came, it vanishes. I am left with the lingering warmth of what lies behind the fabric. A cloud of witnesses indeed who dwell beyond the veil, who dwell in the majesty of impenetrable light. Yet the light penetrates the darkness, penetrates the flesh, penetrates the noise. When all the world is silent then I can hear the choirs of heaven. They reverberate in my soul and they penetrate my spirit and I am left with a longing.

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