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In a dry and dusty land

Posted by appolus on April 13, 2020

Psalm 42:1 As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God.

As the deer panteth for the waterbrooks so my soul longeth after thee oh Lord. It cries out in a dry and thirsty land. Revive me oh Lord. Feed my soul that hungers after heavens food, refresh my spirit that longs for waters that flow from heavens throne. I have tasted this food, I have drank of this water. I am ruined for all of life’s food and all other waters are foul tasting to my spirit. Lord Jesus, you are beautiful beyond description, to marvelous indeed for words. The moments I have spent in your sanctuary rob me of all of my words and render them all perfectly meaningless. I feel heavenly words running through me, it’s in my very essence.

When I am in your presence you penetrate my very DNA. I know that I cannot dwell there for I would that I would never leave that place. And so that I can go on living I must only dwell there for a moment, but oh what a glorious moment. It is these moments that help strengthen me to endure all things for I know that there will come a day when it will not just be moments anymore. Eternity will stretch out its arms and usher me in and there will be the eternal moment, the eternal now, the eternal Lord my God. And it makes me tremble all the more when I realize that this place of eternity, this uninterrupted unadulterated presence of the living God has not even entered into the hearts of man.

No eye has seen nor ear heard nor spirit experienced the full measure of our God. It is above and beyond human description or even imagination. I come to the end of myself and it thrills my soul to know that at the very end of everything that ever was, everything that has ever been or ever will be experienced by man is the very beginning of you. My soul’s journey into eternity renders all mere trials momentary and light, I shall count them all as rubbish for the goal that is set before me. to be found in you. Oh the glorious wonder of a world that cannot be imagined.

You tell me oh Lord that it has not even entered into the hearts of man what you have prepared for us and I compare that with the moments I have spent in your presence and based on this alone my mind is staggered to a point that I cannot even comprehend the beginning of what you have said. Today brothers and sisters, God is ready to be encountered by the man or woman who has readied themselves, who has a desperate thirst for Him, who would draw near to Him. Do you hunger and thirst after the Glory of God? This great treasure is found by those who diligently seek Him, pray today to God to give you such a hunger and a thirst.

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Outcome based encouragement

Posted by appolus on April 13, 2020

I have noticed over the years that most of the encouragement we give to other saints is outcome based. What do I mean by that? Well, the most basic example would be ” there, there, everything is going to be okay.” It is very hard to say anything against this kind of encouragement because, on the one hand, it is spiritually true. Yet, what holds true for us as saints in the spiritual realm, does not necessarily hold true in the realm of this world. Let me give you an example. Someone is dying of cancer. Do you tell them everything is going to be ok, meaning they are not going to die, or is everything going to be okay because Jesus rules and reigns in their lives? I believe that is the fundamental difference between spiritual encouragement and what is often just a very human reaction to someone in a difficult situation. When Jesus was talking to the thief on the cross, in the natural realm, everything was not nor was it going to be ok. Yet, the encouragement that the thief gets is two-fold. First, he is in the presence of Jesus and he recognizes it, secondly, his encouragement from Jesus was that this very day he would be with Him in paradise. Obviously that is an extreme example but I believe the principles and the applications are sound. First and foremost, the greatest help for any saint is to be in the presence of the Lord. Secondly, the sure knowledge that no matter what happens, we will be with Him eternally is our firm foundation. This is why there is no victory for death and the grave has indeed lost its sting. Unless that foundational truth rules and reigns in our hearts, then the enemy will always have some kind of access to our hearts and minds, set up some kind of stronghold in our flesh, and from there could mount daily attacks.

We are called to comfort one another with the very comfort we ourselves have been comforted with. What is the greatest, or should I say who is the greatest comfort? The comforter, the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ. When we bring Him to bear in every situation then we are in a good place to encourage one another. A focus on Him, He being preeminent in every situation, brings the power of God right into every situation. It is from that place we may well say to someone “there there, everything is going to be ok.” We may say that the Lord is going to heal you, if the Lord said that. We may say that this very day you will be with Him in paradise. There are many things we may say in the midst of comforting someone, and when it flows from the Holy Spirit of the Living God it will never be wrong. Where we often go astray is when we replace the Spirit of God with wishful thinking and positive thoughts. The key of course, for this and for all things, is to be walking in the Spirit of God and not to get ahead of Him. This is where we run into trouble. We feel the need to say something so we say the first positive thing that comes into our head. Yet, when we actually allow the Lord to go before us, then He becomes a cloud by day and a fire by night. Let Him ever go before us.

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