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The passion that drives us

Posted by appolus on December 3, 2017

If you were to watch my dog Jack go for a ball you would be pretty impressed. I have a little ball throwing gizmo that helps me launch it much further than I could ever possibly thrown it. While it’s still behind my back, half way through the swing, Jack has already figured out the trajectory of the ball and is off and running without ever looking back. The ball will bounce once in front of him and while never missing a beat he leaps up and just at the very apex of the bounce trajectory he snatches it out of mid-air and lands perfectly, it is poetry in motion. Now he will do this action 100% of the time and 99% of the time he gets the ball. Yet, even when he misses it is still poetry in motion because every single time he is 100% committed, he will catch it spectacularly or he will miss it spectacularly.

There is something about the way Jack goes for this ball that speaks to me. His passion, his commitment, his expectations are all really impressive. The most impressive thing about Jack is that it does not matter that the last time he went for it he missed, he just goes for it every single time. God is always looking for a passionate people. Yes you might miss the ball sometimes but do you have the passion, the commitment and the expectations when you hear God speak? Are you off and running in the direction that God sends you knowing that there is going to be a ball dropping right in front of you? The Scriptures tell us that without faith (trust) it is impossible to please God. When He sends you off in a certain direction do you go for it, do you believe that God is in it and He knows what He is doing? Or are you always looking back and second guessing him? It is not the catching of the ball that God loves, it is the passionate pursuit of Him and His ways. You are gonna drop the ball, you’re gonna miss the mark, but that is just you, that is just natural. What is supernatural is to trust in God with all of your heart and keep pursuing Him over and over again. God loves diligence. He is not a rewarder of the guy with the biggest ministry, He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. This is what gets Gods attention.

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