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Fifty shades of compromise-Radical Christianity?

Posted by appolus on March 16, 2015

Below is a short quote from A.W.Tozer. There is nothing radical about his summing up of what it means to be a saint. It may only seem radical to some because we live in and amongst a compromised generation who were born out of a compromised generation. The end result is fifty shades of compromise. Many radically born again saints have compromised themselves by dwelling among Nicolations. This in turn has led to a slow slow death in the tepid pools of stagnant waters………….bro Frank

We should know this. New life has to be born within us and that new life will not be born until there has been a collision with Christ.A real collision-the sinner has been met and defeated in his own will his own life brought down to the dust. He will always remember and look back upon that encounter, as he happily goes forward in his faith. His soul and the heart of God met in violent conflict for a moment but God won and then the heart of the man surrendered and he said ” Thy will be done.”

If we had our standards higher, if we really preached the truth of genuine repentance if we raised the Christian levels higher-would that sound like radical religion? (A.W.Tozer, Tozer speaks, pg 435)

5 Responses to “Fifty shades of compromise-Radical Christianity?”

  1. Becky Johnson said

    “A collision with Christ…” Absolutely!

    “A real collision – the sinner has been met and defeated in his own will, his own life brought down to the dust.” That has been and continues to be my experience.

    • appolus said

      Indeed Becky, my own experience as well. To come to Christ is a breakthrough in a battle between darkness and light. One must count the cost and then be able to lay it down surrender and cry ” not my will but thine be done.” Whether that is an internal or external cry it matters not, God knows the heart, but the end result will be the same. Those who willingly lose their lives for His sake gain eternal life. Christendom is so compromised in this day that this message has been lost and marginalized by 50 shades of cheap grace which requires only a verbal consent or a fleeting emotional moment. Jesus clearly warns in the parable of the sower and the seed what happens to those who come to Him in any other way than fully surrendered. It is a hard message no doubt and there would obviously be a lot less hands go up and warm bodies come forward when the cry is ” you must die to come to Jesus but in that death will spring forth eternal life.” As opposed to ” all you have to do is believe” and of course that word believe in the English bears no resemblance to the actual word in the Bible which means to fully trust, to put one’s faith in, This mental assent to an abstract truth has led millions to confidently stride through the gates of hell. What a tremendous shock it must be to hear the words ” I never knew you.”………….bro Frank

  2. Great word, Frank! 50 shades of compromise … what a right-on way to put it. Sadly, more and more saints will fall away as the ways of compromise increase.

    “Collision” with Christ” — this is so cool to me to read, as I have recently been doing a study on being ‘joined’ to the LORD as one spirit with Him, and being “bone of His bones.” (1Cor.6:17, Eph.5:30-32) In the OT, the word joined is replaced by ‘cleave’ in King James. Using my Strong’s concordance and dictionary, I have discovered the meaning of cleave is to “cling, adhere, abide fast to; to be joined together, stick to, hold fast to; PURSUE HARD, to CATCH BY PURSUIT; to IMPINGE…which means to COME RIGHT UP TO, COLLIDE with or upon! After seeing what it really means to be joined with Christ, how many of us can truly say that we are? How many saints are even PURSUING HARD after Him, let alone CATCHING Him by our pursuit?! And IMPINGING?! Are we pursing after a Marriage Covenant Intimacy with Jesus SO hard that we come right up to Him, COLLIDING with Him?! Coming right up to Him would mean “face-to-face”, being vulnerable, as well as honest and truthful about ourselves and our nakedness … yet so many hide behind the trees from Him, like Adam & Eve.
    I truly believe that in the days ahead, God is looking for a people, His Bride, who will spend their time, hearts, and lives pursing hard after Him, and be anxiously willing to cleave to HIM and His Truth, and not the world and its compromise & tolerance of sin. It is thru this Intimate Covenant relationship with Him that divine power will flow naturally thru us, rather than ‘bought’ or profaned like the current “Simons/Sorcerers.”

    Blessings to you for contending for the Faith!

    • appolus said

      Great word Contender! God calls His people to come unto him, not a one time thing, but a continual act of pursuing God for He is worthy to be pursued and He will be found by those who seek Him and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Jesus says, speaking to believers that He stands at the door and knocks, well one must move towards the door and answer the knocking. If I hear my door bell ring or my door being knocked, I am not going to encounter my visitor by continuing to sit in my arm chair. I must get up and go to the door and answer it. The onus is on us to be as the deer that panteth for the waterbrooks so our soul must continually long after Him. The saturated ground easily floods in the rain, the parched ground is in danger of merely creating a flash flood where the ground is really not penetrated at all. It is incumbant upon us to know the condition of our hearts to keep it supple. This requires a diligence on our part……………………….bro Frank

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