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Against all hope In Hope I Believed

Posted by appolus on December 30, 2013

This phrase “against all hope,” or “contrary to hope,” can be found in Romans 4:18.  In this particular case we see that Abraham and his wife are well beyond the age of bearing a child. Sarah’s womb was dead, it could indeed carry no life. And so in life we oftentimes run into situations that defy hope, stand diametrically opposed to hope. All the evidence of the rational world and the finest experts opinions dash any worldly hope upon the rocks of hopelessness and despair.  Yet brothers and sisters, it is a glorious thing to remember that our hope is not the hope of the world. Our hope is founded upon our God and His word, His promises. His word is not broken, His promises cannot be broken. And it is this hope that is a wellspring of joy and peace and love and a sound mind.

Abraham, the father of faith believed God and life sprang forth from death. Now from the first promise until the fulfillment it took 25 years. Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 when Issac was conceived. This defied all the evidence of the rational world. In the world Abraham would have had no hope, in the world we too would have no hope, yet praise God we may be in the world but not off it. We walk according to the Spirit of God, we stand upon the Word of God, we believe in the promises of God and we walk in the Kingdom of God. This kingdom is and always has been a place of miracles.

My sister has been sick for thirteen years. She suffered a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage.  For the last five weeks she has been in hospital, she is still in. After a long and distressing 13 years they have diagnosed that she has recently suffered further brain damage and now she rarely knows where she is. One day, in her mind, she will be in Spain, another day she will be spending time with my granny, who died 11 years ago. Sometimes she begs to be taken out and other times she is placid. She is my older sister by a year and half. She was always one of my biggest fans and advocates. We have been so close. I can confess that I have battled against the hope of the world, for in the world there is no hope for my sister. It can come against you in waves and threaten to overwhelm you. Yet I can also testify that in this matter, as in other matters in my life that has had similar intensity, I have found my peace in the Lord. He is my sanity, He is my solid ground, He is my joy where there should be no joy, He is my peace in the midst of a stormy sea. But most of all, He is my hope, and not as the world recognizes that word, but in the true Biblical sense.

The birth of Issac is the birth of a nation. It is this line that would bring forth Jesus, the seed that would bless all the nations of the world. It sprang forth from the impossible which is the realm of the miraculous. This realm has a throne and upon that throne sits our heavenly Father. Can hope come forth from hopelessness? Yes indeed , just as Jesus came forth from His heavenly realm and stepped into our world, then sight can come forth from blindness, joy can come forth from despair, Lazarus can come forth from the grave, my sister can step back into sanity. He is my blessed hope, all other ground in sinking sand.  I wrote this poem below, it expresses some of these thoughts………bro Frank



Contrary to hope, in hope I believed
Can a sound mind spring forth from madness?
Can joy return to the heart that grieved
Can laughter replace the sadness?

Can life emerge from a dried up womb
Can we cross a river that rages?
Can Lazarus come forth from a darkened tomb
To bring glory to the God of the ages?

Can the lame man walk and the blind man see
Is there hope to be found for the hopeless?
Can the man who is chained be finally free
Can light overcome the darkness?

I have found hope in Christ alone
He is my Rock and my strong high tower
I have found joy before His throne
By His Spirit not by might nor by power

He dried up the river that I might cross
He gave me sight that I may see
I am found in Him all else is loss
I am no longer bound He has set me free

A garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness
A sound mind that stands upon love
A heart perpetually full of thankfulness
And wisdom that flows down from above

I was held captive and He set me free
I was adrift on a sea of madness
He gave me life and that eternally
He has filled me with joy and gladness

Yes, contrary to hope, in hope I believed
Despite all the mocking and laughter
I will listen to God and not be deceived
And in Him shall live happily ever after.

5 Responses to “Against all hope In Hope I Believed”

  1. Deborah said

    A very moving post. I too hope for your sister.

  2. Allan Halton said

    Hi Frank, this has been a very special verse to me over the years, and you have just rekindled it. “…Who, against hope believed…” Amen. Abraham’s life work, you might say, was to believe. This is the one thing he was noted for. “Abraham believed God…” There are many heroes of faith who by faith accomplished wonderful things. But the faith of Abraham was such that he became “the father of all them that believe” (Rom. 4.11). Lord, grant us the grace and the courage, when all is utterly hopeless, to walk in the footsteps of the faith of our father Abraham.

  3. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    A wonderful poem, Frank. So many of your recent experiences between the lines, right? 😉

    Regarding your sister, I wonder whether God might give you a look into her heart since I sense that, although she seems to be absent-minded often times, she is very close to Him, and He teaches her a lot about things which would make us wonder. Now she knows His love like she never did before. Despite our unbelief, God is able to wake her up, so that she could tell a story no one would believe – except those who live in the Spirit.

    In His love,
    your sister

    • appolus said

      Oh sister Susanne if only my sister were ” absent minded.” She bled again in the brain and this time she has essentially lost all touch on reality. Her previous 13 years have been long and torturous for my parents. Because of her anurysm, she lost her husband of 16 years, her children, her home and her job. She went has been in phyciatric facilities, and hospitals so many times.I cannot give any more details of her life because they are too horrific. Five weeks ago she was found on the floor, unable to move and talking to her children, who have not came near her for years. By any measure of the world she is without hope, but in our God we have hope for her……………..bro Frank

      • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

        I have no words, brother Frank, but I keep on praying for her…and for you…and for all who are concerned. May God bless you with hope despite all horrible circumstances. Amen.……………..sis Susanne

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