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Oh Child of God

Posted by appolus on December 24, 2013

Dark and silent was the night
That was suddenly filled with a glorious sight
A million angels filled the sky
And my heart of stone began to cry

Oh world in darkness look with joy
Unto you is born a Baby Boy
This Child He came from heaven above
To give us hearts that are filled with Love

And as He cried in the manger born
Then so began a brand new dawn
And the angels sang with all their might
As the shepherds fell down on this holy night

Glory and majesty rained down from on high
As the heavenly angels filled the sky
They sang of the Saviour so tender and mild
They sang of the glories of the heavenly child

Oh world wont you reach out and grasp the King?
And perhaps this night you will hear them sing?
The heavenly angels come down from above
To bathe the world in His heavenly love

7 Responses to “Oh Child of God”

  1. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    Love your poem, brother.
    – sent from my iphone –

    • appolus said

      So glad it blessed you, I felt a strong anointing from the Holy Spirit as I wrote it last night …………bro Frank

      • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

        It seems as if your strong anointing has had a contagious effect on me, Frank. 😉


        Don’t say you have a heart of stone
        What’s in your heart, God knows alone
        I know just when he looks at you
        He sees your tears, and when you’re blue

        You’re beautiful, oh, child of man
        And He will do all that He can
        To stroke these wounds there in your heart
        Till no more pain tears you apart

        He’ll bathe your wounds with blood and tears
        And surely you’ll forget your fears
        He wants to give you so much more
        Than you have ever thought before

        Another glory waits for you
        A blessing with a gift brand new
        Don’t wonder, it will happen soon
        Before the sun light’s on the moon

        You’ve really suffered long enough
        Your life on earth was more than tough
        The Lord of Love is almost there
        To give your heart another share

        In divine love and joy full-scale
        That Satan sees, he can’t prevail
        With all those lies he shot us through
        All sisters, brothers, me and you

        It is the Lord who calls your name
        Who says, “Your life won’t be the same
        There will be no more yesterday
        But My mere presence all the way.”

        • appolus said

          Amen sister, wonderful words that speaks to me……………bro Frank

          • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

            Ooh, I am happy to hear that, brother. 🙂

            I just wanted to add the short quote below regarding the difficulty to describe the true meaning of the word “anointing” we used, since, maybe it is not that clear what was meant here (i.e., being overwhelmed by and immerged into His Spirit who, thus, gives us direction and power to do what the Lord wants us to do)……………sis Susanne

            “Anointing: Catholics often associate “anointing” with the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is also a liturgical element of Baptism and Holy Orders (ordination). Many Evangelicals, particularly from the charismatic tradition, use the term “anointing” to describe spiritual empowerment that is possessed and expressed by one who serves the gospel.” (Chris Castaldo, “What are you saying?”, Chris Castaldo Blog)

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  3. Leanne said

    The true Remnant will be gathered to the tabernacle soon for the work of God to begin wordwide. Those who choose to go to the mainstream churches will suffer persecution…only in the tabernacle will there be safety.

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