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God will return to Zion

Posted by appolus on December 8, 2013

In the time of David, at the very heart of Judah and what we now know as Jerusalem , dwelt the Jebusites in Zion. A stronghold, a seemingly impenetrable stronghold. It seems that at the heart of today’s modern Christianity, nominal Christianity, lies the Jebusites who have the stronghold of Zion. And where is the ark of God’s presence? If the enemy has a stronghold at the very center of Christendom , then surely that stronghold must be taken back if God is to have His rightful place in the hearts of His people? Within every nominal Christian lies Zion. It is either a place for God’s presence or it is a place where the Jebusites rule, where the world rules. And this place without God is a place of pride and self-dependence, a place of self-righteousness that creates a blindness to the actual condition and situation of those who dwell there.

When David was determined to take the heart of Jerusalem, the stronghold of Zion from the ungodly here is what they said to him. “You shall not come in here, except the blind and the lame will turn you away; also saying, David cannot come in here.” (2 Sam 5:6) The Jebusites were so proud and so secure in their surroundings and in their self-deception that they could never be brought down that they paraded blind and lame soldiers at the entrance to their city strong-hold to pour scorn on their enemies. It is the classic mistake of the proud who are just about to fall. The proud always insulate themselves with the comfort of their surroundings and upon the work of their own hands.

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